death by nice

it's all quintessentially 

picturesque & quaint

warm brush strokes

the lord doth paint

thatched cottages for villages

lush meadows all around

a light breeze & birdsong

are oft the only sound

every reverend cycles

on the green - wicket keeping

cake sales & ginger ale

a chocolate labrador sleeping

inevitably green hills

generically idyllic

begging for mass murder

or failing that

a picnic


little sprinkles of evil

little sprinkles

 of evil

should be practiced


like throwing stones

into unsuspecting rivers

swapping 'round traffic cones

chuckling all the way

or getting off the bus

a stop later than you paid for

having pushingitly

rang the bell

or informing a drayman

that your real name's graham

& then gradually you'll inch


closer to hell



offerings (how to try)

offer your plans

to the warm blue hands

of confusion

let it nurture them

let them feed off its odd

let it nestle them

let it be their god

then put this faith

in the obscure things & the details

like moss & lichen on a post

an opaque stain on the dog-shelf

the many traces of utmost

& the rest should look after itself


(author notes; dog-shelf is slang for floor)