frost property


frost property  (  ytreporp storf  )

a yawn of fog & out the yard

the daze is dark, the moon is starred

as mountaineers

we face the blear

the puddles - rocks, the river's hard

the grass is stone - a crunch is heard

a groan of bone but not a bird

is hymning in

this misted dim

us idiots are undeterred

we slug a trudge - the dog & me

as winters limbs are doddery

when penguins prance

& mammoths dance

a rummage in frost property

as poets squawk of summer's gold

as circles churn - this song is old

a frozen roam

& then back home

the kettle calls - it's fuckin' cold



world whirr 5


world whirr 5  ( a  p o e t r y  )

cloud-shroud balladeer

brontosaurus broccoli

cowpat caravan

goldfinch weather map

sugar snap pea shepherdess

stoat throat-singalong

goshawk gathering

mother earth & morris men

bus pass brussel sprouts

ten squid tentacles

anchors of a wanker war

quarter past wednesday



dribbing drabs


dribbing drabs  (  m y  r h m e s  a r e  w e i r d e r  t h a n  y o u r s  )

bee the beat of dripping taps

scissor kicks & snipping snaps

summer daze & sputtered sups

ducking stools & paving cracks

rue the spew of splitting slacks

river mist & missing maps

finger food & buttercups

whirling pools & swirling traps

phase the hay of tipping stacks

laser rays & slipping grasps

serpent tongues & monster trucks

thundered crumbs & otter scraps

fight the bite of nipping gnats

iron gloves & whipping slaps

sinking stands & plunder struck

tiger stripes & lion naps

span the sand of swinging sacks

pigeon piss & shitting gasps

candle quacks & rubber flux

what-the-ducks & spitting wax

tread the stead of tripping tracks

feathered blends & flipping flaps

scrambled legs & dangled up

phantom pens & dribbing drabs





autumble  (  a  p o e m  f o r  . . .  )

the fields have fledged - their crops have flown

& hog's the hedge as feet they roam

the barns are calm & lofts are hay

as trees they swirl & fade to crone

the hills seem green - the mares are roan

& hares they snore as spores are sewn

the dogs are frogs - the cats are strays

as clouds they shroud & mouths they foam

the ponds are splosh if rocks are thrown

& bird's the blur as earth's the tone

the doves are rooks or so folk say

as wraiths they stir & ghosts they groan

the land is sleep - the stones are bones

& nights they creep to fight the gloam

the plod is fog in socks of grey

as songs are sung & winds are blown