sky fives


sky fives  (  sevif yks  )


over horizons

split like a flatfish

scatters of mackerel

oceans above us

redder than herrings


warning the morning

tremble's a shepherd

horus's yawning

elder & younger

rumbles of thunder


thor in his attic

crackles of static

smashing & passing

cracks in the walrus

circles of buzzards


zeus on his broomstick

swoops with laputa

then in the welkin

belenus sinking

phosphorus winking


hecates sneezes

cheese & breezes

sniff it & spin it

this is the limit

up in the yonder



weasels ate my sleep ( again ) …


weasels ate my sleep ( again ) …  ( insert backwards title here )

goblins guzzle golf balls

swans have sung to cygnus

glum has gone to iceland

bitches bubble broth

intermittent backspin

choruses of walrus

hieroglyphic toad spawn

telephonic quaff

luminescent insects

diabetic pupae

poetry's a robot

peaks are in me trough

pissing streams of paper

otter oscillator

pens are friends of comas

pencils nodding off






inner-nutshells  (  sllehs-renni  )

in a nutshell - squirrels gather

grey's the daze but may is hazel

winter's brittle, numbers crunching

frothing gobs & speak in seasons

salad blathers streams & rivers

breezes sneezing, branches quiver

stars & sparkles - reams of paper

missing marbles, maids-a-milking

hills & dingles, kitchens sinking

bluster fingers, grip is slipping

march is marching, spring is onions

august calling, autumn falling

all is almonds, monkeys munching

green's a valley, finches singing

in a nutshell - inner-nutshells

t'other earths

& other nutters

( soz )


( author notes )

true truths -  not thirteen's weasel shit

wear black tracky-beez

let them white togs hang

like a babylonian rockery

breathe in scapes & shapes of sleep

& cleanse this double-murder village

this is not a shopping list

( so )

never eat shredded wheat



for whom the bell ends …


for whom the bell ends …  (  … sdne lleb eht mohw rof  )

blooming blue lunatics

seeking silver light

lullabies, succubi

as the buggers bite

myrmidons murmuring

mercury & hark

magic beans, majesty

rabid badgers bark

speckle then, pecking hens

rubber chicken neck

flutter cups, frozen beams

floating - flippin' 'eck

sea shanties, cheese pantries

sweet selene & me

crater-faced clatterings

- campanology



… ti no peels


… ti no peels  (  sleep on it …  )

clutter above the

flow of a river

bee with the roses

crunch in the woodland

under the thunder

scatters of cushions

raining & draining

time is an onion

leaves on the lining

pan on his panpipes

dog in a manger

cat on a mattress

bird over clover

lemonade weather

daze of cheese salad

feathers & fleeces