hashtag poem


hashtag poem ( meop gathsah )

# cheese & pickles

# the clifton suspension bridge

# bring back echoes

# save the tiger bread

# i love what they’ve done with your earlobes

# it’s raining frogs again here

# why are all scarecrows men?

# politics – blah, baa, blah

# beans on toast

# barnard’s star

# the m42

# turnip lives matter

# easter on ekofisk

# i think i’ve just seen a goblin

# christmas is cancelled

# cockerels can lay eggs too

# pebbles in espadrille shoes

# selfies, selfies, selfies

# yes, there’s a chill in the air

# is anyone there… ?



bendgame ( emagdneb )

scrambled eggs
candle wax, onions & kippers
vicars with twists in their knickers

pints of milk
silken, the web of a spider
bare’s the air
haunting an orchard of cider

conkers fall
all is a portal & prancing
mincing mist
sneezing the breezes & dancing

spin the close
clover is fading & floating
face the beige
inking a riddle & noting

summer’s dead
dancing with saville in hades
exit left
leg it from lollipop ladies

chartists & chartered accountants
seasons chafe
change is a poet’s endowment

o couplet, all ye faithful


o couplet, all ye faithful ( lufhtiaf ey lla ,telpuoc o )

see a sea ahead within a head
sing of biscuit men & gingerbread

tread the ashen path of scatter graph
as the rabid badger rabbles laugh

& the little village weasels spin
spanners for another stroking chin

gossip for an ever-growing nose
but the riddled river giver flows

so the kicks ‘n’ rhythms run away
chase the kitchen sinking sun of day

irk the scourge of worms within the bonce
poop’s a scoop & normalzzz is a nonce

lark beyond the puppet’s dungeon door
prancing not the marbled march of war

talk t’ trees & squirrels in the park
watch the starlings twinkle after dark

scribble as a scrambled scrabble board
glory be & spank the horny lord

in the staggered mist of mystery
rhyming like a throbbing dictionary

chuckles in a double-buckled shoe
music is the muse’s mutant glue

c a n d le


c a n d l e ( e l d n a c )

atch a moth or two

croon a silent siren song

creeping down the wick

s the moon’s in bloom

after darkness – spark a sprite

aflame us a path

imble as an imp

ninja-esque – the frills ‘n’ spills

now the sun is dead

ance a plasma prance

drip within this thirsting dim

dribble waxen drops

ight a brighter night

lantern shades of oberon

let the seekers see

at this phantom black

echo if the to is fro

elementalz friend

god save the bookworm


god save the bookworm ( mrowkoob eht evas dog )

for ages ‘n’ ages
so as old as crocodiles
they lived in the pages

until the machines
suckers of the spirit’s spunk
the black magic beans

a marvellous hovel
climb the hills of history
the heart of a novel

a squirm upon sheets
a dance beneath the must ‘n’ dust
the little worm eats

the nectar of inklings
& languages as sandwiches
the startles of twinklings

& then the bells rang
& even nuns supped dictionary
the poems still sang

before all the patter
of bock a foe’s scrotal sac
& clatter on twatter

a turd in y’ ear
keep the time t’ read each day
or they’ll disappear

goblin soup


goblin soup ( puos nilbog )

goblin soup, goblin soup

once upon a loon the loop

gibbons waxing gibbous moons

slurping spoons of goblin soup

goblin soup, goblin soup

chuckles in a chicken coup

rubber walls & all is balls

that’s the badger – goblin soup

goblin soup, goblin soup

buzzing as the buzzards swoop

but the buttress buttercups

sipping sups of goblin soup

goblin soup, goblin soup

dancing as the branches droop

under pickled onion suns

thirsting for that goblin soup

goblin soup, goblin soup

sniff a whiff of autumn’s hoop

on a wander with a wand

singing songs of goblin soup

goblin soup, goblin soup

normalzzz is a nincompoop

when the elfin zephyr spins

neck a tin of goblin soup