b r e a k i n g


b r e a k i n g  (  g n i k a e r b  )


scrawl of balls of gas
stones are thrown in bungalows
splatterings of glass


shatters in the head
bursts of squirms of cans of worms
blurs of blethered bread


catch the cabbage fly
scratch the misted yawning tor
yet the blend is nigh


so the fro is fog
twists of tongues & mumbled drums
hills within a bog


codes within the ode
scatter cushion factories
fluster & explode


morning in a spin
hymns ‘n’ dreams of magic beans
on the dawning in

















the kit


the kit ( tik eht )

paper planes, rusted keys
twisted tongues, dictionaries
solitude, hinterlands
inner-whirls, sinking sands
phantom hands, falling fruits
feathered friends, walking boots
bubble bath, drums ‘n’ brakes
bramble jam, jaffa cakes
cotton buds, undertows
overcoats, dominoes
cockleshells, ink in wells
lemon pith, silver bells
rubber ducks, onion tears
as the sun – disappears
scatter graphs, tangled knots
kitchen sinks, pissing pots

flavour of the moth


flavour of the moth ( htom eht fo ruovalf )


a punch in the balls
of sun-shunning cousins
lepidoptera emperors
elephantine hawks
sweet silken metaphors
& eaters of socks
them that hang with rabid cats
flaps between the bats


rising up with phosphorous
in the gloaming’s ghost
flutters of a sputtering
as an owlet howls
wing a spread – like butterflies
in the sweats of night


taste the licks of light again
– my tongue
is a flame

anthony n.p.c


anthony n.p.c ( c.p.n ynohtna )


time twisting space
untied shoelaces
pennies from comets
manna from the sky gods
black dog turds
dead red ants
cow brown mud
the myth of solid ground
found backdoor keys
silver snail trails
pavement cracks hungering
rose petal snow
as you plod along
in your normalzzzzzzz world
clumps of chewing gum
under your footsteps





the nu-normalzzzzzzz …


the nu-normalzzzzzzz … ( … zzzzzzzlamorn-un eht )


listen to the snooze
& shat y’ padded pants


wipe y’ backside
with stockpiled bog roll


bang on pans ‘n’ pots
like a toddler on drums


live online
& shun the sun’s shine


eat baked beans
with y’ fingers from the tin


flea outdoors
& face the town’s clown frown


support y’ local shop
& the latest global race war


or you’re a wrong’un
soon to be erased


keep two metres
like chevrons on the m1


sneeze with caution
– it’s pantomime season


wash them hands
or a dying nan dies


fight the phantom flight
like a bear swatting flies


wear a sterilised
yashmak on the bus


be a good robot
a prole with no soul



































another summer daze


another summer daze ( ezad remmus rehtona )

tripping on cowslips
swift swish salad daze
grey greens undergrowth
clouds burst bubble gum
sneeze breeze inbetween
sun spots polka dots
seesaw sauropods
bright white bicycle
backspin radishes
bluebird afternoons
dogwood ditherings
wrong tree barbecue
long dark garden hose
goosegrass wickets stick
sweet pea bottleneck
beetroot echelon
flipflop phonics foam
spume bank river run
snail trail laser gun
deep sea gulliver
gung-ho oberon
purr, persephone
catnap letterheads
nettle soup spoon loon