ice came, ice thaw, ice conquered


ice came, ice thaw, ice conquered  (  dereuqnoc eci, waht eci, emac eci  )

the earth's an urn, a trudge of fudge

a phantom land upon the close

a sliding scale, a trail of sludge

a poet stirs, the serpents doze

a circle sings & stone is air

the crocus croak but not a frog

& night has flown but white's the hare

that's boxing in this belching bog

of squelching ground - the sound of swan

within the mists of in between

a sodden hymn, the gift of gone

a dance before this gland of green

is fever struck & strings are plucked

the woodland drips & all is thaw

as spring's unplugged but winter's fucked

the rest is wet, the rivers roar



pen then pen


pen then pen  (  nep neht nep  )

pen then pen

pepper crusted pencil necks

cut throat cuttlefish

slo-mo interlude

glue gun dog

sunken onion scatterings

bigwig little owl

mud brown trouser press

bright white light

lemon scented lententide

long, black cul-de-sac

catnap caravan

gleam green stream

seven sister planetoids

android adenoids

alabaster anorak



f e b


f e b  (  b e f  )

fading embers blacken

frozen elm blossom

fucking ether bonnets

floating earwig balladeers

feathered elfin bungalows

faraway's early birds

fried enzyme breadcrumbs

foxes eating breakfast

farting endamame beans

forgetful elephants blunder

fourteen ermine bursaries

fifteen eels bongo

frisking eastern breezes

filling egg baskets

flagellating easter's bollocks

for every badger


lemon lententide


lemon lententide  (  editnetnel nomel  )

swans upon a blossoming

boxing hares & swivel chairs

bicycles & icicles

cycles cyanide

diabetic hierophant

kiss the blizzard's lizard lips

broken biscuit blitherings

dog & bona fide

catalytic christenings

spin within the crystal air

is there life on marzipan?

lemon lententide

flapping phantom handlebars

purple myrtle myrmidons

mercury's a silver stream

rivers mystified



another fucking leap year poem


another fucking leap year poem  (  meop raey pael gnikcuf rehtona  )

january has fleas

but february is feathery

as spring sparks larks in march

& april's acrobaticals

with faith in may's eight maidens

looping blooming june's moons

higher in july

& hopping forth in august

'til september's ninja squirrels

& the bog frogs of october

float over november's ghost

december's dead

- & then

( ? )



daze of the week


daze of the week  (  keew eht fo ezad  )

gravy train maelstroms

mutant moon monday

jumble sale foxtrot

turn the shrew tuesday

lemon curd bird bath

feather head wednesday

winter war roses

inner-spin thursday

blow your own gnosis

hideaway friday

ink in scrawl doses

thatterway - saturday

pickle under onion skin

daze of the week

blather green bean bag

( runaway sunday )