midsummer mumbles


midsummer mumbles  (  selbmum remmusdim  )

midsummer mumbles

maunders an orchard

babbles & forward

apples & crumbles

apples & crumbles

roses are glowing

petals are snowing

bees in the bumbles

bees in the bumbles

dancing with daggers

steps in the staggers

adders & rundles

adders & rundles

grasses are gleaming

green of an evening

speaking in scumbles

speaking in scumbles

heels on me blisters

hills in the vistas

woods in the jungles

woods in the jungles

chatters of brambles

fruits of the tangles

jam in the jumbles

jam in the jumbles

spooning the lunar

mooning the future

tongues in the rumbles

tongues in the rumbles

grumbles of thunder

fuck it - & under

midsummer mumbles





dots ‘n’ spots


dots ‘n’ spots  (  stops ‘n’ stod  )

dots 'n' spots - a blotch of rain

a piddle on a cobbled lane

specks 'n' flecks - a dash of green

a swish of mist, a phantom's seen

ants 'n' pants - a gasp of air

a pair of socks, a boxing hare

moor 'n' tor - a bog of peat

the trudge of mud & sodden feet

dribs 'n' ribs - a sack o' bones

a squinting glimpse of standing stones

burrs 'n' birds - a robin red

a poem pokes within the head

crumbs 'n' thumbs - the stuff of screws

a mumbling of bumbled blues

spots 'n' dots & off the maps

the bits that breathe

between the gaps



another bloody cucumber ode


another bloody cucumber ode  (  edo rebmucuc ydoolb rehtona  )

cool as a mortuary

sing on the breeze

cucumbers glistening

green as the peas

pickled in infancy

slithered or whole

fruit of the salad stuff

cubed in a bowl

swords of the sunken sun

truncheons of nosh

lud of the luncheonal

top of the squash

thane of the raiti's dip

soften as lint

balm of the gardeners

lover of mint

cousin of cantaloupes

plucker of chords

melon, the musical

emperor of gourds

scoffed of an afternoon

cuppa in hand

soother of sandwiches

king of the bland



phosphorus winks


phosphorus winks  (  skniw surohpsohp  )

phosphorus winks

& selene is gleaming

grasses are gloaming

ghosts of the leas

wisps in the woodland

whisper the willow

wander with wolfgang

sprinkles of twinkles

satellites speeding

scatters of plasma

i in the bracken

sleepless & speechless

yawning the morning

squinting my eyeballs

this is the brightness

before the blackbirds

mumbles of thunder

before the lightning

frogs in the drizzle

-riddle me rigid

howl on an anthill

over the townsfolk

phosphorus winks

& selene is gleaming


yet more word salad


yet more word salad  (  dalas drow erom tey  )

rasping rabid radishes

olives on an odyssey

seek the seas of carotene

piffle pepper pencil necks

cherry blossom twinkle toms

chatter chilli winter frost

tossing on as onions spring

kingdom come what mayonnaise

sweet's the corn of blearing ears

warble in the orchard frog

blether bread & circuses

splatter nuts & jabber dust

daze of dogs & paper plates

moons of mutant cucumbers

shredded cheddar letterheads

lexicons & lettuces



the kitchen sink


the kitchen sink  (  knis nehctik eht  )

the kitchen sink is singing songs

of physicists in silk sarongs

the morning mist is milking goats

as chemists float in duffel coats

the kettle steam is blearing here

of jericho & jenkin's ear

the toaster smokes a phantom frog

a murmur purrs a catalogue

a botanist is chasing tails

of barking snarks across the dales

the breezes stink of dungarees

& headless monks in nunneries

an apple cart is shedding loads

& farmers gargle speckled odes

the kitchen sink is singing songs

& so we glow & hymn along