word bottle bank


word bottle bank ( knab elttob drow )

flagon      dragon      damselfly      eyesore

sepulchre      sewer      ewer      formaldehyde

doormat      format      galanthus      glass

peewit      meringue      mulberry      messages

the truth about train conductors


the truth about train conductors ( srotcudnoc niart tuoba hturt eht )

they’re always born
on a wednesday teatime

delayed because the trees
went on strike

so there were no leaves
to use as an excuse

on the lines between the stations
& other destinations

as gremlins nicked the sleepers
senior management ate quail

& another swan dies
on the duck pond of despondency

poetry’s a spanner


poetry’s a spanner ( rennaps a s’yrteop )

sing a song of sinking sand
inking with a hidden hand
dwindle in a mirror land
spot y’ doppelgänger

pissing on the garden lawn
of a twisted misted morn
as the farting farmers yawn
gargle martian grammar

see beyond the jibber’s swan
jabbering the bland of yon
grab the dunce’s hat ‘n’ don
stuttering a stammer

runcible’s the silver spoon
nincompoop the afternoon
we, the piffle’s children loon
waving not a banner

picking pickled prosody
paper plane this odyssey
every sock’s an oddity
when the ham’s a hammer

am’ the dram’ of river flows
quiver then the feather blows
scribble on with broken toes
poetry’s a spanner

july salad


july salad ( dalas yluj )

elsanta claws
strawberry cryptids

treehouse fledermaus
thrombosis bossa nova

clover trombonists
toe dip diatribe

iceberg letterheads
lettuce in the post

man o’ war mornings
cervix with a smile

cats in orbing balls
willow the whiskers

spring heeled sprinklers
jack o’ the greensleeves

athlete’s foot spa
deep blue barbecue

rain dance off


rain dance off ( ffo ecnad niar )

clops upon the roofs
it’s the cloven hoofs
of a pygmy goat

underneath the grey
sailors reel away
on a pea green boat

prancing with the lamb
when the welkins slam
as the treetops waltz

yonder trots a fox
jigging bits ‘n’ bops
when the sun’s horse bolts

thunder rumbas drums
gutters speak in tongues
when the frogmen tap

fading in the close
shades of twinkle toes
then the rainbows clap

more definitions of a poemz


more definitions of a poemz ( zmeop a fo snoititnifed erom )

songs from beyond
a bonce upon a time

missives in the mist
tusks upon a tongue

ghosts in the post
letters from the otherlings

the notes of a scrote
on the worldwide cobweb

prose & music’s mutant
offspring offerings

rhymes from the original
channel effing tunnel

scribbles & quibbles
in your rotten cabbage diary

yet my sweet achilles