shoe buffoonery


shoe buffoonery  (  yernooffub eohs  )

pen then, vegetables

slapstick pebble-dashed

brown cow mutiny

mayfly hovercraft

catkin cavalcade

night sky jubilee

wanton wanderings

soup spoon spider-eyed

think tank eulogy

top drawer vortices

pisspot paper planes

deep sleep truancy

bedspread butterfly

lo-fi lozenges

shoe buffoonery

bend-game comatose

scratch that comet tail

full moon loonery



wen gnihtemos


wen gnihtemos  (  something new  )

hedgehogs above us

echoes come home

silence in sound

birds underground

peas in this village

weasels with spines

wells in a wish

shoelaces tied

pikes on a bike

pavements in cracks

truth on the snooze

yellows in blues

butterfly nights

moths at noon

fascinating stoners

christmas in june





catflap  (  palftac  )

cobwebs, webbed foot, star map, startled starlings

plugholes, old gold, seashore, silver darlings

seesaw, sore eyes, inkling, information

meltdown, brown cow, cloudburst, literation

catflap, deep blue, bee's knees, betty swollocks

screw job, lockjaw, back door, nutter bollocks

penfriend, payday, hi-fi, feather dusters

kumquat, mayfly, piss-pot, motherfuckers



magic green receptacle


magic green receptacle  (  elcatpecer neerg cigam  )

pepper pickled prosody

lotteries of broccoli

parps the parsnip's practicum

sings in thinking capsicum

cauliflower madrigal

brussel sprout sabbatical

lamb the lettuce lexicon

cress the mustard's echelon

plant the prance of terpsichore

grocers smoke the herbivore

spinach spins in languages

clatterings of cabbages

magic green receptacle

every bean's a vegetable

hark, the garden's christening

lark as stars are glistening


clutching at strawberries


clutching at stgrawberries  (  seirrebwarts ta gnihctulc  )

sun-spun sputnik

shoehorn shuffles

sell sword walruses

celery penfriends

sea green lizards

linseed limericks

deep blue buglers

badger afternoons

sinking in kitchenettes

pebbles in a pocketwatch

rising like mercury

falling with water

clutching at strawberries

sticky jam fingers

seraphin & celery

catnaps on doggerland



yet more seasonal salad


yet more seasonal salad  (  dalas lanosaes erom tey  )

hot cross bungalows

syntax sinnel cake

hi-fi hyacinths

snakeskin river mist

dance-off daffodils

west wind flatulence

ring, ring rosaries

beeswax candlelight

bright white poltergeist

hopscotch rabbit run

signet onion rings

fox gloved marigolds

toe stub oberon

backdoor balladeer

cauliflower chocolatiers

yawn dawn choruses