a sinking song


a sinking song  (  gnos gniknis a  )

a sinking song, a creeping night

the squall is balls & caterwauls

a plumber in a vicarage

a bed of bugs - the evenings bite

the yawn is dew & dawn's a witch

a vista hymns a mutant hue

a daze the shade of pencil lead

a host of crows, a brimming ditch

within a wink, a blink, a nudge

the toast is burnt & babylon

an adder crawls - the pastures call

with leaden legs - a sodden trudge

upon a path, another page

the breezes blow, an orchard snows

& apples dance a reelsome eight

a squirm of worms & fade to beige

or thereabouts - the ups of down

a splosh upon a puddle's pond

the ripples of october's ghost

a woodland in a gown of brown

the cracks of black beyond the green

the wheat is gold - this dream is old

a roman nose, a saxon tongue

an undercoat, a submarine

the hobbled hymn of shrinking moons

an ode upon a stool of toad

a leaky lea of avalon

the stuff of swans - brunhilda croons

a canticle, the ding of dong

the strut of ruts & stag along

the mist of picts & pickle on

within the mist - a sinking song




musical glue gun


musical glue gun  (  nug eulg lacisum  )


musical glue gun

twigs are my lighters

sing in the woodland

this is a stick-up

bees on the breezes

ribs are marimbas

rumbles of thunder

snakes in the breaks


birds in a notebook

worms in a cancan

dancing the ant stuff

up on a hillock

over the clover

this is the good sheet

bells in the dingle

knell in the spring


weep with the onions

settle on petals

thistles & nettles

tuffets & trumpets

mizzle minerva

sulis is sunken

ballads & brambles

autumn & fall


reeds in the marshes

parps in the garden

zephyrous zithers

plucking a string vest

pan in the pantry

blowing a crumpet

under a blue sun

- musical glue gun



up before the farmers


up before the farmers

up before the farmers

on a sort of lark

warble of a wander

walking in the dark

distant is the village

lamps & candles burn

grocers green are dozing

vicars toss - & turn

stars above are winking

blink & twinkle so

artemis is sparkles

'til the cockerels crow

scramble up a hillock

squawk upon a field

ghosts within the gloaming

whistle in a weald

moths are butterflying

sleeping are the bees

phantoms on the pastures

whispers in the trees

bats upon the breezes

scattered as the sky

trudging in the sunless

plod the dog & i

howling with the owlets

sing a badger hymn

trotting with the foxes

dancing in the dim

up before the farmers

on a sort of lark

warble of a wander

walking in the dark


in the clear


in the clear  (  raelc eht ni  )

bubbles tickle tips of tongues

on a wander from the shop

sipping sups of ginger beer

underneath a swarming orb

in the pantaloons of noon

on a bridge, above the weir

toast the flow, the river roars

mud as blood & howls of brown

bucking beasts of water here

bucket off beneath the blue

satellites switch on the lights

sunward strings the puppeteer

in the dell - a knelling bell

baas upon a breeze's sneeze

tingles in the inner-ear

oceans groan as swallows swish

roses glow & phantoms dart

martens, hark & swift a gear

clouds unshroud & so an ode

or a sort of warbled hymn

in the clear of morning's blear

spiders climb the drains again

buttercup's the fuddled lane

puddles shrink - & disappear



a spawning dawn


a spawning dawn  (  nwad gninwaps a  )

a spawning dawn, a cloak of oak

the tingles of the teasel's thorns

the claws of crows & phantoms croak

of ants in pants & socrates

in pantomime - in attica

within a wood, a swan a breeze

a kite of pipes, a peaking trough

the barking gnarls of derbyshire

a daze the shade of stroganoff

upon the leas - a badger, hark

a walrus in a walnut tree

a fleet of frogs & joan of arc

the sound of clouds, the pound of ooze

upon the toad to mandalay

a flute of newts & speckled dogs

a sort of door, a yawning fawn

an otter in a glossary

the blear of deer - a spawning dawn



seek the lemon sun


seek the lemon sun  (  nus nomel eht kees  )

snare the air of hares in lockets

shrews in shoes & voles in pockets

weasel wheezes, sneezing breezes

snorting horses, chairs & rockets

spin the span of misted thickets

pant the ants of leaping crickets

in the sprawling of the morning

licking stamps & sticking wickets

squawk the chalk of rabid rabbits

smoke the crow of flaps in attics

hymns the mizzle in the drizzle

sacks of sand & spuds in jackets

song the sing of holes in buckets

scrawling balls & stringing puppets

speak & spelling - bells are knelling

seek the lemon sun - & suck it