the clattertrap


the clattertrap  (  partrettalc eht  )

a gong upon a golden dawn

as yeoman yoke & yokels yawn

a toad upon a roman road

the splatter of a natterjack

a scrap within the afternoon

as vicars kiss & lick the moon

& snails are chasing wraiths away

as maidens milk & pavements crack

a button in the kitchen sinks

a puddle bursts, an onion winks

& covens in the oven burn

the clattertrap - it sucks us back

a squawk upon a silver eve

as dragons snap & beetles heave

the done of squall as squall is dung

til bedfordshire & shit the sack




gooses step in boots


gooses step in boots  (  stoob ni pets sesoog  )

thunder rumbles drums

phantoms grey & fade

in amongst the dales

snails are on parade

slugs are trudging mud

silver trails of slime

yonder is a swan

cygnets ring & chime

pigs are flying by

finches flapping wings

pippets puff a pipe

ducks are plucking strings

weasels reel a jig

as the cockerels crow

coots are sporting wigs

horses snorting so

badgers slap a bass

adders snake a fist

murmurings of bees

buzzing in the mist

voles are in the head

buzzards strum the sun

eggs are springing legs

rivers on the run

snarks are on guitar

newts are tooting flutes

february is shoots

gooses step in boots

down into the town

underneath an arch

beats on cobbles streets

marching on til march


spotted on this morning’s walk


spotted on this morning’s walk  (  klaw s’gninrom siht no dettops  )

ten leopards a leaping

a speckled, freckled frog

three cheetahs in polka dots

a cow upon a hillock's brow

dalmatians & ladybirds

poltergeists with chickenpox

a hyena with a filthy rash

& a teenager with acne

squeezing in the mist

( underneath the sun  )


frost property


frost property  (  ytreporp storf  )

a yawn of fog & out the yard

the daze is dark, the moon is starred

as mountaineers

we face the blear

the puddles - rocks, the river's hard

the grass is stone - a crunch is heard

a groan of bone but not a bird

is hymning in

this misted dim

us idiots are undeterred

we slug a trudge - the dog & me

as winters limbs are doddery

when penguins prance

& mammoths dance

a rummage in frost property

as poets squawk of summer's gold

as circles churn - this song is old

a frozen roam

& then back home

the kettle calls - it's fuckin' cold



i am a mirror


i am a mirror  (  rorrim a ma i  )

whistle in the breeze's sneezes

plod the streets as pots a simmer

in this piffle, spittle village

ghosts are floating post to pillar

phantoms flim upon the cobbles

tits & titters in the litter

hunger drums & weasels scuttle

feast on meat - it's death for dinner

muck is spreading in the butchers

irk the scourge of little shitters

adders flapping in the taverns

every cunt's a curtain twitcher

words are turds but birds are feathered

black sunshine upon a river

bells are ringing, saturn's singing

glimmer this - i am a mirror