midwinter checklist


midwinter checklist  (  tsilkcehc retniwdim  )

a sting in the breeze

but still no bees

a wood full of trees

but still no leaves

a vole in the head

then a shed full of coal

snowdrops - in the hedgerows

but still no snow




scribble on


scribble on  (  mmmmmmmh a  )

scraps of that & this

skate the pond of frozen fish

roam the mist of swish

lost within the frost

burbles in a thermal vest

toes & fingers crossed

smoking ifs & buts

drifting with the crystal snow

babble dust & nuts

cackle in the cold

chuckle in the mud & muck

shim & jig for gold

summer's on the run

sprinting at a squinting pace

chase the speckled sun

squawking with the dog

til we spot the blossom hops

or the spawn of frog

cracking as the cat

whips the snap of dragon flaps

& the rafters bat

winter sings a song

whispers licking bags of bones

groan - & scribble on


bad animals


bad animals  (  tnar  a  )

coppers are piglets

snakes run the nation

war is walrus

roaring for more

rats trap this village

sport is for goldfish

bankers are locusts

weevils & fleas

poets are toadspawn

the internet? weasels

churches are leeches

& pubs suck the same

gossips are beavers

& masons? amoebas


soldiers are muppets

the law is just bull

( fuck 'em )


spinning in the month of jan


spinning in the month of jan  (  meop lanosaes a  )

sledging from a hillock's head

trudging on a sodden path

legs of lead & kiss the mist

yonder is a scatter graph

roaming in a leafless wood

gloaming in the afternoon

sputter dust until the dark

barking at a lupus moon

sliding on the ice's black

rasping ash & clasping straws

squinter life is hellebore

singing songs of doors & thaws

dripping on a sheet of snow

spit the shit that hits the fan

circle twirls until the spring

spinning in the month of jan