g-spots ( stops-g )

grey gazelles grazing

gethsemane’s golden grasses

also known as


also known as ( sa nwonk osla )

the cabbage on a mission

the barking bard of derbyshire

the anti-n.p.c

the owl that wakes at dawn

the lark within the dark

the swordsman with a poundland pen

the fleshling in the realm of bots

the storm without a cup

the tread of pencil lead

the here in distant disappear

a bat amongst the pigeons

a stoat afloat in weasel land

the plod of odder socks

he who must not be name dropped

trad-anon’s son

the weirdo with a thousand faces

instrumental tracks


instrumental tracks ( skcart latnemurtsni )

keys as tambourines
percussion in a pocket
feet keep time
with the swirling chirps of birds

hark, a lark above
warbles over clover
bramble brushes hare
& the thickets snare

lambs baa bars
in the marbles of this marvel
cows moo too
with the shuffles in me shoe

walking wordless when
scribble sings a coma
woodpeckers peck
on a stone dead stump

trees shake limbs
in the breezes whistled wheeze
hornet horn sections
then the bees hum drums

so the legs one, two
& a bluebell knells
in the now’s soundscape
as the sun beats down

thundery spells


thundery spells ( sllep yrednuht )

hunor or thor

twats a magic hammer

urry indoors

home before the wars

mbra up above

ushers goosebumps

otice so the birds

not a’singing songs

ucks await the rain

dogs shat bricks

lephants stampede

elementals crackle

umbles in the attic

roars from the loft

ikes as indra strikes

yokels under yew trees

ode to a kettle


ode to a kettle ( elttek a ot edo )

rise in the dawning
shine before the sleeping sun
warming up morning

spatter & sputter
weaving in the sylphid mist
give us a cuppa

potion a potent
power from your dragon mouth
steam us a moment

fishes & physics
tickets to another land
lover of biscuits

brew me a b-line
dreaming through the afternoon
sing until teatime

huffing & heaving
roar beneath the blooming moon
christen the evening

( ~ )


( ~ )

in the morning’s moo
music is the glue

stick it like a twig
branch another jig

catch a cabbage star
see the phantom far

scrawling back again
pissing in the rain

as the maidens milk
juice a sheen of silk

churn a rusted key
warble forth & see

pigs in yawning skies
soar with butterflies

prose on toasted bread
some o’ those & spread

the things we taste


the things we taste ( etsat ew sgniht eht )

rain on the tingles
of an outstretched tongue

sweet saharan sand
if she pisses from the south

gloopy spoons of custard
straight from the can

frozen pizza slices
– but i prefer the cooked ones

twisted tales of thule
& a hymn from hyperborea

spinning in the blizzards
of those polar vortices

mushy peas ‘n’ cheese
on a buttered, toasted crumpet

bluebottles buzzing
in our curried parsnip soup

fresh bull dung
from the paper’s latest headline

vindaflu ‘n’ chips
with a naan to kill y’ nan

tea, if we scribble
in the riddle of the morning

milk, six sugars
plus a tin o’ ginger nuts