if you were a bus

if you were a bus

i’d sit on your back seat

& rest my weary arse cheeks

but i’d rather you sat on me

i’d gaze out of your window

in between crossword clues

& see the town vanish

the grey becoming green

it’s leafier each blink

as blue rinsed biddies natter

on what to have for tea

& who should win strictly

i’d ride within your frame

& test your braking speed

the tyres & suspension

like a proper fuckin’ wrong’un

who should be on a register

& tagged for good measure

we would sweat in august

but warm a dark december

on the long road home

in the evening’s golden gloam

& then i’d ring your bell

when our stop approaches

he of brighter bicycles


he of brighter bicycles ( selcycib rethgirb fo eh )

i’m a breathing pantomime

sings the scribbled ink

      with some super glue

      stick a pube or two

he of brighter bicycles

an easter egregore

      all is throbbing thickets

      & toads upon toadstools

rabbits not rubble

the catch is in the double

     trembles of treble

      as hares box the air

hespero & i

wandered of a morning

      on the road of romans

      quarrymen & drovers

time is like a light

in the dim of thought

      nought is but an egg

      scrambling the smeg

weaver of before

in the mirror – rayed

      ‘fore the dawn’s middle eight

       & chorus to fade

( upon reading the label … )


( upon reading the label … ) by xxxii line read

will contain traces of

some stag & stoat

crisp winter mornings

& arse & scroat

twentieth century

clucked chickenpox

long-lost backdoor keys

& misplaced flocks

confused afternoons &

hot vindaloo

latex gloves & nuts

achoo - bless you

bubblewrapped sundays

& great shapes of ape

inner wind word-pools

& deepest space

will contain traces of

baked bakewell tart

ropy poetry

backsplashed piss art

tea every morning &

a jam sandwich

fucking bollocks shit

some bad language

recycled easters &

mowed astroturf

green of an evening

shrines to the earth

strawberries - hay bales

jigsaws & man

trust me - i am me

or think i am

( ? )