the stream


the stream ( some thoughts in  v e r s e  )

sometimes it creeps

sometimes it flows

great gushes then

then the mind goes

in torrents or

gently down stream

merrily? yes

life's but a dream

sometimes it flows

back in reverse

confounding some

( a gift or curse? )

sometimes it stops

sometimes it's dry

the gods must know

we don't know why

( ? )


bluetongue disease


bluetongue disease by  head, shoulders, knees & toes


tic fuckin' quiche

that's far out flan

clean language please

i am part-sheep

bluetongue disease

around these parts

is spreading free

i'm less than next

oh flippin' 'eck

i am but lost

the merest speck

so shitta-brick

then hit the deck

oh bubblewrap

& chicken necks