gnitlem  (  a  p o e t r y  )

lines-a-limb the cusp of bloom

flutters in the bud

spiders spin & sputters spoon

nutters in the mud

cider hymns & rubber moon

squinter slips

& thud

ink-a-squids the seeds of sew

scribbles in the head

finger tips & streams-a-flow

fiddles in the stead

timber tips & creepers crow

scrawl the ball

& thread

flaps-a-toad the crocus croaks

fluster in the fayre

phantom odes & ghosts-a-float

bluster in the air

faster spokes & focus smokes

hale the snail

& hare

rays upon the daze of sun

saddle in the snore

shades of swan & laser guns

battles in the war

sailor's songs & baker's buns

glacier on

& thaw




boomerang ( some ropy verse for a wet wednesday )

i am the spell that gave you hope

i cured the pox that got your goat

last boxing day

neath skies of grey

as holly wreathed & ivy moped

i am the mist that brought you cheer

last mischief night i fought your tears

with disarray

i fogged away

then come dawn's yawn - i'd ruddy cleared

i am those notes you sat & wrote

to uncle fuss & auntie dotes

then pancake day

flipped tricks your way

yet now i'm stamped in envelopes

i am that key you lost last year

on whitsun eve i vanished, dear

to where i strayed?

i cannot say

but now i'm back - i've reappeared