friday night idiots


friday night idiots  (  stoidi thgin yadirf  )

white togs hang

from the belt

of tight, black tracky beez


weasels see penises

dancing in the breeze

( get thicker glasses )



for whom the bell ends …


for whom the bell ends …  (  … sdne lleb eht mohw rof  )

blooming blue lunatics

seeking silver light

lullabies, succubi

as the buggers bite

myrmidons murmuring

mercury & hark

magic beans, majesty

rabid badgers bark

speckle then, pecking hens

rubber chicken neck

flutter cups, frozen beams

floating - flippin' 'eck

sea shanties, cheese pantries

sweet selene & me

crater-faced clatterings

- campanology



… ti no peels


… ti no peels  (  sleep on it …  )

clutter above the

flow of a river

bee with the roses

crunch in the woodland

under the thunder

scatters of cushions

raining & draining

time is an onion

leaves on the lining

pan on his panpipes

dog in a manger

cat on a mattress

bird over clover

lemonade weather

daze of cheese salad

feathers & fleeces



& janus yawns


& janus yawns  (  snway sunaj &  )

& janus yawns - begin again

with spinning plates & figure eights

a sort of door, a nu-refrain

a blooming moon, a winter rose

a glimmer of a tinsel tree

a morning frost, a cockerel crows

an even morn, the sky is red

a mumbling of tumbleweed

& man aliver - december's dead

a stopping clock, a ticking list

the underlings of over there

the phantom hands of river mist

a sliding scale, a slither's snail

a scatter graph, a swivel chair

a dog in fog, a twisting tale

the ups & downs of roundabouts

a parsnip in a silver birch

& hark, a parp of brussel sprouts

the air is pins, a drop of snow

within the still - a village snores

& there beneath the mistletoe

the brambles scratch, the gloaming dawns

a groan of bones & so we sing

the song of swans - & janus yawns



scatter jan


scatter jan  (  naj rettacs  )

scratching naps

sputter rust

ink of gaps

ash & dust

fogging on

in the clear

spins the mist

of the year

sunken songs


sneezing breeze

winter wreath

bubble broth

blow y'nose

peaking troughs

frozen toes

in between

sleeping pills

vernal spurts

greening hills

brown & down

badger man

scraps of maps

scatter jan

weaving we

spider's web

with the dead

seeking feb

hide & seek

run away

nothing much

left to say