upon defining snow


upon defining snow ( wons gninifed nopu )

the real flake news

flutters from above

balls that never bounce

a gift & a hazard

falling from clouds

midwinter rain

sighten mine eyes

sores before the thaw

pairing with hares

sheets upon the pastures

sheep under cover

shades of hyperborea

here in the still

it’s heaven on worms

a dusting again

the spawn of a blizzard

the fresh fleshed bones

of abominable men

rhymer of crow

& ipso fatso

white just like ermine

but tangy if yellow

crystalline kisses

the dandruff of the gods

upon defining rain


upon defining rain ( niar gninifed nopu )

brother of drizzle
& the cousin of mizzle
the lover of mud

prince of the puddles
a present from the high seas
sky father lather

bane of the plains
the sound of cloudbursts spurting
& sputtering gutters

cloven hooven tunes
music in trench foot tempos
clopping on the roofs

wet from the welkin
symphonies in welly boots
for ghouls in cagoules

fodder for the bogs
from the kingdom of the frogs
the piss of the gods

hear in the chatters


hear in the chatters ( srettahc eht ni raeh )

breezes is wheezes, a cheeses – achoo

she of the dingle is pickling eggs

sneezes, trapezes – a loosening shrew

vinegar vixen, the underling smegs

smudges is fudges, a budgerigar

blizzarding wizards, a slithering deep

farting a parsnip if nearer is far

singing is spinning, the springing is sleep

hear in the chatters, a whispering shout

choruses walrus, a badgering bat

sun in the distance is smoking a trout

focus is frozen – the ballad is shat

fuck it is buckets, the gnosis is gnome

off is an otter & waffling home



jan ( naj )

belling back before the end
knelling after what’s before
singing swans beyond the bend
turn the tumble turnip door

wander in a ringing wood
walk a thawing frosted path
hat beneath a robin’s hood
as the phantom badgers laugh

& the shatting branches bare
bugger all but mossen bark
scatters in the whisper air
spring’s a dither’s distant lark

learn another broken code
sodding resolutions spool
hymn an ancient infant’s ode
all is nought – the plodding fool

spot the mackerel mottled sky
burn the tinsel christmas tree
cross another scrying i
dot another brewing t

pissing storming scribbled ink
’til the mutant rhyme is done
sinking in this drooping think
rising like the yawning sun



sandy ( ydnas )

lines in the sand
sandpit runway
sandpaper plane

sing, sandbar
greensand salad day’s
sandstone undertones

sandstorm clouds
bury heads in sand
a thousand ostriches

hark, sand martins
& ampersands
sand on a breeze

beach sand blowing
sandcastles over
sand in a sandwich

time’s sand grains
on a sandal’s sole
sandpipers playing

today’s poem is


today’s poem is ( si meop s’yadot )

the second punic war
pewter forged with silver

floating over there
where the air snares feathers

a thousand little owls

catching a bus
with a bloody big net

yesterday’s gravy
yes men with rabies

anthills in antioch
bees in aberdeen

handstands in bandstands
peanut butter fingers

peppermint tea bags
penicillin g

bellowing yellows
whispered turquoise noise

singing saucy shanties
on the hepatitis sea

parping parsnip gasses
pickled fucking onions

friends with all the wrong’uns
& the covid cult defilers

( amen )