things to do on saturday


things to do on saturday  (  yadrutas no od ot sgniht  )

burble with a burst of words

circle as a bird of prey

sit upon a tuffet's tuft

eating easter, curds & whey

plod the leas of glasses gleam

tingles in the d.n.a

rub y' chin with buttercups

pucker up as branches sway

paint the sky in shades of beige

everything's a passageway

lightning strikes a gilded cage

irk the scourge of faraday

swoon beneath a silver moon

beaming like a laser ray

potter of an afternoon

snooze the latest matinee

mumble in a bubble's bath

water falls & runaway

marbleous, this carpentry

stumbles in the underlay

sip a sup of mourning tea

once upon a dossier

steaming mugs & storming cups

in a spin as potter's clay

squiggle on with bits of list

paper planes & throwaway

roam the gloam & seek the sea

hit the ships & stowaway

weasels weave as badgers dance

in this bastard cabaret

sunken suns & sniffing glue

things to do on saturday




gone but not the other


gone but not the other  (  rehto eht ton tub enog  )

she is the bright & blinds at night

a warring wind - a feast for worms

as poets doze & vampires bite

a dance within a can of squirms

she is the scree upon the hills

a mutant moon, a spew of shrews

or leprosy in espadrilles

a dog in clogs, a cat in shoes

she is the bat of bastard black

a parliament of wailing bones

beyond the snarls & gnarls of cracks

of storming cups or paving stones

an autumn leaf as weasels weave

a tapestry beyond the gong

a michaelmas on whitsun eve

a scatter graph - but still the song


queen of cups


queen of cups  (  spuc fo neeuq  )




rubber ducks

on, swan


pickled peppers

monster trucks

this spit

give a shit

ripple river

glimmer flux

pen then

paper plane

play the piper


bridge this

building bricks

feather dusters

lemon sucks

breeze sneeze


rumble thunder

grumble fucks


spider scrawl

ghosts & floating

lows & ups

green beans


butter fingers

queen of cups





abraca-fuckin’-dabra  (  rabad-‘nikcuf-acarba  )

mizzle mist

slither glimmer

river drum & snare

spot a sun

squawk a chorus

warble in the air

of a morn

scrawl the dawning

yawning as a bear

hum a hymn

turn in circles

spin y' swivel chair

hit the hills

dales & scaling

scuttle up & there

down & round

brown in patches

winter's wear & tear

gleam in green

as the grasses

- serpents stir - beware

box a frog

bells are knelling

spring is in the hare





10k  (  k01  )

kung-fu kangaroos knitting knicker knots

kelpies keeping krakatoa's keyrings

kinsmen kindle kinderscout's knockabouts

kingfishers kidnapping kilted kittens

kipling's keeling kaleidoscope kayak

kruschev's ketamine kidney bean kiosk

krishna kedgirees killer bee knicknacks

kurdistan kettles kumquat kazoos

kestrels kissing kabbalah koalas

kippers kickboxing ketchup kerfuffle