four short poems about swans


four short poems about swans  (  nuff said  )

swan on

pen, then


swan song

cob gob


swans circle

cygnet rings


swan off

( swan for the road )

( ? )






elihwnaem  (  a  p o e m  )

chickens clucked & pigeons cooed

farmers aared as pirates oohed

florists bloomed & forests greened

peasants pecked as pheasants preened

onions wept & pipers panned

cheeses rolled as breezes fanned

rivers ran & traffic crawled

otters swam as doctors scrawled

nettles stang & bishops bashed

kettles sang as rabbits dashed

gossips gobbed & curtains twitched

butchers hacked as bloggers bitched

adders danced & badgers barked

buzzards buzzed as finches larked

salmon leapt & lemons sucked

lepers scratched as pandas fucked

islands hopped & lions roared

monkeys spanked as fungi spored

while you dribbled in your nap

& the vicar caught the clap



the arm’s afoot


the arm’s afoot  (  soahk fo steet eht gniklim  )

streaming leeks & springing onions

dragons nap in beetle dungeons

bubbles, squeaks & pickled bunions

thunder rumbles under eaves

spitting creaks & twisted rivers

swarms of hornets, curtain twitchers

roman yeoman, village shitters

norman orphans, saxon reeves

bladder rasps & flapping adders

hopping otters, shropshire ladders

missing marbles, hanging daggers

hark - the yarns of weasel's weaves

trees & creepers, eager beavers

swirls of dervish, scraps of aethers

princes, paupers, sauls & peters

battered badgers - thick, as thieves

apple pips & blackened chapels

snots & sonnets - gasps of rabbles

judges slamming wooden gavels

winter wings as autumn leaves

missing parcels, posts & pillars

scraps of shrapnel, shards of mirrors

caterwauling clatterpillars

garden gnomes - with hoes & heaves

jack the ripper's jam & chutneys

mister whippy's magic monkeys

damocles's rubber duckies

reapers of the shim & sheave

squirming worms & cans of peaches

silver service, golden fleeces

purple patches, puzzle pieces

up the creases

of y' sleeves


two fat ladybirds


two fat ladybirds  (  sdribydal taf owt  )

two fat ladybirds

twenty chocolate labradors

seven pence in shrapnel

five finger freebies

eighty gatekeepers

nine lords a leaping fjords

forty three accordions

sixty six sinnel cakes

the thirty third of maycember

four traffic wardens

twelve in the elfin wood

three spoons of sugar

sixty nine nunneries

one spring o' time

feeds the five thousand owls

plus the mutant moons of jupiter

( sixty three & counting )

- bingo


pc poem


pc poem  (  swan for the road & the big eared brigadiers  )

pelican cafe

pepper castaway

pantyhose croquet

platinum canoe

paperweight centaur

penicillin claw

parasol coleslaw

platypus cashew

pineapple comfit

pigeon chicory

paradigm's chickpea

plasticine construe

plastic cavaliers

paper chase cashiers

plato commandeers

popper's cockatoo

pavement crack willow

pickles cicero

pavlova crossbow

porcelain corkscrew

paddle cadillac

poppycock cognac

pangea comeback

peppermint cachoe

plankton caviar

princely cinnabar

pyramid cigar

pasta caribou

pandas calcify

plover codify

pillocks cabbage fly

poetry's cuckoo