bright white poltergeist


bright white poltergeist  ( tsiegreltop etihw thgirb )

bright white poltergeist

snare hare dinosaur

eye saw sauropods

syntax anorak

splashback scatterings

earwig wizardry

clubfoot balladeer

catflap cadillac

five high, viruses

dead leg telephone

nosebleed metronome

toad so, natterjack

hi-fi hierophant

headfuck pencil case

pan pipe library

plum jam lumberjack

glue gun gulliver

lime green ganymede

mildew milking maid

whiplash pavement crack

a4 paper planes

midlands middle eight

sweetcorn choruses

claptrap cul-de-sac



five white hares


five white hares  (  serah etihw evif  )

five white hares

on the frost of a garden

four jackdaws

on the cow brown leas

waking the day

as the dormouse doze so

three weasels scheme

in the woodlands snare

bears in the thicket

of the bramble's tangles

two shrews snooze

of an afternoon

one swan bobs

on the fog of a river

goblins - in the outhouse

& a parsnip

in a pear tree



the breezes taste


the breezes taste  (  etsat sezeerb eht  )

the breezes taste of custard creams

a walrus in a walnut tree

the taj mahal & laser beams

a christening in kipper ties

& ptarmigans in cardigans

the twisted hips of hypnotise

the turin shroud & london bridge

a minaret of nimbus clouds

the golden fleece, a summer midge

a winter wreath & tartan rugs

the badgers of andromeda

the trail of snails & garden bugs

the stuff of slugs & pickled eggs

the blooming moons of jupiter

a prussian doll & pigeon legs

the passing parps of marching bands

the crackle snap of bubble wrap

the fumbled clasps of phantom hands

a sack of straw, a ski jump nose

the darkened heart of derbyshire

the trojan war & ingrown toes

a bumblebee & ginger paste

a bell is rung, a knelling tongue

says mumble me - the breezes taste