bee facts


bee facts ( stcaf eeb )

bees live in bonnets

& where the bears feast

      nectar is their bread & butter

      honey is their vomit

bees speak in buzz words

& sing with their wings

      evil bees are wasps

      or swarming hordes of hornets

bees are neither vegetables

the antichrist or minerals

      bees flew in from venus

      in eighty eight bee cee

bees fuck birds in spring

& make human babies

      for storks to deliver

      ( as per school )

see, the bees bee here

& yet, the bees bee there

      bees like disguises

      appearances can bee deceiving

bees can bee a line

a letter or an insect

      bees sleep tight at night

      & then let there bee light

daisy chainy gaps


daisy chainy gaps ( spag yniahc ysiad )

nausea crawls a toad
slowly smoky ghost
drums upon the hoof
maybe rainy taps

antlers in the fog
eighty parsnips parp
woten hangs again
phasy brainy flaps

phosphorus the frog
flighty nightie night
knickers in the mist
lacy lady baps

sirens spinning hymns
holy oaky hood
laughter in the wood
hazy gravy naps

as minerva purrs
birdy wordy swirls
spiral like an eye
daisy chainy gaps

flower shower shine
hairy fairie ring
oscillate away
– crazy wavy caps


fission vision


fission vision ( noisiv noissif )

the ants within my pants

only prance & dance at funerals

      masks are the mark

      of the muzzled in the dark

cheese is a god

& chocolate is a goddess

      odd socks rule

      school is guff ‘n’ gruel

sixty six sugars

in my tea or cappuccino

      i’ve yet to reinvent

      the hamster wheel or trouser press

hope is leverets larking

on a feathered daze in april

      & my last home planet

      had two thousand moons – too

( we’ve got so much in common )

when then


when then ( neht nehw )

when predynastic eggs hatch

upon the two land’s sands

as skeins of geese are flying

in shapes of harvey smith

the unicorn’s of yesterweek

will sing of old brython

a parsnip in a pear tree

will parp the easter air

as roundabouts is back again

& burning in the rain

like lemon scented letterheads

& lettuce fresh fatigue

yet tricycles are icicles

a swordsman fought the pen

then narnia united

will win the champions league

thoughts on doors


thoughts on doors ( srood no sthguoht )

door light

portal pouring

door way

matts as maps

door staff

rods & ringing

door bell

knell intruders

blue door

enter berries

green door

spring an ingress

red door

exit pandas

french door

so bonjour

door creaks

speaking hinges

door talk

of a morn

fire door

flaming gateways

door mice

hatching rats

door nobs

sticky wickets

door slide

skidding pivots

door jam

sugar sweet

door knockers

nest breasts

b.s poem


b.s poem ( meop s.b )

brussels sprouting

byzantium sneezes

bromine smokescreens

broccoli soliloquies

breaded scampi

bedhead sentiments

beltane semaphore

blackbirds swirl

badgers singing

bouncing sound

blowing, smoking

blue shoehorns

brainwave saturday

bigwigs scribble

brontosaurus sorcery

bullfrog shih tzu



logs ( sgol )

chopped in bits ‘n’ blocks

sleeping like a winter copse

rowan, oak & pine


pen another then

squirming worms within a book

ash becoming ash


as the trees are stumped

floating & un-flushable

– that’s the captain’s dump


see the blurring words

– look, a comet comes for thee

tails for the annals


shapes of apes & bots

time’s the slime of onion skins

all the whirled’s a stage


signing in & off

crossing boxes with a tick

over & noted

piddles, riddles & patches


piddles, riddles & patches ( sehctap & selddir ,selddip )

parping in a bubble’s rub

parsnips, pegs & tentacles

pardon measles, teasel wood

feather freckled festivals

further, swirling galaxy

fudge the smudge of spectacles

bees upon a bumble’s breeze

trees – the sleepless sentinels

middle eight & taper on

pandas, pan & pastor john

with a nod from trad-anon

swans upon a wander’s yon

hecate & marzipan

stringing harps & ventricles

penning then of yester-when

martians, men & vegetables

a bit of a poemz


a bit of a poemz ( zmeop a fo tib a )

love is like turpentine

i am not an osogoth

strawberry jam

when the goblins are upon us

akhenaten’s armpits

extras whisper rhubarb

dancing with the ants

on a magic tartan carpet

quarter to coot

when the moorhen is clucking

two loose shrews

& a broken egg timer

bonce upon a wonky shelf

never cross a shepherdess

it’s good to see bees

in mid-october