nine nouns


nine nouns ( snuon enine )

pencil peppermint wizard

submarine opal slovenia

cyanide cinnamon cydonia

catatonic crow


catatonic crow ( worc cinotatac )

thunder under rain
staggers in y’ anorak
clatter cabbage brain

wobble on & laugh
cauliflower power trips
tossers block the path

intermittent owl
mutant moons of jupiter
as the brambles growl

squiggles squid the nib
curtain twitchers curdle cream
skirt around the fib

weasel breezes blow
speckle spectred spectrograph
catatonic crow

flutter bumblebee
spread it like a butterfly
mumbles jumble me

mask brigade masquerade


mask brigade masquerade ( edareuqsam edagirb ksam )

still the sniffles spin
‘rona drones, stroke a chin

scree between the dots
karens flap, banging pots

doom is on the snooze
twisting screws, blooming blues

smiling is a crime
in this pants pantomime

chuckle in the muck
weasels preach, leaches suck

scrawl as normalzzz falls
shitting bricks – rubber walls

smash the barricade
mask brigade masquerade

muzzled muppets dance
clattertrap’s happenstance

fare thee well


fare thee well ( llew eeht eraf )

it’s time to ride the diamond turnip

pie above the turtle doves

flying in the ocean’s lotions

scratch another cannonball

swan beyond the otter’s porridge

grease the knees of eventide

chase the changeling’s mutant poodle

smoothly – like a slimy lamprey

– shake the milky way

cometh the gone


cometh the gone ( enog eht htemoc )

after the spanners
tangles in brambles
scatters & scrambles
back in the yon

blistering ankles
scratching the haddock
naps in a hammock
spin avalon

saturn in patches
spaces in annals
faces in flannels
summer’s the don

jam in the jangles
letters & lettuce
cress in a crevice
salad & on

cabbages clatter
clutter & under
mumbles of thunder
cometh the gone

morning is crawling
autumn is calling
fog of a morning
singing a swan

the cousin of bread


the cousin of bread ( daerb fo nisuoc eht )

a breakfast friend

the cousin of bread

a knife in hand

& butter is spread

a scrunching lunch

a supper, a tea

with margarine

& runny honey

a scented star

the king of the crunch

a bed f’ beans

a pinch & a punch

the chief of charred

a hymn in the air

the king of crisp

& chairman of yeahhh

a fibrous sprite

a round of the brown

a glue f’ pooh

& gobble it down

a sort of nod

a cheer & a sup

& disappear

the bottoms of up

a slice of slang

for that which is done

the fucked, the dead

the buggered ‘n’ spun

a sign, a post

& rhymer of ghost

or northernmost

– this poem is toast

goodnight auntie


goodnight, auntie ( eitnua ,thgindoog )

she mewls & spools & spews

her dribble, dross & floss

a crippled morning yawns

& mizzled afternoons

are shite as creeping night

the day’s a double daze

in sinking shades of beige

& lumpen london’s greys

her snuffled evening snooze

a minion’s ministry

of george’s blooming truth

as two plus bloody two

is never ruddy four

it’s flippin’ five – divide

& hide from weasels – run

the ‘rona sniffles spin

a coma of a sun

her gloaming jokes are woke

& total scrotal wank

as saville’s rancid ghost

hangs over – seek & see

a flapping phantom black

a laughing rabid rat

she bit the feeding hand

& bleeding britain winced

the rotter’s coffers pinch

& this old, little bitch

can frig quisling herself

& leach not offa me

the rest is sweat in stone

a nave beneath a grave

so fuck the b.b.c