s p a r k


s p a r k ( k r a p s )

pring another hymn

shat from barren bowels

sewn seeds sprout


luck from the aether

piss from empty bladders

pellets from the blessed owl


nswer with arsenals

avacados, anoraks

apples & aardvarks


elight the darkness

reinvent the trouser press

row y’bloody boat


ettle on, seeking steam

kingfisher swishesque

– kick it up the fuckin’ arse

false starts


false starts ( strats eslaf )

it wasn’t dark or stormy
but stars above cried night

the rain in spain is spanish
the snow in togo’s fake

i’d never seen a goblin
until i met your mother

the road ahead’s behind us
another circle forms

so wear a pair of waders
the towpath’s underwater

the ice in iceland’s dry
according to a stagehand

alas, today’s tomorrow
the calendars a colander

& then we all ate coleslaw
upon your uncle’s elbows

a poet sang a sonnet
so all the jackdaws yawned

she is dicing onions
& weeping like a bellend

an ombudsman is born
so try to look exited

i thought that ingrown toenails
were just another urban myth

burnin’ on


burnin’ on ( no ‘ninrub )

back passage london
pudding lane anus
smokeless like the djinn
great balls of plasma

babylon bottom
fire flies from me
molten morning crap
incandescent end

vindaloo waterloo
fought on the khazi
joan of arc blazing
hotter than sun spots

krakatoa shat
rome is my rectum
listen as it sings
scotch bonnet swan songs

owl be the judge of that


owl be the judge of that ( taht fo egduj eht eb lwo )

hooting in a fruitful forest
as the even’ blither runs

giz a twinkle – who’s the oddest?
– she is pickled onion suns

tooting, swooping, scratching, catching
roaring forward’s pantomime

i’m a student & a hatchling
she’s the raisin in the rhyme

novels plotting, foxes trotting
badgers dancing, boxes croak

she is sparkles, marbles tossing
wiser than the cunning folk

like the gleam in golden syrup
– giz a feather off y’wing

older than a choral chirrup
younger than the lambs of spring

gift a paddle & a hammer
rock of aegis, other sulis

lady of me hazy manor
giz a spanner on a rummage

shat a pellet, bring the mettle
in the attic of a morning

source of all – the rest’s a vessel
as another daze is dawning

tomorrow never nosedive


tomorrow never nosedive ( evideson reven worromot )

no rogue meteor
or oak tree fall

on the trundle-trudge
of a morning walk

no thanks, cyanide
i prefer almond milk

in my tea or chai
stirred anticlockwise

busses will obey
the meantime’s table

perhaps i’ll catch a nap
but not the dreaded clap

no toad blizzards
or frog downpours

will croak on drown from heaven
& pop my cotton clogs

poets on a rampage
quills as sharp as hen’s teeth

can run into each other
& leave us scroats alone

let the buzzards buzz
& so the stoats will float

lark the dark away
death should go on holiday

rock ‘n’ roll poem


rock ‘n’ roll poem ( meop llor ‘n’ kcor )

rock ‘n’ roll a rockin’

& i’m rollin’ alright

with my rock ‘n’ roll sugar

on a saturday night

driving rollin’ wheels

& i’m feeling rockin’ great

with my rock ‘n’ roll honey

coz it’s nineteen fifty eight

roll a rock a rollin’

underneath a rockin’ star

with a rock ‘n’ roll quiff

& a rock ‘n’ roll guitar

rock a rock a rollin’

like a rollin’ rockin’ horse

or a cabbage in the attic

on a rockin’ chair – of course

rock ‘n’ roll a rollin’

in a twenty twenty one

rockin’ & a rollin’

but my memory has gone

in a rockin’ nursing home

with my long bald hair

& my long dead baby

but we just don’t care

( yeah )

without forgetting


without forgetting ( gnittegrof tuohtiw )

pandora’s lunchbox

sinking sand witches

weather map scrapbook

hairy backdoor key’s

hares from mountains

fountains & pens

phantom handkerchiefs

world wardrobe three

peas for the planet

silver bulletins

paper plane tickets

pickled pepper seeds

waterproof sea salt

shroedinger’s catkins

black dog biscuit tin

hammocks & napkins

magic flute glasses

mister kipling’s capes

cloaking devices

songs in a cycle

lucky hen toothbrush

greensward swordmanship

hence excalibur

& no corona passport

( wankers )