hang the cliché


hang the cliché  (  éhcilc  eht gnah  )

snow, my sweet crab apple

of my hind's eyepatch

lo, the sunset is mould

but the bread smells of noses

& the hills are a hive

as my harp is aflame

& the turds sing a dove

off the lame hymn sheet

so the twat has nine lives

& the garden is dozy

like a squawk in the park

or a scab in the dark

in the blink of a pie

with a sink & a cod

i am frost in your thighs

like a rabbit

in your head lice

( ? )




how now, bouncing balls?


how now, bouncing balls?  (  ?sllab gnicnuob ,won woh  )

how now, bouncing balls?

seesaw sauropods

penfriend semaphore

duck quack, rubber walls

duck quack, rubber walls

splashback bladder whacks

sasquatch sassenach

crabwise waterfalls

crabwise waterfalls

eyes weep onion dice

slomo yodel so

flap, flap phantom scrawls

flap, flap phantom scrawls

fly tip tinsel toes

wassail peak & dale

town's down - streets & sprawls

town's down - streets & sprawls

sanskrit avenues

u-turn unicorns

sweet tea drinking halls

sweet tea drinking halls

burnt bush bursaries

bird brain chatter rain

chime, climbed curtain calls

chime,climbed curtain calls

headfuck flatulence

glue gun gulliver

snared hare wares & all's

snared hare wares & all's

norse gorse, stalks & hawks

celt felt feather brow

how now, bouncing balls?



untitled poem things


untitled poem things  (  sgniht meop deltitnu  )

untitled poem things

sing with the winter wren

penned as the kettle sings

spawn of the morning's odes

yawning in analogue

frog hops & crawling toads

crows of the cockatoos

tea of the clipper ship

hip hip hypotenuse

tones of the broken clocks

building with rubber bricks

ticks & then token tocks

slugs in the underscores

drumming in triple slime

rhyming with thunder roars

pickle me vegetables

clover & overstep

peppermint sentinels

dogwood & spinning plates

cloaked in an oaken hood

wood chip & figure eights

sucking as lemon curds

summer is riddled pink

ink blots & bursts of birds

flaps as the chatter runs

suns as the clatter clapped

chapped lips & scatter guns

shoot as the budded leaves

nip as the ninja gnat

shat of the basket's weaves

shades of the sunless skies

wraiths in a comet's tail

stale bread & butterflies

rip tides & broken wings

spin as the spindle's spun

untitled poem things



satsuma star


satsuma star  (  rats amustas  )

satsuma star

rise like the shining

still sunken sun

citric & sparkles

swoop in the mute

yawns of the morning

ghost of a sky

phantom of plasma

over the leas

carotene phoenix

i with my eyes

stand on the rec's edge

five twenty five

spins on a sixpence

swan in a squint

sweet ginger ninja



( bracken english )


( bracken english )  ( hsilgne nekcarb )

bracken english - brocks & foxes

tongues in brambles, frogs in boxes

speak in seasons, springs & winters

clutching storms with butter fingers

whistle thistles, thorns & teasels

lizard queens & village weasels

flea the fodder, toss & stirrers

mist is sylphid, meat is murmurs

phantoms flapping as the clappers

river diction, spit the pastures

spot a coppice - specks & freckles

kettles steaming, sing in nettles

bee in clover, sleep in comas

broken biscuits, moss on stoners

we phoenecians, slackened linguists

squawk the talk of bracken english