i spy a crow?


i spy a crow  (  yrots eurt a  )

i spy a crow


lurking in the birches

flapping in the branches

snapping if the wind blows

- no, it's a bin bag



money thoughts


money thoughts ( a brief poetical discharge )

if i think of money

then i think of greed

divisions - divide & rule

struggles - suppressed mouths to feed

spineless wanker bankers

bullshit, death & woe

offer us a fiver though

chances are i won't say no


loving the geranium


loving the geranium by 9 lines of something or other inspired by a flower

good evening wembley stadium

ye aliens & albanians

some nuts are macadamia ( n )

some societies - fabian

the countryside's arcadian

my cranium glows - uranium

some old walls are named hadrian

( i'm )

loving the geranium


there’s a hole in my head


there’s a hole in my head by jean claude anorak

there's a hole in my head

not the nostrils of the nose

nor the entrances of ear-things

nope beyond the ilk of those

which i trepanned one peng eve

as a laugh perchance supposed

& it's leaking information

drips of bits i used to know


there's a hole in my head

which i probably should block

as stupidity is looming

closer now with every drop

but as the crowbar flies - aye

the less one gives a toss

plus no one likes a clever clogs

so ' come on hole

don't stop '



a challenging challenge challenge


a challenging challenge challenge by samuel scabies


i hereby challenge you to a duel

meet me at dusk

in the nature reserve

bring a pistol, a pen & a friend

i've never lost one yet

your just deserves

you'll no doubt get

you nob-shite get

stalkers like you are the scum of the earth

oh shadow of mine

it's time to die

meet me at dusk

in the nature reserve