people change

I used to feel obliged

to write haiku

so now I don't bother

for the very same reason

& I used to rest my faith

on the Queen as head of state

yet now I dream of regicide

& valid acts of treason.

 People change



weekend witches

Weekend witches & Beltane pagans

once yearly-nearly ramblers

& blue moon dabblers.

Wedding drinkers & funeral weepers

occasional tables

the occasionally unstable.

Hy-Brasil & déjà vu

a solar eclipse

or the Phoenix, of course too.

Brief glimpses of HELL & scarlet pimpernels

plus fuck-it-that'll-do rhymers

- bloody part-timers


the 1st of feb

Head contrary

on the 1st of February

as impending Candlemas

hangs thick in the air

just like congealed school custard

sans the upper skin layer

white rabbits - white rabbits

or a pair of mountain hares?

Beyond the edgelands of January

into the rugged vast of where?

Fuck knows - early days again

no wings but whims & a prayer