phantom tangents


phantom tangents by crispin comma



wet wipe ghost

sothic cycles

buttered toast


& cantaloupes


lost en route



how d'you do?


foxes too

badgers - badges

ramparts - rampant

same again please

phantom tangents



there the pastry folk dwell


there the pastry folk dwell by so far today just tea & look what happens anyway …


under earth's fragile crust

well there is no hell

but the planet is hollow

there the pastry folk dwell

it's a secret society

/ pastry based race

their bodies skin is choux

shortcrust is their head / face

so ignore modern science

with its gobshite shite lies

coz it's more jules verne

meets some pasties & pies

their capital's flanballah

it's a quiche meets citadel

it's breath taking in springtime

there the pastry folk dwell



good morn thing britain


good morn thing britain by gareth photosynthesis


good morn thing britain

i'm wearing mittens

you're sunny in places

yet some galey traces

with grey in between

your hills are still green

& bonfire smoke's yonder

it's sunday you tosser

the kettle is calling

the telly is boring

i blame the phoenicians

the black hand & titian

as certain as swanky's

the same thing as wanky

the rest we forget

- is this a poem yet

( ? )




sponsorless by gbgwdmonxjshfcsdywbehnmmmn


this poem isn't sponsored by

taylor's yorkshire tea,

cadbury dairy milk

or babybel cheese,

silver swan slims

or scrumpy jack cider,

w.i calendars,

the hadron collider

& this poem isn't sponsored by

petplace poop scoops,

reebok trainers,

kellog's honey loops,

glenmorangie, any pens

or mr kipling's cakes

but if you're out there & you're reading this

i'm ready to negotiate

( x )