a hole in last thursday

there was a hole in last thursday

so bits of it leaked

into last friday

beyond last week

then into the future

yes the spillage did run

leaving traces in places

for decades to come


rural affairs

at first they were grazing in the greensward of the vale

then further plus gradient

over that dale

later somehow they managed to acquire passports

many sights their eyes saw

on their extensive world tour

then apparently they went all over the place

they plodded through time

they ambled through space

yes throughout existence with a moo they didst roam

but in last night's omen

the cows came home



little sprinkles of evil

little sprinkles

 of evil

should be practiced


like throwing stones

into unsuspecting rivers

swapping 'round traffic cones

chuckling all the way

or getting off the bus

a stop later than you paid for

having pushingitly

rang the bell

or informing a drayman

that your real name's graham

& then gradually you'll inch


closer to hell



24 owls

yes some are blatantly

secretly flemish

whilst others hobble-plod

like that 3-legged dog

which you pass some mornings

or occasional evenings

some supplicate cress

some cling to the ceiling

the darker ones

they're hell folk

they're born with 13 elbows

further some last a second

some stay for the week

then some have swollen glands

& others wandering hands

- yes every day's unique