what peoples does


what peoples does by xvi line read

astronomers & oceanographers

mute town criers



equine dentist's young apprentice

bearded ladies



witch doctors & / or witch nurses

lovers ~ others



pontius conscious pilots fly us

this is is us


peoples does



let there be bollocks


let there be bollocks 

let there be bollocks

let there be light

let there be otters

tossers & shite

let there be permits

let there be ale

let there be scandals

sandals & snails

let there be blizzards

let there be sun

let there bee honey

yes - all shit puns

let there be elbows

let there be toes

everything - fuck it

go with them flows


to do


to do by penelope pending

to do

a list

a seed or two

a storm of sorts

an acorn too

to do

a scheme

first dream a dream

then decipher

what said dream means

to do

a plan

so use your head

steal a hen that

lays magic eggs

to do

a list

merge bits of gist

with gibberish

then make a wish

( x )





graham's an accountant

more grahams than most are

rosie still has rosy cheeks

a farmer's wife - ooh arr

akbar's become maureen

& gordon's still a menace

lundy worked in media

she's now the doge of venice

camus works with camel humps

& myrtle works with myrrh

tabitha's still ginger so

we still don't purr to her

piss pot's on the porridge oats

plus bugle's banged up too

memories are made to fade

who are you

what d'you do

( ? )


a modest collection of little secrets

this little secret

was discovered in a shoebox

wedged in a hedge

in the nowhere of the middle

this little secret

it never really had a name

yet knew too much & ran away

i found it in an alleyway

this little secret

well this one takes the biscuit

it was passed down from a great-aunt

who i still don't know existed

& this little secret

was once a set of ten

before the other nine revealed themselves

it's not a secret then