a very modern lament


a modern lament  (  a  p o e t r y  e s s a y  (  1 0  s e c o n d  r e a d  )  )










night off


eyes pop



how come?

( black box )


( this little dedication )


( this little dedication ) a short made-up list by some twat on the internet

this little dedication

is dedicated to

susan, igor

jan & stu

peter, michael

rachel & finn


& gwendolyn

margot, hugo

eve 'n' steve

jenkins' ear

& leprosy



barbara, offa

dave & otters

limestone edges

lecking grouse

plus saladin

the mute church mouse

april, august

then jodrell bank

gleaming great things

& wank



mater nature provides


mater nature provides by crispin dawdles ( 13 read line )

we're foraging for our next meal

out in them wilds

we're frisking fields

for juicy moss or budding shoots

the less known sorts

of nature's fruits

we're foraging - berries 'n' nuts

'edged 'erbs - fungi

aye all that stuff

( why )

twenty quid we found last easter

sat on a stile

- free takeaway pizza -


there shats a plover


( hangover poem ) by 18 lines of ‘ing read

in the beginning

there was sober

now bells knell

dogs piss on clover

damn you shandy

your hangover

above my

( head )

there shats a plover

a quiet drink

became bender

gay hunchbacks?

i don't remember

phuket - thought i then

it's december

i now sweat

( like )

a sex offender


( not murder )


( not murder ) by 4 times 2 read line of 

a pint of mild - a good night's sleep

shat no pants at these words i speak

no fret not as said saying goes

oh i could murder one of those

or kill for as it's just a phrase

besides the moon's in its wrong phase

to stir an urge not that i could

more tea curate? touch wood

touch wood




hazel ( a short burst )

your eyes are almonds & they glow

quite green as the pistachio

your sneezes too they follow through

a-a-cashew - cashew? bless you

your walls are loons as raving peas

your home too has mad cow disease

all it adds up - no ifs or buts

my dear hazel

you're fucking nuts