inside information

several drops of tea

should be spilled ceremoniously

as a libation

to the carpet lares

the hirsute hobs

plus all the rugged gods

& as an act

of admiration

of veneration

reverence respect

then slurp the rest


24 owls

yes some are blatantly

secretly flemish

whilst others hobble-plod

like that 3-legged dog

which you pass some mornings

or occasional evenings

some supplicate cress

some cling to the ceiling

the darker ones

they're hell folk

they're born with 13 elbows

further some last a second

some stay for the week

then some have swollen glands

& others wandering hands

- yes every day's unique


good heavens!

Dark Arts & Witchcraft Fairs

there’s 1 next Tuesday

& I’ll likely see you there

If it’s cthonic then they’re on it

anything sinister

they’ve got it

Yes be it Evil & Satanic

they are well stocked

& ‘ll probably have it

No curse tablet too nasty,

no sorcerer’s hat too tall

it’s in the church hall

Good Heavens