many a little

makes a mickle

many a mickle

makes a muckle

many a many a

makes a muddle

fuddles - quibbles 

troubles - riddles



rural affairs

at first they were grazing in the greensward of the vale

then further plus gradient

over that dale

later somehow they managed to acquire passports

many sights their eyes saw

on their extensive world tour

then apparently they went all over the place

they plodded through time

they ambled through space

yes throughout existence with a moo they didst roam

but in last night's omen

the cows came home



grey matters (other version)

there are bits of whitsuns


foamy moments

shaving cream

there are intermissions


edgy head land


there are glimpses

of past lives

like aristotle

nell gwynn's cousin

irwin rommel

& there are draining times

plus energies

then lemon trees