last week, when i was a hittite

last week,

when i was a hittite

i took an extra spoon

of sugar in my tea

so far from the usual two

instead i had three

( times change )



bring back medieval keys ( ! )

in medieval times

well the keys were so much bigger

 plus the locks were far larger than today

yet the people were smaller

yes we've grown taller

& the keys & locks have gone the other way

this poem you may say

is devoid of a point

like a fly once plucked of its wings

but at this going rate

keys will soon be subatomic

then we'll never ever find the fucking things


( mary )

recently i've not been myself

yes far too often i've been someone else

all morning i've been mary queen of scots

implicated by that bastard babbington plot

& if i carry on this gender-bend way

no doubt they'll behead me down at fotheringhay

yes recently i've not been myself

since the others spiked my apple juice

- blame everyone else


wild flowers among castle ruins

wild flowers

among castle ruins

the head's a beverage


as life plods on

& all that glibness

they say here's haunted

a wraith i've yet to witness

apart from the headless ones

consequences - quencecons

a punished uprising but now most of the stones have gone

as bricks for the local homes

scattered yet abound

like these wild flowers 

but the other way around



grey matters (other version)

there are bits of whitsuns


foamy moments

shaving cream

there are intermissions


edgy head land


there are glimpses

of past lives

like aristotle

nell gwynn's cousin

irwin rommel

& there are draining times

plus energies

then lemon trees