the 1st of feb

Head contrary

on the 1st of February

as impending Candlemas

hangs thick in the air

just like congealed school custard

sans the upper skin layer

white rabbits - white rabbits

or a pair of mountain hares?

Beyond the edgelands of January

into the rugged vast of where?

Fuck knows - early days again

no wings but whims & a prayer



spineless promotion

Hello there & I hope you’re well on this fine Mundane.

I’ve written a book recently.

Its called … bracken english, 101 poems to read before you sigh

& you can buy it in book form on the links provided in this post-ad-shat.

I think I’ve added the links right. If not, just search it. Nothing is hidden…


It’s not quite ready in Kindle form yet because until very recently I thought that was a chocolate egg with a free plastic shell that you could hide ‘stuff’ in when stuck where the sun don’t shine……………..(classic)


Because I don’t normally blog, I thought I’d write a list of 10 almost interesting facts about this collection of discharges…You don’t have to read this & you’ve probably left the iron on anyway but as they used to say in the Navy; ‘friggate!’ – koz this is life on the (Froggatt) Edge…


  1. Title … Bracken English is my style, a pun & a nod to Nature. 101 poems to read before you sigh is another pun. I love puns, they’re punderful & all the pun of the fair… (etc.)
  2. Language… I am dyslexic & lazy-complacent at times so there will be grammar mistakes & spelling guffs. I don’t like it when wankers get strict about these things. Rules are often there to be ignored. Let people do it how they want to. These are our words, don’t let the anal restrict because they enjoy that far too much… & anyway it all stems from the same source (Brain-Soul) & surely that is the point … ?
  3. Bad Language… There is bad language. Nothing too bad, just SHIT, FUCK, TWAT, SHITE, SHAT etc…
  4. Stories… A lot of these poems are stories really. Penned in the 1st person. 1 of my favourite poetry books & books generally is Seeing Stars by Simon Armitage. Everyone should own that book, it’s genius & they’re sort-of story poems. Blame the great man himself…
  5. Recurring Themes… Nature, Madness, Life, Oddness, Weird Love, Death,  Magic, Myth, Time & Reality… but it’s fun really… x
  6. God… God is a character that pops up a lot. I don’t mind God really though because he’s a tea drinker … (FACT)
  7. ISBN … 9781519692702  … Yep, movin’ on…
  8. Cover… I did the cover myself. The fearn photo was taken on a hill in the Pennines back in September, then modified in the lab. The written bit was stuck on with Micropore surgical tape. I have an Elastoplast allergy so there’s always plenty of that tape in my 1st aid kit-shit. Riveting stuff this… Nearly there…
  9. Name… resarf is my pen name. There are other resarfs online. I’m sad enough to have checked. There are several on Youtube & none of them are me. There’s also a chemical cleaning company in Dundee called Resarf. But I quite like that because I grew up reading the Beano before I got too mature for it & moved onto Viz… Alleyways, yes, it is Fraser backwards. That’s why I picked it. My main nickname in real life is Merlin & that’s even more unoriginal… & as the old Fraser motto goes … Je suis prest … So fuckin’ bring it on …
  10. I’ve run out of facts, make up your own & add here …………………….. Thank you for reading & take care, nice 1. Peace x





10 books to write

1. Starting Stuff For The First Time (a beginners guide)

2. The Dairy of Samuel Pepys


4. Skim Reading (at a glance)

5. The Bumper Book of Artichoke Jokes

6. Spooky Ghost-Owl Tales of Great Bittern

7. Buddha, The Boyband Years...

8. The Pop-Up Book of Saucy Welding Anecdotes
(comes with free safety visor & gloves)

9. War & Peas

& 10. The Incomplete Encyclopedia of EVERYTHING