free socks here!

free socks here

yes get your free socks

it's not a con

nor promotion

they weren't socklifted

from shops

it's just my present

to the people

& there's plenty

yes - lots

so free socks here

yes get your free socks


blubbering on

do not stand at my grave & weep

as i faked my own death

 i aint 6 six feet deep

there's a sack of maris pipers

in the coffin down there

whilst i live the high life

new i.d - elsewhere

so when you awaken in the morning shite

for me it might be evening, early afternoon or night

aye - so do not blubber at my graveside & that

instead fuck yourself rigid

you stupid fucking twat



weekend witches

Weekend witches & Beltane pagans

once yearly-nearly ramblers

& blue moon dabblers.

Wedding drinkers & funeral weepers

occasional tables

the occasionally unstable.

Hy-Brasil & déjà vu

a solar eclipse

or the Phoenix, of course too.

Brief glimpses of HELL & scarlet pimpernels

plus fuck-it-that'll-do rhymers

- bloody part-timers