on a mystified eve in lieu of a clue


on a mystified eve in lieu of a clue by gustav hogwash


on a mystified eve

in lieu of a clue

with puzzles & nutmeg

mulberries - cuckoos 

my half-nephew-grand-niece

& xenophon too

on a mystified eve

in lieu of a clue



treat yourself


treat yourself  by egg fried ricin 


you should treat yourself

& clad your shed

prescribe yourself cider

& drill holes in your head

next buy that shell suit

from yon charity shop

they'll breeze back into trend soon

then they'll be worth a lot

you should treat yourself

so grab a twig off a tree

take said little branch home

then call it steve & make it tea

take plenty of rest

as you don't need a rest permit

explore le monde du fromage

treat yourself - yeah

you deserve it



we are collectors


we are collectors by ndiwjei2ye2y3yy34y


when we collect things

we become collectors

as we build up a collection

of sorts

like blue magazines

or antique trampolines

no pressure

the decision is yours

& then down the line

we can sell this collection

& all the possessions

that we own

but we can still collect dust

one's wits & one's thoughts

as we plan what to collect next

naked & alone



always keep a handkerchief


always keep a handkerchief by han d kerchief


always keep a handkerchief

tissues soon reduce to mush

come a downpour

pretend that you're a viscount

most strangers are killers

but try to get out more

consider the bee in clover

but never dare to see

golf's dark appeal

always keep a handkerchief

go to bed around the same time

eat 3 square meals