fluent flemish


fluent flemish by cardinal colin hopscotch


beyond that nasty accident

well many-a-thing changed

involving the green wheelbarrow

some stuff got rearranged

why like i speak in flemish now

quite fluently - how strange

is this all my coma still

odd magic or the brain

( ? )


there the pastry folk dwell


there the pastry folk dwell by so far today just tea & look what happens anyway …


under earth's fragile crust

well there is no hell

but the planet is hollow

there the pastry folk dwell

it's a secret society

/ pastry based race

their bodies skin is choux

shortcrust is their head / face

so ignore modern science

with its gobshite shite lies

coz it's more jules verne

meets some pasties & pies

their capital's flanballah

it's a quiche meets citadel

it's breath taking in springtime

there the pastry folk dwell