dreams of the past


dreams of the past ( tsap eht fo smaerd )

the twentieth century
is eating pot noodles

in a shell suit
while the miners strike

the nineteenth century
is reading frankenstein

dressed like jack the ripper
on the flying scotsman

the eighteenth century
is humming bars of mozart

in a river mill town
in a mantua gown

all the former centuries
old but never dead

dozing in a nursing home
between teatime & bed

f l o w i n g


f l o w i n g ( g n i w o l f )

eathers on a breeze

      fists in the yeah

      first class stampedes

eaves on the river

      lemons that blow

      lyrics from the otherland

nce the cock is up

      onions shed their skins

      order is reborn

aving like an x-ray

      waddle like a duckling

      when the tongue’s untied

n between ebbs

      itchy rectal passages

      icing me cakehole

evermore’s a nob’ead

      notes the spillage idiom

      now is a cloudburst

lowing inside your

      golden noggin’s

      gobshite hinterland

monkeypox update


monkeypox update ( etadpu xopyeknom )

the m42

from junction five to fourteen

      is riddled with the monkeypox

      ( follow diverted traffic signs )

most beekeepers

& amateur oceanographers

      are under quarantine

      ( probably forever )

every other greggs

on this frightened little isle

      every b&m

      ( but not b&q )

anyone called gordon

– wilhelm or susan

      will be shot on sight

      ( then incinerated )

the bakerloo line

is still infected

      blackpool tower

      ( plus the marble arch mound )

all stratocumulus

& nimbostratus clouds

      stay afraid indoors

      ( in case they rain upon us )

monkey country


monkey country ( yrtnuoc yeknom )

jungles of oak

mountain ash or rowan

      orchards where we grow

      the money that we squirrel

nuts & bananas

both are common currency

      barter with aplomb

      swinging hairy arms

where the green is green

& the queen’s a lemur

      north west of frogland

      east of hobbit island

we, the simian folk

in this monkey country

      sing until the sun shines

      under earl grey skies

stirring rhesus blood

gibbons in glamorgan

      tamarins in manchester

      marmosets in derby

blue baboons at troon

with their balls in the dunes

      shakespeare came

      from our collective chatter

in between tea breaks

typed in a castle

      a bolthole cottage

      or a new build mews

breeding when we’re not

spanking ourselves

      spreading like the pox

      on the nine o’ clock snooze

middle may not march


middle may not march ( hcram ton yam elddim )

red shepherd sunrise

warning the morning

      sights for sore iris

      & drooping bluebell

ends in beginnings

bring your own picnic

      pencils in cases


glistening magpies

pied like a wagtail

      pipers inside us

      miming the high notes

playing the rhubarb

fooling the pudding

      pissing the parcel

      fluttering butter

spring is a fucker

further’s a murmur

      chasing a sun day

      whistle a willow

walking in warbles

spooling in cagoules

      piriton’s flashbacks

      sneezing the pastures

yes is a nomad

walk upon england

      blake is awakened

      so sod the machine

newton is sleeping

twofold’s a thistle

      beulah beckons

      & god save the green

cee the light


cee the light ( thgil eht eec )

catfish catalyst

cosmonauts canoodle

custard caribou

( author notes )

there’s a nasty rumour

doing the rounds

online at the moment

so to put the record straight


the queen of england

is not ninety six years old

because phillip schofield

is only sixty

plus he doesn’t look a day

over fifty seven and a half

– so leave it

rush owls


rush owls ( slwo hsur )

tawny owls racing
with the morning hare

quicker than lightning
striking the air

barn owls in fast cars
stuck in solid jam

screeching at the lights
& the broken down tram

eagle owls at taxi ranks
jumping the queue

barging passed the frogmouths
& the nightjars too

little owls in pickles
late for the train

snowy owls sleeting
dashing in the rain