stroke the dogwood

soon tomorrow droops

so tuesday’s drizzle

soaks thor’s doorknob

saturn twirls dervishly

see týr disappear

since teatime died

satan torpedoes dagon

singing turnip ditties

sucking turpin’s dick

stand then deliver

sweat twenty droplets

suddenly tumbleweed dances

september tickles december

autumnal acrostic to bear

niseed annals

anoraks aplenty

ndead unicorns

ubiquitous umbrellas

offee apple teeth

ten thousand owls

pland under umbra

unsung uncles

izzle misted mondays

moribund maples

osedive novelties

net-zero nob’eads

ntlered apparitions

adders asleep

izards & lillies

luminescent limboland

songs of the moment so far

george & the soros’s – suffer litter insects

november’s ghost – batten up them rafters

stone cold david austin – arrive, sniff roses, leave

back before october – even evensong

december’s embers – relight my firewall

black currant queen – seven seas of ribena

the be at les – lo vemed o

phillip & the schofields – super-injunction blues

s-club shit sandwich – taste the spillage

d.j tinitus – peaks around noon now…

dodgy culvert – chicken shite river

simply red herrings – old oak amber gems

matt & the hancocks – midazolam massacre

& poem

& cotton buds

& woollen hats

& farriers

& flapping bats

& calendars

& cavalcades

& colanders

& orangeade

& waitresses

& winter gloves

& turpentine

& turtle doves

& terraces

& terrapins

& topiary

& dorsal fins

& snorkelers

& summer nights

& samurai

& stalactites

& traffic lights

& roundabouts

& butter balls

& brussel sprouts

& falconry

& lemon trees

& liquorice

& memories

& marmosets

& marching bands

& pickled eggs

& ampersands

right balance the get

even in the even’

after afternoon

      sooner than you shrink

      thinking of atoms

splitting like pyjamas

sleeping in banana skins

      ants in the pants

      of the breath we catch

twenty two starlings

murmurations, baby

      sweetcorn & carrots

      dangle like icicles

tricycles, bicycles

spin the unspoken

      nodes in a notebook

      the train is like a brain

streams between spanners

& bolts from the stable

      courses for horses

      & waves on the see

where the air turned

is back before back

      scratch another itch then

      with a phoenix feather