pick a pickled


pick a pickled  ( delkcip a kcip )

pick a pickled cabbage rhyme

acid brain & alkaline

dance a heap of steaming sheet

panting ants & pantomime

play the petered piper's bags

stitch the witch of tattered rags

hop the lair of yonder hare

may the pole & fly with flags

smoke the mope of dopamine

spilling hills as oceans gleam

figaro the river so

flap a bat & cat the cream

spot the dog & stone a prune

float with ghosts & lick the moon

pick a pickled cabbage rhyme

spiral in the afternoon




ring, ring telephones


ring, ring telephones  (  senohpelet gnir ,gnir  )

ring, ring telephones

tin can canticles

spew blue catacombs

nosebleed metronomes

nosebleed metronomes

whiplash saddle wax

ostrich cottages

deep green baritones

deep green baritones

sea change chancellories

wednesday's weather vanes

what-for cornerstones

what-for cornerstones

breadcrumb thunderstruck

headfuck undertones

ring, ring telephones

- piss off -





picnicesque  (  euqsecincip  )

ginger ninja ale

lemonade sun spots

rusty backdoor quiche

gangrene salad

bombay mix up

hamsters in a hamper

tectonic paper plates

cheese & piffle languages

shades of old king coleslaw

& black cat napkins


blue bellwether maps


blue bellwether maps  (  spam rehtewlleb eulb  )

cloud shroud scatter graph

cracked black badger dance

anthill alibi

fly sky dragon snaps

cow brown trouser press

cowslip riverbed

high tide lententide

piss patch pigeon flaps

glow ghost bumblebee

breeze blow sticklebacks

whiplash appletree

catnip parallax

lamb sprang kitchenette

jackdaw vortices

four cawed choruses

all thaw dribble taps

flimflam phantom limb

syntax sinking sand

bright white poltergeists

quills fill creaking cracks

snow song, winter rose

tin can tinsel toes

tossed frost fiddlesticks

sad sack saddlewax

gleam green salad bowl

stroll roll hilliness

headfuck hitherto

blue bellwether maps


ten red elephants

goosegrass tangles not

frog hop blossoming

sing spring, spill the gaps



things to do on saturday


things to do on saturday  (  yadrutas no od ot sgniht  )

burble with a burst of words

circle as a bird of prey

sit upon a tuffet's tuft

eating easter, curds & whey

plod the leas of glasses gleam

tingles in the d.n.a

rub y' chin with buttercups

pucker up as branches sway

paint the sky in shades of beige

everything's a passageway

lightning strikes a gilded cage

irk the scourge of faraday

swoon beneath a silver moon

beaming like a laser ray

potter of an afternoon

snooze the latest matinee

mumble in a bubble's bath

water falls & runaway

marbleous, this carpentry

stumbles in the underlay

sip a sup of mourning tea

once upon a dossier

steaming mugs & storming cups

in a spin as potter's clay

squiggle on with bits of list

paper planes & throwaway

roam the gloam & seek the sea

hit the ships & stowaway

weasels weave as badgers dance

in this bastard cabaret

sunken suns & sniffing glue

things to do on saturday



gone but not the other


gone but not the other  (  rehto eht ton tub enog  )

she is the bright & blinds at night

a warring wind - a feast for worms

as poets doze & vampires bite

a dance within a can of squirms

she is the scree upon the hills

a mutant moon, a spew of shrews

or leprosy in espadrilles

a dog in clogs, a cat in shoes

she is the bat of bastard black

a parliament of wailing bones

beyond the snarls & gnarls of cracks

of storming cups or paving stones

an autumn leaf as weasels weave

a tapestry beyond the gong

a michaelmas on whitsun eve

a scatter graph - but still the song