sandy ( ydnas )

lines in the sand
sandpit runway
sandpaper plane

sing, sandbar
greensand salad day’s
sandstone undertones

sandstorm clouds
bury heads in sand
a thousand ostriches

hark, sand martins
& ampersands
sand on a breeze

beach sand blowing
sandcastles over
sand in a sandwich

time’s sand grains
on a sandal’s sole
sandpipers playing

twenty, twenty, gone


twenty, twenty, gone ( enog ,ytnewt ,ytnewt )

a roger up the buggered rear
a sausage of a sodding year
a little lizard’s lottery
it’s crystal cricket vision here

a paddle in the riddle’s pooh
another loosened mutant shrew
the flapping karens cancelled me
& nanna got the phantom flu

& so the rabid weasels rained
but cabbage poetry sustained
as muzzles masked the cattle “free”
& planet earth is shackle-chained

the droning global scrotums lie
so more will stumble, fall & die
so let the bumbled normalzzzz bee
& we will spread a butterfly

the road’s a fork, a bendy swan
it’s torque is twenty, twenty, gone
the past’s a rotten apple tree
& inkling scribbles bubble on

& fuck the piddle bucket’s list
with knotted knickers in a twist
the yawning dawn is calling thee
beyond the fog of yonder’s mist

all hail the cheese gods


all hail the cheese gods ( sdog eseehc eht liah lla )

fruits of the socks

the flocks

& the cocoa

babybel ringers

& cadbury crunchies

lovers of chilli

the stink

of a bishop

blue veined stalwarts

chips in a muffin

cheddar or white like

milky bars

– sparkle dark

king of the crackers

the soul of a pizza

queen of hobnobs

& the crack

in penguin biscuits

all hail the cheese gods

& chocolate goddesses

the mud beneath


the mud beneath ( htaeneb dum eht )

the mud beneath’s a sodden bog
a cloak of oak, a croaking log

the mizzled mist is missing sheep
a dragon snores & all is sleep

the deep is up, the south is north
the east is west, the back is forth

a feather falls – but falls from where?
your mother’s face, a leveret hare

the twisting shapes, a dip, a dive
a spooling ghoul, the air’s alive

the scattered land is sleeping cloud
the taj mahal, the turin shroud

a circle spins a string of yarn
a distant screech, a secret barn

& all is balls, a yawning day
the pastures pant, the grass is grey

a sunken see, the squinting sands
the seasons jazz with phantom hands

the mud beneath’s a sodden bog
a plod within the morning’s fog

doe ray me poem


doe ray me poem ( meop em yar eod )

so rainy
piss upon the pissed upon
’til the fucker dries

though maybe
all is not a knotted ball
as the crocus flies

oh, daisy
ride ‘er like a bicycle
lilting lullabies

blow hazy
spin it like a weather vane
scatter whats ‘n’ whys

milfs milk men
mercury is monkey me
whistle, winter wren

sing ’til then
ink within y’ blizzard brain
scribble with a pen

glow, grey bee
bumble in this in between
minstrels mincing pies

doe ray me
cut the crap ‘n’ zap attack
with y’ laser eyes

the things we hear


the things we hear ( raeh ew sgniht eht )

bamboo shoots

up like rhubarb

lost flock baa’s

garden gnomes & statues

singing filthy hymns

static on the radio

laughter in the loft

fates down the bingo

playing for a full house

fishwives wittering

pssst, kung pao

plughole gurgles

faces in the clouds

sneezing on the ground

lapwings or peewits

kettles whistle winds

telephones knelling

like a funerary bellend

fried egg crackle’s

like cladding on a new build

come mid-june

when the scarecrows are swearing

trudging on snow

so the planets realign

twats banging pots

wasps indoors

sunny days in dark socks

– fuckin’ alarm clocks