sploshing on


sploshing on ( no gnihsolps )

hopping like a frog
hoping there’s a sun above
in the midland’s bog

swimming on the land
where the ocean’s greeting me
england’s sinking sand

dripping droplet drips
from a howling shroud of clouds
pissing on y’chips

splashing puddled pools
blurs the mer of men in macs
ghouls in blue cagoules

dawn ’til after after dark
under pickled onion skies
better build an ark

sploshing on again
water, water, water falls
plodding sodding rain

have you noticed too?


have you noticed too? ( ?oot deciton uoy evah )

song is cycles, spinning wheels
weeping while the onion peels

we, the piffled ink a path
clear the blear of scatter’s graph

see the warts & balls of all
scribble ’til the curtain’s call

spring is winter in disguise
under pickled onion skies

snow is flakes of frozen rain
roundabouts is back again

bounce upon this broken road
flap a bat & shat y’load

turn a bridge & burn a screw
salad is a language too

civil servants speak this tongue
like the snooze & breed in dung

kids in masks is child abuse
alcohol is cabbage juice

sport is adults playing games
war is sport with added flames

guns ‘n’ bombs – the ratings soar
like a pig – so die some more

kiss the coffers of cabals
weasel as the woodland gnarls

bread & butter fills a hole
television sucks the soul

covid is a cattle prod
cash is king – but not a god

scrawl, the world’s a pantomime
miss the drift but catch a rhyme

all the whirl’s a swishing well
normalzzz is a prison cell

otter osmosis


otter osmosis ( sisomso retto )

otter osmosis
smoking like a kipper tie
spotting tiger stripes

spotting tiger stripes
waddle when the penguins pen
with frozen pencils

with frozen pencils
we, the weevils weave a wave
sailing gravy boats

sailing gravy boats
but the buttress buttercups
dark snark harpsichords

dark snark harpsichord
harpies in a cable car
cobweb weatherman

cobweb weatherman
cousin in a custard can
otter osmosis



prune ( enurp )

rhymer of moon
a spoon
a loon

rich in vitamin k

fruit of a tree
in me
a key

like a sprite in the grey

cousin of plums
the sums
of tums’

constipated delay

bustin’ a dam
a can
& bam

shit the timber away

multiversal variations


multiversal variations ( snoitairav lasrevitlum )

twinned with seven twins
yet a single child

raised by snakes
& badgers in the wild

spreading buttercups
up all bloody night

mainly sleeping in
whisking wyvern eggs

other kitchenettes
under other suns

belgian bungalows
peking prefabs

blow a different nose
re-invent the anorak

poets run this shit
no one’s heard of poets

purple purrs the earth
as the planet’s puce

or a shade of beige
’til the unicorn wars

fly like hedgehog men
baths in ginger beer

fending off ten ton
earwigs with a spanner

flap shat


flap shat ( tahs palf )

gloom upon the snooze
globalism’s golden yoke
cattle dance the blues

all is balls ‘n’ war
shivers in y’cotton socks
colder than before

gulp the evening air
hark, the snarls ‘n’ barks of snarks
dark cathedral fare

see the minions weave
tapestries of tragedies
mirrors up a sleeve

parrot ’til y’sick
piping panic’s pantomime
shit another brick

gasp a precious breath
run atop a phantom hill
chase the tail of death

the things we sing


the things we sing ( gnis ew sgniht eht )

hymns from within
sprouting in the out

seasonal soliloquies
nature’s shifting shapes

squibs from squidded nibs
paper poem planes

birdbrain choruses
scrawl is love & walruses

sounds from the soul
salad in a bowl

irking normal’zzz balls
bouncing as a bomb

supper with aplomb
odes upon this road

letters from the dead
lists & post-it notes

soft rock ballads
shat pop cheese

spinning with the air
like seedlings on a breeze

trad-anon’s back catalogue
bat flap fare

songs upon a sixpence
life in wonky keys

bat manifesto


bat manifesto ( ostefinam tab )

– twilight is renamed as dawn

– morning is re-classed as evening

– reclaim the caves & churchyards

– upside down is the right way round

– darkness is bright

   if the sound bounces back

– batteries not included

– bats of the world unite