musings on crab apples & crabs


no, they’re not like fleas
or their itchy namesake

so we catch them from trees
not hot tubs in nunneries

or a sauna packed with tramps
or from sniffing sailor’s pants

they don’t grow in the sea
or fall horizontally

apparently they’re apples
but they’re jellified – not pied

or crumbled like a bramley
with blackberries & custard

the mustard cuts with this
the rest is paper thin

with a sparkle in their heart
& a star beneath their skin

the stirring brrr

the game’s afoot – the foot’s a plot
the ‘rona crossed with mutant flus
a seven hundredth booster shot

the wank is back, the tosser’s spin
the shining shite upon the snooze
is beaming like a goblin’s grin

the even’ creeps, the morning rains
& all is balls ‘n’ cockatoos
escape the the chains of normalzzz brains

upon a wander in a wood
a traipse in tartan painted trews
a bobble hat beneath a hood

a skein is seen – a passing vee
is honking as the green adieus
the swearing air is victory

& bugger off ’til catkins purr
a farting partridge parps the blues
until’s a chill, the stirring brrr

is rising as a sliding scale
the letters bee in avenues
the end’s a bend & time’s a snail

a scatter graph, a spool of smoke
the numbers scrunch in twisted shrews
a stool of toads ’til crocus croak

scatter’s brain


scatter’s brain ( niarb s’rettacs )

ants above
so below
sunken suns

broken toes
tractor tracks

simple socks
mist a trick
fog the dog
scratch the train

but the bend
butter beans
blending in
scatter’s brain

spin the head
spindle tree
pitta bread
patter pane

dancing rain

bot sonnet


bot sonnet ( tennos tob )

y 9 kippers 4 g y l m 2

7 1 j h n s x 4 a

1 2 p s l 7 shuffle n shoe

5 6 y h n 7 lemon j

y o p s a 8 parsnip k *

n b h g f d v l 4

gubbins b f d 2 4 5 6 9 r

seventy w mandible jaw

5 0 k l onions 9 8 pigeons

excrement 7 o internet x

o h l underscore ? smidgeons

@ goblin ampersand w hex

h b i k n 7 d f g

5 6 7 n 7 s d b

ghosts, come closer


ghosts, come closer ( resolc emoc ,stsohg )

ghosts, come closer
from the yonder in

when’s october
then the veil is thin

in this sister
phantom land of yours

all is autumn
sup the pasture’s spores

space is spinning
like a spider’s trap

death is grinning
spreading like the clap

time is onions
pickled in a jar

pumpkins shining
like the morning star

ghoul moons rising
once the swallows leave

goblins dancing
on this hallow’s eve

ghosts, come closer
from the yonder in

when’s october
then the veil is thin

easter egregore


easter egregore ( erogerge retsae )

easter egregore
autumn roars & all’s the fall
singing bill is dead

singing bill is dead
death is just another dream
deeper than a ditch

deeper than a ditch
sipping on a witches’ brew
blooming like the moon

blooming like the moon
best before the afternoon
may contain almonds

may contain almonds
thigh of newt & badger nuts
spores from outer-space

spores from outer-space
dancing as the dogwood growls
bolt the cottage door

bolt the cottage door
stay until the days say cheese
easter egregore