spitting dusk


spitting dusk  (  ksud gnittips  )

the thicket bristles in the wood

as ghosts are gloaming in the leas

a muffle in the scheme of things

as breezes hum & ruffle trees

the grasses whisper in chinese

& chatter through the afternoon

until the fly that hovers spies

a sunken sun, a rising moon

& sitting in a sodden ditch

within the still - a poet harks

the tooting sounds, a screeching copse

& hoots abound - the owls are larks

so scribble i with squinting eyes

i'm spitting dusk in dimming light

i'm scrawling on as supper calls

i wave the day & kiss the night




thinking caps


thinking caps  (  spac gnikniht  )

left or right?

sky or down?

night or day?

beige or brown?

sleep or dream?

land or sea?

frost or thaw?

wasp or bee?

bark or bite?

black or red?

light or dark?

heart or head?

smile or cheese?

cheek or turn?

stick or twig?

kiss or spurn?

cooks or broth?

tin or can?

books or worms?

spick or span?

hills or moles?

clogs or shoes?

cats or dogs?

voles or shrews?

vale or tor?

hot or cold?

ticks or crabs?

brass or gold?

sun or moon?

run or hide?

thinking caps

- you decide -



spring’s seasonal setlist


springs seasonal setlist  (  tsiltes lanosaes sgnirps  )

birdsong at dawn

bees on a breeze

hocus crocus pocus

croaks in a pond

blowin' on a garden hose

cherry blossom blizzard blues

shrews in me shoes

the foxglove foxtrot

the dance of the daffodils

the lamb baa duh

& greensleeves ( cover )