alternative names for snow


alternative names for snow ( wons rof seman evitanretla )

blankets of brrr

phantom fragments

confused water

igloo mortar

bright white sheets

obscurer of sheep

yeti confetti

melting blossom petals

the trail of a blizzard

frozen cats & dogs

crystallised rainfall

dandruff of the gods

how do you sleepwalk?


how do you sleepwalk? ( ?klawpeels uoy od woh )

rabid badger man

mister blobby’s cousin

      one sock puppet short

      of a baker’s dozen

maker of mutations

darkness is the light

      in the arse-crack

      of y’ tunnel-vision 

arwen blew

but the blustering is you

      breakers on the sea

      in a mug of rosie lee

pointing sticky fingers

at the clean unclean

      too many cocks

      soiling the broth

sniffles on the snooze

so christ’s on ‘is bike


      – mask psychosis

under howling moons

how do you sleepwalk?

      feet in sync

      with the wicked rhyme of time

( ??????? )

the internet


the internet ( tenretni eht )

the internet’s a troubadour
a storm trooper & a troll

the internet’s the biggest shill
in digital christendom

the internet’s a succubus
a geisha & a geek

the internet has seen you shave
y’ hairy arse & ankles

the internet’s a fire
a liar & lamia

the internet’s a parsnip
a portal & a star ship

the internet lures children
with rainbow lollipops

the internet’s a baiter
a beta & a bleep

the internet’s the shepherd
of all the jabber’s sheep

the internet’s a he-she
a zee & thingamee

the internet’s a karen
an andrew & a darren

the internet’s a cloud
a shrine & evening’s shroud

the internet’s alive
& kicking like a jackboot

the internet’s the ghoul
( divide the tribes & spool )

the internet’s a ghost
a shadow in the corner

the internet is not a friend
but never forgets a birthday

square one – wander on


square one – wander on ( no rednaw – eno erauqs )

square one – wander on
swans upon a signet’s song
ringing in within

ringing in within
where the air is salad cream
all is butter dream

all is butter dream
balls ‘n’ all – the branches bear
unbitten by bugs

unbitten by bugs
bark beneath a darker moon
spin the garden’s swoon

spin the garden’s swoon
never nettles sting my skin
’til the crocus croak

’til the crocus croak
so the focus fuzzes there
square one – wander on

things to do in november


things to do in november ( rebmevon ni od ot sgniht )

kick the ghosts of oak leaves
under barren branches

sing a saucy ballad
from the english civil war

plod the sodden pastures
splodging clods of mud

like a muck spreader
splattering the shat

see the salmon fly
up the weir to die

thickets disappear
misted is the clear

watch the river rise
as the sun is buggered

rogered with aplomb
up the bloody jackson

prance in pantaloons
under wailing moons

grow an anal beard
& keep your cheeks warm

plant a bulb or two
’til the light shines through

eat a toffee apple
in a hot bubble bath

gift me this


gift me this ( siht em tfig )

unicorn shoe’s

chocolate sombreros

      a majick rubber chicken

      laying rubber eggs

a poem in me head

a hymn that shakes the dead

      a robot gerbil

      that washes up the dishes

musical chairs

what sing a saucy ballad

      silent, crownless crackers

      the turin shroud’s knacker’s

truth on the tongue

of the brain-stream snooze

     sasquatch pube’s

     or a yeti’s bottled sweat

sir gawain’s wavy

circadian rhythm’s


      a good knight’s sleep

mushy peas on earth

a parsnip in a pear tree

     cromwell’s brain

     pickled in a jar

intermission mash


intermission mash ( hsam noissimretni )

moss is greener now
cheese & pickle sandwiches

sirens singing bye
adieu to you
i’m ambulanced

pencil in a seven
see the starlings, darling

louder than a barn owl
down a megaphone

don’t forget a key
& biscuits for the dog

then things speckle
as an egg
beneath a hen

while my henry hoover
gently weeps

quiet like a miming choir
or a poltergeist
in a coma

only fan’s filth


only fans filth ( htlif snaf ylno )

… cooling …

… tube axial…

… ceiling …

… kitchen …

… mounted …

… tower …

… bladeless …

… folding …

… cockade …

… pedestal …

… jenny lind …

… shit hitter …

… thumbhold …

… & centrifugal …

( phwoar )