a bat amongst the pigeons


a bat amongst the pigeons  (  snoegip eht tsgnoma tab a  )

a gibbon wrapped in ribbons

& sloth upon a racetrack

a badger up a ladder

& a snail within a mailsack

a lizards - as a fossil

plus a beetle in a bottle

a bat amongst the pigeons

& a weasel in a haystack



thinking caps


thinking caps  (  spac gnikniht  )

left or right?

sky or down?

night or day?

beige or brown?

sleep or dream?

land or sea?

frost or thaw?

wasp or bee?

bark or bite?

black or red?

light or dark?

heart or head?

smile or cheese?

cheek or turn?

stick or twig?

kiss or spurn?

cooks or broth?

tin or can?

books or worms?

spick or span?

hills or moles?

clogs or shoes?

cats or dogs?

voles or shrews?

vale or tor?

hot or cold?

ticks or crabs?

brass or gold?

sun or moon?

run or hide?

thinking caps

- you decide -



saturday morning observations


saturday morning observations  (  snoitavresbo gninrom yadrutas  )

passing cars but nothing parks

eyes are tired but up with larks

floating in a duffel coat

sucking on a menthol sweet

daffodils & spots of frost

mirror men in empty shops

vomit on a cobbled street

broken glass & doner meat

scribbles spit within the bonce

swans upon the river mist

piss'eads sleep in bedfordshire

in an english country coma

hit the fields & breathe the breeze

underneath a silken sun

fuck the queen & hug a tree

birdsong in the bushes



midwinter song


midwinter song  ( gnos retniwdim  )

hymn in the morning

choruses calling

hear in the headland

banging a gong

here in the blearing

snowing a trumpet

ringing a springing

ding & a dong

snore a recorder

frost's a conductor

warming y' whistle

whetting the strong

fog on the fiddle

murmurs of drizzle

yodel til clover

bursts in a throng

bare in the woodland

curses & verses

sprinkles of crystal

whiting the wrong

mist on the lyre

wailing & higher

there by the fire's

where we belong

glowing & gliding

scaling & sliding

icicles chiming

midwinter song

bees in the bumbles

strumming a summer

mince as a minstrel

stringing along