sucking-fucking mix-up poem


sucking-fucking mix-up poem ( meop pu-xim gnickuf-gnikcus )

i’m fucking on life’s lemons
yes, i’m fucking on my thumb
i’m fucking on a polo mint
& i don’t sucking care
( yeah )










swan the longest daze


swan the longest daze ( ezad tsegnol eht naws )

hark, the barking snarks
as a marten larks
minstrels mince in parks
middle’s mist is here
as the garden gurns
glean the green of ferns
speak in cheesing churns
worms within y’ ear
whales within y’ bonce
sing as sonnets nonce
wiccan wankers ponce
proper pagans cheer
cats are scratching naps
& the dragon snaps
scree between the gaps
shatter crystal’s clear
as the breezes sneeze
snot upon the leas
mumble bumblebees
salad, balladeer
spinning thicket’s maze
bramble scrambles graze
swan the longest daze
of the badger blear

things t’ sing in june


things t’ sing in juneĀ  ( enuj ni gnis ‘t sgniht )

nimrod’s cotton socks
rubber duckling chickenpox
caesar’s salad daze
pea green porpoises
yawning doors in vortices
saturn’s anal phase
bo peep’s little owl
mister kitchener’s kitchen towel
tartan garden hose
flapjack farriers
cornish cousin marryers
roses up y’ nose
two white nightingales
scribble paper tiger tales
croon an afternoon
nick-nacks, saddle wax
underpants & anoraks
things t’ sing in june

rainbow rambles


rainbow rambles ( selbmar wonniar )

red robins bob
orange carrots dangle
yellow buttercups
spilleth over meadows
green grasses gleam
blue skies flow
so we indigo
– violet & i
( author notes )
as every fucker under the sun knows
nothing really rhymes with orange
the closest i’ve got – without making up words
is lozenge … but it’s still not quite there




neht ecnis


neht ecnis ( since then )

the squashes are out
tomatoes in the greenhouse
runner beans speeding
up the greasy cane
a cloudburst came
& the garden sang
in the air tonight
waterloo & agadoo
the light still trips
& that tap still drips
it can’t be the washer
& the dog’s well fed
a partridge in a pear tree
shat on my cagoule
the schools have reopened
but they fear the phantom sniffles
like what normalzzz does
when the daze is shades of beige
the foxgloves are here
in the hedgerows – on the meadows
plus i’ve heard a curlew
warble of a morning
sleep is fugitive
time is an onion

quilling the blanks


quilling the blanks

dripping along, pissing a song
sliding a scale, writing the wrong
writhing a worm, squirms in a can
rivers in mist, riddle a plan
ruffle a bird, burble of all
finching an inch, sink in the scrawl
water y’ pants, planting a seed
horsing a fly, snorting a steed
squawk in the park – pillar y’ post
mailing a snail – floating a ghost
larking in dark, crowing the tide
jigging with saws, waving the ride
quilling the blanks, scratching the daze
dancing with taps – facing the greys
digging with moles, holes in the blue
swimming with squid – inking of you

















upon opening lines


upon opening lines ( senil gninepo nopu )

upon a stormless night
& so the badgers danced
beneath a mutant moon
a thousand owls ago
the bucket kicked the dead
a lemon sucked the sky
a chicken plucked the stars
when mercury was mars
upon the cusp of noon
within the mists of spring
a wiser man once sang
before adventure crawled
a druid drew a shrew
a witch pissed in a ditch
a bat shat in a hat
& all the trees were trees
the day was shades of beige
a daze within a dream
the sneeze was spurts of breath
& sweetly monsters slept
upon a yawning dawn
a bugler blew a breeze
a poet stroked a chin
& so the ins begin











burn the past


burn the past ( tsap eht nrub )


burn the books, circle back

sickles swing, hammers bang

servants of global yokes

sing with swans, freedoms hang

songs refrain, verse reversed

squabbles squalled nursery

children of even’s snooze

buzz to bee – mercenary

sniffing glue, pied on pop

prancing as ashes fly

flapping in majick black

pipers pan – alibi

blend y’knee, hymn of self

see the whirled, phantoms call

guillotines – voguish drones

pick ‘n’ choose, warts in all

bumble in bubble land

lark as not farthing drops

topple through effigies

clobbered with sweat of shops

learn to knot tittle’s jot

glisten with lizard brain

puppet of smother earth

burn the past – burn again