a rhyme a day


a rhyme a day  (  yad  a emyhr a  )

upon the sheet, a scrawl of a yawn

a whiff of fish - the crack of the dawn

aurora's minge is singing in me

the dictionary is bumbles of bee

within this tin - the whirls of a worm

the ink of squid, a squiggle, a squirm

a bolting vole, a turn of a shrew

a cul-de-sac but music's the glue

as bishops bash the head of a nail

& shepherds spot a flock in a vale

as england fogs the yonder beyond

as meadows glow & echoes respond

a hurling splurge, the hits of a miss

the that & this of pastoral piss

awake & snail the slime in the tank

a rhyme a day, a shite & a wank

( soz )





blossomesque  (  euqsemossolb  )

as the sniffles piffle earth

sea the grass & kiss the turf

wave a waft of april rain

spin the hymn of once again

tick a list, the what's of where

hop a frog & box the hare

glove the fox & wake a snake

time for tea & sinnel cake

be the sound of drying ground

bumblebee & fly around

buttercup the pasture's greens

climb the sprout of magic beans

knell the chimes of bells of blue

check the mic & one the two

warble forth & enter in

blossomesque & let's begin



this piddle poem knows


this piddle poem knows  (  swonk meop elddip siht  )

this piddle poem knows

the price of wyvern eggs

a loaf of broken bread

a pint of almond milk

the green of england's beans

& sceptred pheasant gland

a twisted lizard queen

the onion skins within

the shapes of space & time

a song about an owl

the squawks within this wood

& backs of phantom hands

the raisin in the rhyme

the fate of all your foes

& where you buried the bodies

- so watch it



o p e n


o p e n  (  n e p o  )

lightning lighting skies

kicks the pale of tales in dales

fire flies in eyes

thunder scumbles leas

stumble on a woodland path

brambles jangle keys

risk the gaps of tracks

biscuit on a broken road

gaping pavement cracks

can, canals & locks

worms within a squirming tin

or pandora's box

chatters flapping wings

scribble on a paper pad

saturn's spinning rings

squall is balls again

sowing seeds of sesame

letters in a chain

seasons squeak in codes

warble doors & hinges swing

springing open odes