bat y’ earlids


bat y’ earlids  (  sdilrae ‘y tab  )

touch a bud with butter fingers

flutter as a butterfly

up above a buzzard's soaring

sights are sporing in the eye

serpents stirring in the thicket

see the weasels weave a web

as the misted river ripples

roving with the flow & ebb

lick the leaves of green & gleaming

taste the rain as spiders drown

settle on a bed of petals

softer than an eiderdown

suck the sun of lemon posset

breathe the breeze of dangled knee

jangle as the ponds are croaking

thunder rumbles mugs of tea

storming swarms are humming summer

be the bumblebee & sup

hills are rolling over clover

bat y' earlids - listen up

birds are churning in the woodland

lambs are sprang as cygnets ring

circles blearing in the clearing

tongue y' twist & song a sing





inspirational  (  lanoitaripsni  )

a bearded billy goat

smokes a pipe beside the fire

in an old crofter's cottage

as a weasel fights an earwig

to the death or thereabouts

in the bowels of the woodland

& an owl shats a pellet

so the bright moon blooms


may contain traces of


may contain traces of  (  fo secart niatnoc yam  )

bat shat


sunken suns





phantom scrawls

black holes






badger shit


brown cows

black & blues

dogs in clogs

shrews in shoes

grey daze


shades of beige


green man

river mist

nuts in may

bits of list

plum trees


broken toes


( ??????? )



all for when it stops


all for when it stops  (  spots ti nehw rof lla  )

poetry's the drug

singing in the kitchen sink

pull the plug & glug

scribble is a friend

running with the river mist

twist until the end

blubber as a ball

quack the stuff of rubber ducks

flutter warps & squall

brush with strokes of chin

little bits of everything

pack the fucker in

ghosts are you & i

scatter graphs & scraps of maps

spot the sea & scry

rhyme & chime a tune

row y' boat as roses glow

so & lick the moon

swan upon a lake

dance with ants as summer pants

cheese & eat y' cake

all for when it stops

death's a bloody lottery

win & dot the dots


it’s crocuses


it’s crocuses  (  sesucorc s’ti  )

rain but not a drop of snow

thunder rumbles bonuses

shimmer sun & dry the rain

bursting birds of opuses

pigs within a brightened sky

eye & spy the notices

trotters jog a memory

fill the gaps as lotuses

jangle keys & scatter seeds

sesame & open this

seven seas & lemon trees

rosy dozy dosages

sing a song of sink or spring

fuzzes in the focuses

scribble this & lick a toad

box a frog - it's crocuses


the clattertrap


the clattertrap  (  partrettalc eht  )

a gong upon a golden dawn

as yeoman yoke & yokels yawn

a toad upon a roman road

the splatter of a natterjack

a scrap within the afternoon

as vicars kiss & lick the moon

& snails are chasing wraiths away

as maidens milk & pavements crack

a button in the kitchen sinks

a puddle bursts, an onion winks

& covens in the oven burn

the clattertrap - it sucks us back

a squawk upon a silver eve

as dragons snap & beetles heave

the done of squall as squall is dung

til bedfordshire & shit the sack