top ten ( made up ) songs of the year ( so far )


top ten ( made up ) songs of the year ( so far )

the chinstrap enthusiasts - six hundred onions

velcro velociraptor - asthmatic camel

the hedgehog huegonauts - photographs of pentecosts

mugwart moebius - unicorns of phobus

colonel mustard cress head - magic bean bag swag

the pygmy shrew massive - shotgun michealmas

dynamite diogenes - hepatitis sea shanty

kaspar hauser's tree house - salmonella acapella

plautus the tortoise - song for trad-anon

peter piper's pickled sister - pandimensional panpipes




flesh is death


flesh is death  ( htaed si hself  )

flesh is death & meat is murmurs

sylpid gristle, screaming burgers

phantom hams, a sausage slaughter

would you eat your son or daughter?

spitting on the coals & smoking

shrieking steam, the imp is roasting

sucking ka - the spark & aether

crucifixions, lambs & easter

gooses groan & witches cackle

puddings from the blood of cattle

massacres for christmas dinner

ducks & under, chickens simmer

black is blue & all is sickness

balls for ghouls - the sky's my witness

flesh is death & meat is murmurs

sylphid gristle, screaming burgers



things to do in june


things to do in june  (  enuj ni od ot sgniht  )

horsing forth in snorts & wheezes

flap with hatchlings, catch the breezes

sing the song of pollen sneezes

of an afternoon

box a frog & swirl in circles

gargle on, the garden gurgles

lavender in bursts of purples

burst y' blue balloon

sleep upon a bed of petals

dodge the nip of stinging nettles

pause for tea & sing with kettles

eat a macaroon

sea the green of grass & hoses

whip the wind of blowing noses

sniff the thorns of warring roses

hum a summer chooon

hymn as nymphs are strumming lyres

spot the leopards, stripe the tigers

snap with dragons, spin with spiders

swift the swish of swoon

splosh the piss of pitter patters

river this & scratch y' nadgers

wash y' hands & dance with badgers

underneath the moon

fist the misting of a morning

chase a snail as day is yawning

prance with ants as thunder's storming

pant in pantaloons

milk the thistles in the thickets

burble birds & chirp with crickets

irk the scourge of sticky wickets

things to do in june



after the splatter


after the splatter  (  rettalps eht retfa  )

roses glow & noses roam

rivers run, the oceans groan

badgers dance & rabbits skip

breezes sneeze & branches drip

droplets on a thinking cap

pandas prance & catch the clap

dragons snap as nettles sting

onion spring & kettles sing

pipers pipe as gutters spew

butterflies in scrys of blue

bursts of bird as twitchers twitch

seas of wheat & deep's the ditch

grasses green as apples red

weevils weave within the head

bits of hymns as scribbles ink

summer suns & puddles shrink



j u n e


j u n e  (  e n u j  )

juggernaut underpins neptune's earwigs

jeering ukulelists noosing europa

junkers ushering nutmeg elephants

jesuits urinate neon eels

jitterbug uncles never expected

juggling urials, nincompoop elves

judas's unsung november excrement

janus's uranium nourishing earth

( ? )



hey, hay barnacles


hey, hay barnacles  (  selcanrab yah ,yeh  )

hey, hay barnacles

dark star underbar

heath haze wunderbar

cracked black carnivals

cracked black carnivals

sod sock odyssey

pea pod ptolemy

dead red cardinals

dead red cardinals

dipstick dragonfly

cancan alibi

kiss my arsenals

kiss my arsenals

mudflap matinee

syntax saturday

hey, hay barnacles



this bus stop smells


this bus stop smells  (  sllems pots sub siht  )

this bus stop smells

of pickled eggs

& whitsun eves

on ganymede

the morning yawns

of george the fourth

& treacle tarts

with clotted cream

a musty book

a badger bark

the smoking ghost

of joan of arc

plus silver bells

& cockle shells

with hints of piss

this bus stop smells