o c t o b e r e s q u e


o c t o b e r e s q u e ( e u q s e r e b o t c o )

once september’s snuffed it
crosses on a calendar
then the wraiths awaken
of a flighty swansong
bogs become the pastures
ermine cloaks a stoat
rhyme is roundabouts
every leaf’s a flower – too
spring is in antartica
quaggas mare the air
unicorns & mastodons
evening crawls in darkness

acrostic to bear


acrostic to bear ( by some twat with a pen & some sheet )

p hantom penguins

pickled plums

peppermint pricks

parsnip puns

o smosis ooze

onion odes

octane occult


e agle-eyed ears

eclogue elms

electric earls

eggy elves

t ipsy teapots

tempered twerps

ten thousand tents

tetchy turds

y obbish yeomans


yawning yokels

- p o e t r y