four short poems about hats


four short poems about hats  (  a  hat  job  )

hat stand

sun up


hat hair

fez fuzz


hat box

cap scrap

hat trick

pull wool




bring me my pen


bring me my pen  (  my other poem is si meop rehto ym  )

bring me my pen of pentecost

sing me my sheet of piffle speak

fetch me the dog that digs the pit

as doors are oars & hinges creak

lob me my loft of dancing bats

& kitchenette of sinking sand

we'll build a nu-jerusalem

in england's green & pheasant gland

sling me my mud of sodden lea

with fingertips of butterfly

squid me my ink of cuttlefish

a riddle & the cricket's cry

bring me my bow of burning gold

that chariot & arrows too

did he who made the lamb make thee?

& hurry up - & blake can sue


slot another sixpence in the blackbird meter


slot another sixpence in the blackbird meter  ( my other poem is gayer than tuesday )

slot another sixpence

in the blackbird meter

spot my home moon

with my new human eyes

pen a rotten sonnet

on the back of a food stamp

brush a side parting

on the palm of my hands

sail the lemon seas

in a lime green dinghy thing

ski with the yetis

in a faux-snow dome

win the tour de france

on the back - of a unicorn

butterfly with narwhals

( sans armbands )


toodle’s oooooooh


toodle’s oooooooh  (  based on a true story  )

shotgun michaelmas

sweet pea pepper pen

bish-bosh pocket watch

poss tot - see yuh then

hopscotch horoscope

mud-flap meeting hall

nose job oracle

oak-cloaked evening all

ballsack clarinet

cack fish gibbon shit

cracked black baritones

bat's that - skin 'n' split

earwig wizardry

pig's ear river row

how now, sunken sow?

spin-chin cheerio

coleslaw walruses

swing wing gibbon gong

frogspawn sandwiches

fat swan, sing a song

sphere cheer chariots

cancan kangaroo

tincan mattarhorn

newt's toot - toodleoooooooh



bright white sheet shite


blank white sheet shite  ( a seasonal scribble )

the first of the month

a crackle of popcorn

a blossom of cotton

& rabbits are wed

the chalk of the town

a clatter of chatter

as seagulls are shitting

on chefs in their nests

of dusted meringue

& cheese à la cottage

as swans sing of linen

& doves string along

with men in their coats

& albino phantoms

as mistletoe tingles

& sheep fly the flag

a knight in a van

a tower of flour

a shuffle of knuckles

the milk of the eye

& elephants lie

as sliced is the rice bread

i scribble this piffle

alone in the snow





mottoesque  ( it’s mottoesque – like a motto )

so do your do

as who hoots owls

to fish upon

& lick the stars

no brain, no drain

for sod is glove

as all tarts cake

arse for arse ache

we come to cheese

odd & my shite

the customer's

hallways are bright

so bee the breeze

as war is peas

to seize the daze

& flight the flight

caecilius est

in atrium