i am a mirror


i am a mirror  (  rorrim a ma i  )

whistle in the breeze's sneezes

plod the streets as pots a simmer

in this piffle, spittle village

ghosts are floating post to pillar

phantoms flim upon the cobbles

tits & titters in the litter

hunger drums & weasels scuttle

feast on meat - it's death for dinner

muck is spreading in the butchers

irk the scourge of little shitters

adders flapping in the taverns

every cunt's a curtain twitcher

words are turds but birds are feathered

black sunshine upon a river

bells are ringing, saturn's singing

glimmer this - i am a mirror



a teacher & a pupil


a teacher & a pupil  (  lipup a & rehcaet a  )

a teacher & a pupil

the apples in y' strudel

the doodles of y' noodle

& the shoes

upon y' shit

a crumble in the oven

a lover & a cousin

the mass that blacks the coven

& a dungeon

in a pit

a riddle in a scribble

a scribble in a riddle

a pygmy in the middle

& the spittle

in y' spit

a plaster & a bandage

the sand within y' sandwich

the fleas & flows of language

that's poetry

- that's it


to do in feb


to do in feb  (  bef ni od ot  )

walk the dog as catkins naps

trudge the cusp of blossoming

spot a crocus in the snow

feel the breeze of winter's sting

prance the dance of daffodils

jig with pixies in a ring

sweeten tea as serpents stir

bird the blurs & sing til spring


spitting dusk


spitting dusk  (  ksud gnittips  )

the thicket bristles in the wood

as ghosts are gloaming in the leas

a muffle in the scheme of things

as breezes hum & ruffle trees

the grasses whisper in chinese

& chatter through the afternoon

until the fly that hovers spies

a sunken sun, a rising moon

& sitting in a sodden ditch

within the still - a poet harks

the tooting sounds, a screeching copse

& hoots abound - the owls are larks

so scribble i with squinting eyes

i'm spitting dusk in dimming light

i'm scrawling on as supper calls

i wave the day & kiss the night