yesterday’s poem


yesterday’s poem ( meop s’yadretsey )


a florist sneezed
the fledglings flapped
it smelled of ants
in underpants
& pickled eggs
in cable cars
the night was dim
with sable stars
the dawn was yawns
of troubadours
with iridescent
but whenabouts
the paper came
the vicar kissed
a hobgoblin
the baker burnt
the macaroons
& garden gnomes
were far from home
the roads were carp
& cuttlefish
the bus broke down
a dowser drowned
as badgers slept
in woodland setts
a pigeon shat
upon my cap
so raining toads
by half past four
& everyone
ate flapjack

pencil shavings


pencil shavings ( sgnivahs licnep )


pencil shavings
triple deckers
pigeon feathers


racing rivers
facing mirrors
tasting metals
lick the railings


dancing daggers
apple crumbles
cymbals, dingles
caves & paintings


pirate parrots
patches, grasses
giants – gasses
paper tracings


greening grocers
droving shepherds
odd forsaking


yawning mornings
weeping onions
peppered pickles
pencil shavings

























biding my tiger


biding my tiger ( regit ym gnidib )


i’m biding my tiger
& watching the paint drive


sows up the wall
beneath grey clowns


i’m writhing a leper
& dotting the clocks


spotting a cow
in fissures of speech


i’m foaming a penfriend
& ghosting a goblin


sipping sweet sups
of rosy lee’s coffee


in this old house sparrow
i glisten to rainfall


in lightning’s bright absence
& your unicorns













storming on ( no gnimorts )


storming on ( no gnimorts )


i see bows of moon
in mutant june
the night’s a ghost
a spook & a loon
& i ink to my self
as a spanner is hurled


i scree skies of red
the woodlands howl
as thunder drums
the wind’s an owl
& i sink on my shelf
as the scatters are swirled


the hedgehogs in the hedgerows
an echo in the dark
the taps upon the windows
the splatters of a lark


i piss on in a pot
nut a bolt in the blue
the sunshine is raining
this shite is glue


i pee birds in words
the air is dust
the lightning’s bright
in sod we rust
as the garden is dark
in the pool of the whirled
& i sing to my elf
– what’s the weather like
where you are?


( o h  y e a h )







invisible shoehorns


invisible shoehorns ( snorheohs elbisivni )

magnetic turnips
magic maracas
nuclear tulips
paper plane tangents
echo collectors
red herring spray
chainmail snails
chocolate flamethrowers
sneezing cashews
gordian knotweed
bifocal eyelids
time travel pillows
dark matter doormats
bullet-proof cardigans
invisible shoehorns
– gadgets galore


muggy stuff


muggy stuff ( ffuts yggum )

plod the land of doze
jam between y’ toes
swan a coddled lane
with a dropping nose
dripping with the taps
as the thunder naps
dribble dogs again
cat between the gaps
as the river dries
sputter butterflies
bubblegum’s the brain
marmalade’s the skies
gardens in a twist
sucking sugar cane
scree between the mist
runny honey bees
sticky treacle breeze
see the cattle wane
neath the clammy trees
’til the swelter’s nursed
then the spells’s reversed
pissed refrains of rain
when the welkins burst

sneeze another wordbank job


sneeze another wordbank job ( boj knabdrow rehtona ezeens )

sternutation      supernova      pavlova      farrier
franco-prussian      handkerchief      android      snot
maenad      aberdeen      balthazar      carnation
austro-hungary      easter      monday      hippopotami
helicopter      elaphantine      sinuses      hydrofoil

sing me something newt


sing me something newt  (  tewn gnihtemos em gnis  )

a song from the pond
at the bottom of the garden
sang acapella
gargled – if possible
as the frogs box
in a soggy key
whales in y’ wail
& a twist in y’ tail
lizard of the deep
like seasonal sleep
from hibernation’s bass
– burst into verse
great crested music
salamander – esque
palmate middle eight
smooth & amphibious

the whirl on the street


the whirl on the street ( teerts eht no lriwh eht )


swan way
brains merge
slow school
left then
fork so
don’t drink
phone off
belt up
sieve way
barge in
park up
pull out
foot down
breeze off
lane snakes
check brakes
bus stop
car wash
ad breaks
sharp burn
cross bridge
wait train
freight flash
scratch breath
bend round
horn sound
scree red
glow green
that’s it
bleep right
speed kills
sleep tight

erom & rehtruf


erom & rehtruf  (  further & more  )


kiss this river mist
grow your own toenails
these are the tails
of a comet in the pocket
of a cabbage in the attic
& a pillock on a hillock
in a green & pheasant gland
underneath a blue cagoule
of a hierophantic sky
so the scatters in a graph
stick like jam in odds ‘n’ socks
yet the music’s mutant glue
is the lane upon the rain
& a phantom in the fro
so the layman lasers ray
lemon cheesy breezes crow
like a scribble on the chin
or an otter on the sun
while a stegosaurus snores
in a hall of rubber walls
yet the bend is roundabouts
& a leaden pencil shouts
– unsung bookworms
squirming in my library