the wandering earth


the wandering earth ( htrae gnirednaw eht )

plod the soaking, sodden bogs
passing ponds of croaking frogs

noting in this ode’s refrain
april’s reign is back again

she’s the queen of squelching leas
belching pastures, dripping trees

shaping may & greening hills
bubbled broths of puddle spills

fools in pools of welkin waz
rousing flowered razzmatazz

skipping as the rivers flow
roaming on this mud below

trudge the fudge of gargled sound
larking on the bouncing ground

sing of spring & autumn fruits
clods upon your walking boots

uncle valerian


uncle valerian ( nairelav elcnu )

he of feathered pillows
fluffy like a pancake
faces the weird
with a chamomile beard
spies xanadu
in coleridge’s laudanum
jung in liverpool
a poe within a poe
flies like a mole
in a jet black ket-hole
gathers up lavender
& milks the meadow poppies
plucks the greenest hops
from september’s gloaming hedgerows
brews a steaming cauldron
of arctic root tea
reads the turgid dirges
of dead romantic poets
counts the endless flocks
in a magic dressing gown
under lemon balm suns
in blue lotus skies
ginsengs a lullaby
& spins me to sleep

fruity hoopla


fruity hoopla ( alpooh ytiurf )

a garden in a spin
& music is the juice
the vegetables deduce
a loose banana skin

a damson in distress
a spanner in the bowl
the land of lemon’s soul
a golden apple press

a y’olden hymn again
the seasons in a song
a drum, a plum, a gong
a little sip of rain

a dance within a jig
the lark is lopping loons
the moon’s a tin o’ prunes
& couldn’t give a fig

until the seed is done
the deed is sewn & so
the grocer’s children grow
beneath a citrus sun

the daze is summer’s clime
& autumn’s orchard air
the couplets in a pear
the raisin in the rhyme

bed to back


bed to back ( kcab ot deb )

good morning

it’s earwigs

or ear wigs

a wiggle

your eyebrows

are highbrow

like low cloud

plus caffeine

the lemon

in melon

a twister

of tonsils

a fracture

the scattered

a lemur

a femur

the garden

is carpets

but crystal’s

the riddle

a pencil

plus paper

the badgers

& crosswords

a kettle

is steaming

like wyverns

this evening

a wiggle

or earwigs

it’s earwigs

good morning

( author notes )

please bear in mind that

the adverts on wordpress

which often pop up

in the middle of a post

are nothing to do with me

& pay me eff-all

( i’m not a fan either )

lines upon a thawing morn


lines upon a thawing morn ( norm gniwaht a nopu senil )

under shifting skies
making shapes & chasing tails
crocus focus eyes

on a changeling day
hocus pocus stokes the sun
rivers run away

rabbits hop a skip
badgers prance in cotton pants
as the copses drip

drops upon the crown
little drips of waterfalls
ups beyond the down

west is wetting forth
mister frost is packing bags
jack is heading north

eastern beasts – begone
lo, the melting men of snow
poets scrawling on

all’s a yawning bud
sploshing in this sodden yon
puddles in the mud

trudge in rubber boots
see the streams of in between
– green’s the tulip shoots

wassail away


wassail away ( yawa liassaw )

gonorrhoea, gonorrhoea
earwigs, winter wren
penfriends, seven oaks
closed door, semaphore

galleria, galleria
gas mask, gallifrey
grey day, laser ray
hook worm, open book

black maria, black maria
jackdaws, circuit board
white light, tiger stripes
hot spots, rotterdam

tanzania, tanzania
two shrews, avenues
sun soaked, solarplex
hi-fi, lichtenstein

hypernea, hypernea
hopsotch, hologram
cancan, caterwaul
mudflaps, morris men

diarrhoea, diarrhoea
nosedive, iron board
bandstands, calcium
stand clear – disappear

jazz handstands


jazz handstands ( sdnatsdnah zzaj )

mid-feb messages
mars bar massage
black mass aftermath
lamestream bubble broth
off key offerings
witch hunt witterings
flu world order falls
masked men scurrying
dot them leopard spots
sea change paper plane
earwig cavaliers
round head trouser press
bean green fellaheen
sock drawer sorcery
pen then, pendragon
bright white bicycles

hermit verses


hermit verses ( sesrev timreh )

scribble in the breeze

spin the green of in between

squawk the chalk of cheese

      clatter on a track

      as the village cabbage man

      walk the forth of back

normalzzz is a wall

institutions block the view

serving bugger all

      but the weasel kin

      float beyond the irksome scroats

      stroke a phantom chin

beam beneath the moon

catch a bat & flap a nap

bee the gleeful loon

      here’s the near of far

      feathers fall & heavens call

      silent like a star

shining nonetheless

prosody’s a lottery

every step’s a guess

      none atop a throne

      sing within the kingdom of

      wander on alone