splodge it & scarper


splodge it & scarper ( repracs & ti egdolps )

pluck a plum as if a lute
topple not saturnal crowns
flap away the fruits of may
blather nuts & gather nouns

up before a fall asleep
scrawling like a spider scribe
thinking like a kitchen sieve
live ‘n’ letters diatribe

when the hen’s a pecking pen
& the goblins gobble grapes
she’s a lizard lottery
mistress of the apes ‘n’ scrapes

i, the spillage idiom
riddle eight a choral clue
like a leaping salmon flies
brief is butter finger too

spilling bags of magic beans
dancing ants in pantomimes
turning topsy terpsichore
tossing ’til the wanker rhymes

see a sea of seven stars
strut a pheasant’s rusted gait
then the garden gargles green
giz a wave – & oscillate

turnaround burns the ground


turnaround the burns the ground ( dnuorg eht snrub dnuoranrut )

logs upon the ocean
shits within the night
singing songs of freedom
’til the buggers bite

once a soulful soldier
salted like the earth
now the fallen crawling
in the normalzzz dearth

pounded by the $cience
blinded by the dark
stumbles in the dungeon
lost without a spark

fragment of a former
formless like a ghost
you’re tomorrow’s breakfast
yesterday is toast

so, y’ choose the needle
bending then the knee
people branded cattle
podded like a pea

puppet of the weasels
bots within y’ brain
once a shade of human
never since again

h a i k u s


h a i k u s ( s u k i a h )

awthorn hornets horn

helicopter happenstance

horus’s horseshoes

niseed axis

apocalyptic anus

apple avenues

bex icicles

iridescent incubi

in between igloos

ittiwakes kissing

kaleidoscopic karma

kangaroos kayak

nsung unicorns

uzbekistani uncles

ultraviolet urns

auropod songbook

semolina semaphore

sonic saucisson

microdosing not dossing


microdosing not dossing ( gnissod ton gnisodorcim )

woodland wanderings

sucking on a murray mint

      or a lemon sherbert

      ’til the temptress tingles

two spoons of sugar

in a milky mug of tea

      a whiff of hibiscus

      the brush of a nettle

dustings of doc leaves

& whispering codes

      licking the backs

      of natterjack toads

the crystalline grains

of the seven seas’ salt

      the upturned tip

      of attis’ cap

tipex flashback’s

from the clearasil years’

      swigs from a flagon

      of fizzing ginger beer

little sips of calpol

drips of acid rain

      dancing on the tongue

      as we face the day’s dung

topic on …


topic on … ( … no picot )

glass man syndrome

the second punic war

pewter utensils

wednesday afternoon

peppermint creams

the secret moons of venus

tuesday teatime

sub-atomic particles

mayfly in june

avocado toast

gestating gerbils

colonel mustard’s cress

troughs upon upland

toothpaste stains

banquo’s goat

& the battle of jutland

( in no particular order )