april reigns – over fools


april reigns – over fools  (  sloof revo – sngier lirpa  )

liquorice, limericks

rubber ducks, building bricks

laugh aloud

scatter cloud

scratching naps, in the mix

muddle up, buttercups

speak in sheets, cover-ups



spin the wheel, blunderbuss

lemur tails, spinning yarns

catching naps, clinging arms

limpet on

sing a swan

knell a bell, ring alarms

licking lead, ticking clocks

choosing snooze, picking locks

mutant muse

shrews in shoes

podded peas, chickenpox

milking maids, gallifrey

lemonade, mandalay

open road

shed a load

serenade, that-er-way

seek the leas, clover spools

sprout a mouth, motor pools

cable cars

sable stars

april reigns - over fools



the normalzzz


the normalzzz  (  zzzlamorn eht  )

they dwell in flesh & atoms

in sense-nibble chains

this fizz-ickle plain

is all as squall the yonder

is rubber balls on rubber walls

the piddles of a cabbage

the lunacy of lunar seas

a snake within the garden

a partridge in a pigeonhole

they thimble in this fester

with fettered steps

with speckled breath

they fear the phantom sniffles

& cheer the wars of fart from here

or all will apple crumble

& cut the custard's mustard skin

in scattered shapes of apeling

beneath the beady stars

but i am nutter normalzzz

& butter not the the golem's toast

the lore is woodland weasels

the evening snooze is spume

the whirled is spun with mirrors

but pan is not the piper pied

so eye am signets ringing

& sing beyond the swan



serowlf htiw ti yas


serowlf htiw ti yas  (  say it with flowers  )

life is knot

a blossomless pit

seize the daisy

with buttercup fingers

bee the mandrake

from the ragwort to riches

fly with snapdragons

hyacinth than kites

lupin the loop

over & clover

run with honeysuckle

as dandelions roar

all rhodedendrons

lead to rose

heather the storm

put the petal to the metal



jet black catapults


jet black catapults  (  stulpatac kcalb tej  )

jet black catapults

bed head bursaries

bird brain laser rays

ad hoc anoraks

sandpit sandwiches

caveman mandibles

cake hole holograms

catkin cataracts

singsong solitaire

scarecrow overlords

toe stub stutterings

anthill almanacs

linseed lizard tricks

lip gloss glossaries

ox-eyed libraries

bat flap battleaxe

gasmask milking maids

mayfly firebrands

mojo tiger eyes

gloam ghost gatherings

odd sock symphonies

seesaw snorkelers

spring hare earthen ware

worm squirm candle wax

( ... the end ... )

( ? )



gnissim llits


gnissim llits  (  still missing  )

badgers on benders

weasels in haystacks

rivers in the river mist

dracula's reflection

little bo-peep's keys

blizzards on the sun

the simian link

king arthur's marbles

pandora's boxcar

an ear wig made from earwigs

diamonds in dung heaps

poltergeist mime troupes

grandma's dentures

the foxhall jaw

lord lucan's poodle

number four's cat

& yew, my deer

( antlers on a postcard )



( author notes )

this is a reworking of two older posts

& i should have put kate & gerry mcann's arrest

warrant in this list - too


& of course, the truth about the sniffles-scare


lockdowns don't work & will kill far,far more

but that was part of the plan all along


don't let the weasels win

ignore the media

( which includes all the bullshit on wordpress )

& fuck the worldwide police state


peas on earth



t times


t times  (  semit t  )

ten thirty, thursday

terra's tossing tides

taking twelve's tang

toltec tuesday

turrets tocking ticks

three twenty three

towel-day's turnaround

tracing tractor tracks

toodleooh, tudors

twilight's tumbleweed