inking not sinking


inking not sinking ( gniknis ton gnikni )

plod the trail of snail
once upon a chapter one
catch a passing tale

writing like a ghost
penning then of phantom friends
letters in the post

piffle on a pad
paddles up a squeaking creek
scribbles of the mad

tickle as a rib
in the static attic’s flap
dancing with a nib

rise ‘n’ take a sheet
wake the willing fool & spool
quill the incomplete

never-ending list
of a morning’s yawning spawn
pissing in the mist

dancing on your onus


dancing on your onus ( suno ruoy no gnicnad )

he’s a prancing prat

& the rat in rat-a-tat

trotting as the fox

snores within his den

when the sun’s a gun

triggering the squealing queen

she’s a loon at noon

twirling topsy terpsichore

spinning like a loom

whirling dervishly

see the fingers point

from the self-anointed ones

thundering the underlings

twickers in a knist

fire from above

feet upon umbra

re-signing not resigning


re-signing not resigning ( gningiser ton gningis-er )

kiss the frog

a river in the fog


the clatter of the rain

kicking clods

a fool upon a plod

nature’s scapes

us still organic apes

spin a reel

the spanning of a wheel

scratch a drift

the riddle of the rift

raft a boat

upon the notion float

peeling in

a song beneath the skin

focus out

the in within the sprout

seal with ink

a poet’s kitchen sink


the clutter in the close

spring anew

upon the scribble’s dew

in reply


in reply ( ylper ni )

probably yes
but otherwise, no

sticky toffee pudding
with vanilla custard ice cream

twice – both times
in a travelodge car park

almost certainly
but pencil in a maybe

underneath the beams
of a blue new moon

the mandible jaw
of a saber tooth tiger

the eighty eighth of may
’til the forty fourth of august

only if you blow both elbows

light a candle


light a candle ( eldnac a thgil )

when the world’s a swirling whirl

dive the deep & seek a pearl

( squirming worms beneath the skin )

yesterday’s today again

singing of a baked refrain

( leaping beans within a tin )

close y’ eyes & count t’ three

mrs. plasma’s shining – see

( then the vicar’s knickers spin )

as the phantom even’ dawns

& a farting farmer yawns

( stroke y’ toes & twiddle chin )

breezes whisper under breath

let the doctors dance with death

( light a candle – let’s begin )

it’s the riddle of the night

spark the dark & watch a sprite

( weaving on the out of in )

thrown alone


thrown alone ( enola nworht )

x marks the spotlight

up in the rafters

      flapping with phantoms

      & pipistrelle bats

barking at moonbeams

soon is a peewit

      possibly lapwing

      – when will it rain?

pounding a rhythm

sound in this schism

      scrawling from normalzzzz

      them of the gone

pardon my languish

franglais & spanglish

     scratching the drift

      of a plank – with a twig

splitting like atoms

peas or bananas

      shifting like poles

      – not the cats or dancers

whistle as she’s tilting

sploshing like a birdbath

      speak a twisted tongue

     ’til the seed is dung