cloak & stagger


cloak & stagger ( reggats & kaolc )

after afternoon
a candle in a lantern
waxing gibbous moon

puddles on the path
universes bursting like
bubbles in the bath

little drips of dream
gibbon in a cable car
kettles singing steam

i’m a shade of grey
or the morning starling’s light
let the horses neigh

drifting like a plank
rhyming like a dictionary
scribbles in the tank

’til the cockerel crows
floating while the ‘rona drones
highs below the lows

fragmental notes


fragmental notes ( seton latnemgarf )


don’t forget a key

a spanner & a handkerchief


sodium hydroxide

half a jar of marmalade


otters live in holts

but check your soggy pockets


breezes blow begonias

– noses blow roses


beethoven went deaf

when blessed with x-ray vision


nineteen ninety two

sixteen forty five


april rains forever

may contains nuts


road ahead closed

cheese & pickle sandwiches


rameses the second

spotted on the compost heap


reinforced concrete

extra pairs of underwear


this is not a circular

hence the jagged edges


two o’clock tuesday

wear a grey cagoule

the turd wave


the turd wave ( evaw drut eht )

waking as the pastures baa
nature is a morning star

walk before the sun is up
rising like a buttercup

with a camera & a pen
breathe beyond the lies of men

butterflies & bumblebees
blossom petals on the breeze

listen to the bells of blue
knelling not of mutant pooh

hit the hills & dance with ants
as the normalz shat their pants

hare the air & scribble on
plod a song – on airstrip one

wander from this sinking shit
– doris johnson is a tit

oh, those noble gasses


oh, those noble gasses ( sessag elbon esoht ,ho )

old king krypton
from another planet

helium caesar
floats as rome burns

xenon the warrior
prince among lasers

archduke argon
plums in his throat

oganesson the inbred
wedding many cousins

& princess neon too
the lady in the lamplight

long may they radon

frog of a flower


frog of a flower ( rewolf a fo gorf )

ponds in the heavens
puddle above us
songs in a cycle
highs of a lotus

mizzle is a twisting
wandering yonder
seeing is breathing
misting the focus

naps of a catkin
rhyming & chiming
iris’s cousins
dog with a bonus

hush in the clatter
catching a feather
here in the blearing
fluttering locus

mapping this magic
pencils & paper
piddle a riddle
hocus the pocus

frog of a flower
raining in colour
down in the dingle
showers of crocus

s c a t t e r s


s c a t t e r s ( s r e t t a c s )

s pring is in the wings
of a pigeon in a hole
c lutter flies the flag
like a weasel up a pole
a s the normalz dance
with the bollocks on the snooze
t hunder rumbles on
& an otter swims the blues
t ime is tickled green
in the even of the morn
e lephants forget
for the past is yet unborn
r unaway & bee
with the bumbles up the brae
s ing upon a hill
& buzz the scuzz away

quizzical contact


quizzical contact ( tcatnoc lacizziuq )

alphabet spaghetti
is illegal in slovenia

henry the eighth
was born in a hay barn

clay pigeons nest
in a hole in the earth

all dark matter
is a shade of magenta

one in four apples
is secretly a pear

bears smoke kippers
with the pope – in the woods

most gnomes freeze
if seen by human eye’s

pie chart pastry
is flaky – yet invisible

may flies live
for sixty seven moons

lemon curd is banned
in the land of kurdistan

stick to the path
or the thicket consumes

answers on a post-it note
– fact check & lose