frozen mermen of europa


frozen mermen of europa  (  aporue fo nemrem nezorf  )

2d3 pp2

567 uikb

bnl 99v

(  nmb1 ... c4q  )

( ? )




awake & sail


awake & sail  (  lias & ekawa  )

awake & sail a phantom mist

the shapes of wraith - a tale, a twist

the night is day, the day is night

& shatters punch the mirror's fist

a groan of bones, a bluff of blood

& earth's a ghost, a rush of mud

a bat of flaps, the black of white

the curtain fell - a crash, a thud

the lemons suck, the daze is grey

the spiders spin, the pipers play

a swan of songs, a swimming kite

a peaking trough, a sliding brae

the lizard scales the boxing frog

a barking cat, a purring dog

the moth that fled the candlelight

is scrawling balls in analogue

a silent lark, a wood of stumps

a blooming moon, a goose of bumps

the ruse of breath's a feathered flight

& skin's the stuff of custard lumps

a feast of peas & buttered bread

& sleep upon a creaking bed

the breathing dead, a speckled sprite

until the light - & live, instead



autumn fayre … esque


autumn fayre … esque

toffee apple tree frog

fly, greek fireworks

guy fawke's forked tongue

hot chocolate labradors

greenman evensong

antlers in the awning mist

cheese straw stagger stalls

pumpkins, pears & mayors

anoraks & anagrams

hymns spin cider webs

smoked ghost goblin hat

baked potato bean bag

wassail, pilot whale

pontius pilate power naps

cake tin whistles whet

town crier bellends



s p r e a d


s p r e a d  (  d a e r p s  )

scatters of cushions

mist of a morning

jam on a crumpet

butter on bread

ashes & rashes

raspberry ripples

cabbages scribble

licking the lead

pickles & picnics

villagers whisper

piffle & measels

weaving the thread

sneezes on breezes

autumn is spawning

summer is sleeping

bugs in the bed

winter is stirring

spring it  wing it

bats in the attic

birds in the head

bobbling's a robin

pecks on the noggin

finches & inching

feathers & spread



crunch & munch


crunch & munch  (  hcnum  & hcnurc  )

crisp autumn leaves

pickled wisps of river mist

salt & vinegar breeze

numbers up & run

chestnuts in a duffel bag

cheese & onion sun

spot the what's & pears

sprint with sprigs of peppermint

lemon posset air

chimneys sputter soot

poppadom beyond the town

crackers underfoot

apple crumble ground

blackberries & blooming shrooms

lunch is all around