don’t feed the snarks

let’s begin a brain

      broken english biscuits

open up the inn

      kiss the gibbon’s chin

love is in the hare

      where the rabbits run

rings around the sound

      of your wonky knees

cables overhead

      death is speckled breath

kippers in the mist

      over in the outhouse

down among the clouds

      mooning lunar cheeks

eating chalky cheese

      chasing tales of snails

check the meter’s off

      squawking on all fours

don’t feed the snarks

      donuts after dark

if the whistle’s wet

      when the muse is muesli

seek a greener sea

      pissing up a tree

scatter’s brain


scatter’s brain ( niarb s’rettacs )

ants above
so below
sunken suns

broken toes
tractor tracks

simple socks
mist a trick
fog the dog
scratch the train

but the bend
butter beans
blending in
scatter’s brain

spin the head
spindle tree
pitta bread
patter pane

dancing rain

bot sonnet


bot sonnet ( tennos tob )

y 9 kippers 4 g y l m 2

7 1 j h n s x 4 a

1 2 p s l 7 shuffle n shoe

5 6 y h n 7 lemon j

y o p s a 8 parsnip k *

n b h g f d v l 4

gubbins b f d 2 4 5 6 9 r

seventy w mandible jaw

5 0 k l onions 9 8 pigeons

excrement 7 o internet x

o h l underscore ? smidgeons

@ goblin ampersand w hex

h b i k n 7 d f g

5 6 7 n 7 s d b

ghosts, come closer


ghosts, come closer ( resolc emoc ,stsohg )

ghosts, come closer
from the yonder in

when’s october
then the veil is thin

in this sister
phantom land of yours

all is autumn
sup the pasture’s spores

space is spinning
like a spider’s trap

death is grinning
spreading like the clap

time is onions
pickled in a jar

pumpkins shining
like the morning star

ghoul moons rising
once the swallows leave

goblins dancing
on this hallow’s eve

ghosts, come closer
from the yonder in

when’s october
then the veil is thin

squawking boots


squawking boots ( stoob gnikwauqs )

once upon another day
as the normalzzz yawn in suits
racing rats but fading fast
face the vast in squawking boots

see the mizzle’s fizzle pop
as the breezes flutter flutes
sun above & crows below
nesting toes in squawking boots

west ‘n’ south ‘n’ norther east
out’s about – abound is hoots
owls around us – if the moon
shines her cheeks on squawking boots

dawn again – anew’s refrain
seek the gleam of greener shoots
as the woodland’s shedding eaves
kicking leaves in squawking boots

pausing neath an apple tree
scrumping uncle autumn’s fruits
ponder with a hymn within
singing songs of squawking boots

all is music’s mutant spawn
when the muse is strumming lutes
then the yonder’s wander calls
walking on in squawking boots

to short a long story cut


to short a long story cut ( tuc yrots gnol a trohs ot )

on a cold, dark horse
in the middle of the mist

chips ‘n’ cheese
with mushy peas

chapter thirty three
down in the treehouse

said the pheasant god
with a glowing grin

open up the bakers
& let the bread times roll

more tea, curate?
sang the unifawn

when they all ate cake
up the chimney stack

chapter forty four
strawberry fieldmouse

fifteen men
on a dead man’s vest

climbing the trellis
christ in a nightie

chapter eighty eight
two fat ladybirds

six mumps later
& rubella’s still not rang

tuesday’s tongue
tasted of marmite

one pavarotti
& twenty seven squid