fruit en route


fruit en route  (  etuor ne tiurf  )

olives on an odyssey

off & gone

carrot tops are dangling

on, on, on

gooseberries upon the breeze

mango glow

juniper, the musical

go, go, go

peaches on a pebble beach

pears hare by

sing the song of cabbages

fly, fly, fly

cherries on a ferry hop

dates daydream

rivers ripple raspberries

gleam, gleam, gleam

lemons in the heavens suck

figs in space

elderberry bustle bus

chase, chase, chase

cantaloupes are cantering

clip, clop, clap

scatter graphs & cucumbers

flap, flap, flap

vegetable receptacle

pea pods shoot

apples in the saddle wax

fruit en route

underneath the onion sun

shot spud gun

nectarines are legging it

run, run, run




the chattering


the chattering  (  gnirettahc eht  )

quivers spin within the cosh

in the swish - the bubbles splosh

piss upon the whirl awash

bats & cars - a splattering

breezes cheese & thunder drums

bees-a-swan a twizzled tongue

beetles pushing squalls of dung

all is balls, a scattering

suns hiccup in burps of bright

jungles jig within the knight

mumbles hum & jumbles sprite

scraps of sprat - the chattering

ambles of an afternoon

salad spews beneath the moon

sand is sunk as cackles croon

puffing much - & that's the thing



tin can canticles


tin can canticles  (  selcitnac nac nit  )

pen then, pencil case

dead red letterheads

sea green temple gates

bird blurred featherbeds

foxtrot forages

crow so overflows

singsong lozenges

row, row broken toes

cracked black iron ores

tundra tumble tongues

mudflap minotaurs

tungsten rumble drums

anthill avenues

twig snap dragonflies

cancan kangaroos

kaftan alibis

tin can canticles

worm squirm bursaries

flea pit fascicles

merman mercenaries

tosspot tinkerings

am-dram avalon

spit spun onion rings

bat flap babble on



i’m the beans


i’m the beans  (  snaeb eht m’i  )

i'm the beans & pumpkin seeds

ghosts of oats

& broccoli florets

i'm the prunes

the stuff of glue

nuts & dates

& dundee cake

i'm the fibre

top bog dog

khan of the khazis

& you are my log flume

king of the sphincters

the caesar of squeeze

wipe, flush

& wash y' hands


p o e m


p o e m  (  m e o p  )

photographs of elephant moths

plover over english moorland

pentecosts on easter mondays

pygmy otters excreting muesli

pluto oozing elfin music

plato's orangutan eats moldovo

pencils ode each michaelmas

pickled onions, easels, measles

petals open every morning



beyond the peas


beyond the peas  (  saep eht dnoyeb  )

beneath the glum of fiddle dum

the portents scrawl to kingdom scum

the sun's the star

of trar-luh-lar

as orchards hang & bang's a drum

within the squirms of earthen toss

the tripe of the likes, the writes of doss

the broken bones

the drones of clones

a drip of piss, a pint of dross

upon the song of flaccid rain

& squiggles of the lizard brain

the surface soil

as saucepans boil

a dream unseen - it's beige again

a yawn is born, the squall of squibs

a trickling of tickled ribs

a stickleback

a sack o' cack

the pilfering of pilchard nibs

beyond the peas of tees & hees

& limericks of chortled cheese

the normalz sorts

guffaws & snorts

for weasels with lobotomies

i ode to glow & lick the moon

& dance the ants of pantaloon

a pad, a pen

a scrap & then

the nadgers of a splattered loon



the cider ( blame blake )


the cider ( blame blake )   ( ekalb emalb ) redic eht

cider, cider gurning light

in the porridge of the shite

spot in chortles gland or knee

wood frame my earful syzygy?

spin hot distant cheeks or thighs

gurn the spire of shrine eyes

on hot wings - hare he aspire?

hop the sand, mare sneeze the mire?

& hot shoulder, & hot tart

woods twist the tribunes of pie fart

& when pie fart began to bleat

hot red hand & hot red feet

spot the spanner, spot the rain

in hot skirmish was my brain

hot the anvil, hot bread gasp?

snare tits, smelly beggars clasp!

pen the dark shrew down their ears

& port & lemon with their beers

silly smile his worm to scree

big emu - snake the lamb, snake tree?

cider, cider gurning light

in the porridge of the shite

spot in chortles gland or knee

airframe my earful syzygy