word bank job


word bank job  (  boj knab drow  )

seesaw   flaxseed   paraffin   goblins

calcium   flamethrower   tinnitus   turnips

cosmonaut   cauliflower   cloudburst   florist

penicillin   paperweight   lemonade   ghosts




a garnishing


a garnishing  (  gnihsinrag a  )

artisan parmesan

grated cheddar cheese

thinly sliced finger chillies

sprinklings of mint

nectar of the gravy train

spoons of english mustard

deep fried sage sprigs

crispy crouton cubes

ketchup, chutney chops

icing sugar blizzards

chocolate flakes, mayonnaise

spurts of squirty cream

carpe diem

runny honey drizzle

plus a curly leaf parsley wig

( supper's underneath )



september pens


september pens  (  snep rebmetpes  )

september pen with feathered quills

& drips of squid - a spider's web

a burst of birds, a host of crows

a turning tide, the flow & ebb

of creeping eves with twinkle toes

& broken odes in biscuit tins

a sinking hymn, the plug of glug

the water whirls, the water spins

the water falls upon the leas

& gargles through the afternoon

the calling corn, a sea of wheat

a brighter night - a harvest moon

the mizzle's mist, a spawning dawn

a sodden trudge, the smudge of lens

the fog of dog, the songs of swans

et cetera - september pens



i cucumber


i cucumber  (  rebmucuc i  )

i cucumber the catacombs

of castanets & caramel

to lichen like a library

& shrew the pygmy's peas

i mastodon the mutant mews

of sandals, sand & sandwiches

to petal pichard pillories

& peck the princely knees

i otter on the dioxide

of hyphenated milking-maids

& whale the tales of hydrogen

to chafe the chin of cheese

but i am butter cardigan

& partridge not the postman's nose

so bee within this bungalow

& fudge beneath her fleas





greta  (  aterg  )

death's best friend

bleats in dungarees

of the phantoms on her tongue

& her dark disciples flap


death's sweet swede

dregs of scandi-noir

with an ostrich feathered head

pantomiming parliaments


death's young bride

eyes like a chasm

sees the invisible

aether of life


pigtailled puppet

sailing over plastic oceans

( ? )

cash in her pockets

as apollo cycles swan



bagpipe binary


bagpipe binary  (  yranib epipgab  )

bagpipe binary

blackbird bursary

black hand handlebars

merman mercenary

merman mercenary

dark star pharmacy

oblong obelisks

swansong armoury

swansong armoury

tin can timpani

off-switch ostriches

sweet pea symphony

sweet pea symphony

swell felt feathery

ten green teasel trees

sneeze then, chemically

sneeze then, chemically

gasmask gallery

glow so, twinkle toed

bat flap battery

bat flap battery

fruit gum winery

shoehorn walruses

bagpipe binary