authors note


authors note  ( eton srohtua )

authors note of holes in plots

poets pause & piss in pots

apples rot & doctors sneeze

phantoms fog the misted leas

croaking frogs are boxing hares

spinsters spin in swivel chairs

faster as the river brims

minstrels mince the meat of hymns

in the turning twists of dawn

teasels prick as weasels yawn

cockerels crow & starlings shine

starting with a parting line

bishops bash the rusted nails

painters brush the fox's tails

authors note of holes in plots

quill the gaps & jot the dots



s t o c k


s t o c k  (  k c o t s  )

pens within a pencil case

worms within a squirming tin

birds within a feathered head

onions under lemon skin

paper planes & pickled brains

peppermint & rusted chains

ring a rubber chicken neck

triple check & let's begin


upon dissecting an owl pellet …


upon dissecting an owl pellet …  ( … tellep lwo na gnitcessid nopu )

four calling bluebirds

four & twenty black cats

rusty backdoor keys

carrot cubes & sweetcorn

fifty pence in shrapnel

the battle of trafalgar

odd socks from the wash

the wings of a batsquatch

the war of the roses

the salmon of knowledge

the dog that ate the homework

the cauldron of rebirth

a pocket full of poses

a pygmy shrew's mandible

stephenson's rocket

& xanadu



badger man or bust


badger man or bust  (  tsub ro nam regdab  )

badger man or bust

our man on planet pantomime

aladdin rubs his lamp

as jack plants majick beans

& peter pan is pan

dick whittington is still a dick

& all the crows are owls

within these leafy bowels

the stage is sett again

& so we leave the forest soon

remoaners groaning yet

the stoats have voted so

as janus slams a door

& claude is on the piss once more

as sure as fungus spores

& fire is our friend

but all this sport is war

a warble on a wonky breeze

& all the wars are sports

as flies to wanton tossers

the queen's a lizard bitch

the law's an ass - enforced by rats

the woodland's run by weasels

but badger man or bust