c a b b a g e s


c a b b a g e s ( s e g a b b a c )

lumped in pissing patches

      cauliflower cousins

nagram of begs a scab

      apostles of the bat’s broth

etter fried than steamed

      brow beating laser brains

lending men with vegetables

      biblical blithers

phid magnets

      apophis’s fodder

reat year harvest cheer

      gargles in the garden

verything is spanners

      eat your bloody greens

tep aside & breathe

      sing ’em assunder



prune ( enurp )

rhymer of moon
a spoon
a loon

rich in vitamin k

fruit of a tree
in me
a key

like a sprite in the grey

cousin of plums
the sums
of tums’

constipated delay

bustin’ a dam
a can
& bam

shit the timber away

may day not mayday


may day not mayday ( yadyam ton yad yam )

pinch another punch
this is not a sinking ship
as the morris dancers skip
rhyme the time of crunch

blurting on the fist
calendars ‘n’ caterwauls
bouncing balls ‘n’ rubber walls
vernal splurges versed

ribbon ’round a pole
seek a greener pagan grail
chase the spin of summer’s tail
prancing as a foal

gibbon on this day
under skins of onion sky
flutter like a butterfly
in the moth of may

gather knotted nuts
hedge along a pasture’s path
with a dog, a sack ‘n’ staff
as the pheasant struts

waxing like a loon
irk the needle – ink a scene
weave the scree of in between
’til the moons of a june

multiversal variations


multiversal variations ( snoitairav lasrevitlum )

twinned with seven twins
yet a single child

raised by snakes
& badgers in the wild

spreading buttercups
up all bloody night

mainly sleeping in
whisking wyvern eggs

other kitchenettes
under other suns

belgian bungalows
peking prefabs

blow a different nose
re-invent the anorak

poets run this shit
no one’s heard of poets

purple purrs the earth
as the planet’s puce

or a shade of beige
’til the unicorn wars

fly like hedgehog men
baths in ginger beer

fending off ten ton
earwigs with a spanner

flap shat


flap shat ( tahs palf )

gloom upon the snooze
globalism’s golden yoke
cattle dance the blues

all is balls ‘n’ war
shivers in y’cotton socks
colder than before

gulp the evening air
hark, the snarls ‘n’ barks of snarks
dark cathedral fare

see the minions weave
tapestries of tragedies
mirrors up a sleeve

parrot ’til y’sick
piping panic’s pantomime
shit another brick

gasp a precious breath
run atop a phantom hill
chase the tail of death

life is butter dream


life is butter dream ( maerd rettub si efil )

butterflies spreading wings
butter up the bolting blue

bounce around like butter balls
rubber walls or butter beans


butterscotch is hopping songs
butter biscuits in a tin

but a buttress burrs in me
bread & butter head


butterfingers buttercup
buttermilk for butternuts

( butteries not included )
as the world still churns

the things we sing


the things we sing ( gnis ew sgniht eht )

hymns from within
sprouting in the out

seasonal soliloquies
nature’s shifting shapes

squibs from squidded nibs
paper poem planes

birdbrain choruses
scrawl is love & walruses

sounds from the soul
salad in a bowl

irking normal’zzz balls
bouncing as a bomb

supper with aplomb
odes upon this road

letters from the dead
lists & post-it notes

soft rock ballads
shat pop cheese

spinning with the air
like seedlings on a breeze

trad-anon’s back catalogue
bat flap fare

songs upon a sixpence
life in wonky keys

bat manifesto


bat manifesto ( ostefinam tab )

– twilight is renamed as dawn

– morning is re-classed as evening

– reclaim the caves & churchyards

– upside down is the right way round

– darkness is bright

   if the sound bounces back

– batteries not included

– bats of the world unite

post scriptum scribbles


post scriptum scribbles

after the spanners

a spindle is run

      x’s not hexes

      the kiss of a gun

spanning the vista

a mackerel is seen

      over the clover

      a ghost of a skein

there is a parsnip

a ptarmigan too

      hitching a lift with

      a stone in a shoe

down in the dingle

the badgers awake

      dusk is a dusting

      the icing of cake

bouncing in transit

the cheque’s in the mail

     thanks for the letter

     & god save the snail

planets in motion

a twinkle of eyes

      what with an atlas

      the wear in the wise