alternative names for frost


alternative names for frost ( tsorf rof seman evitanretla )

underfoot’s crunch stuff

jack’s magic sugar-dust

puddle toughener

secret code – secrete cod


secret code – secrete cod ( doc eterces – edoc terces )

bury fear in february
find the charm in march

& emit time
flowing in wolf gin

seek the lows in owls
spud war & upwards

clod us in clouds
reach for stars or tsars

spinning so in sinning sop
breathing in giant herb

ogle v in glove
see the vole in love

oscillate those lilac toes
santa & satan

live life like an anagram
a rag man

actual pan sexual


actual pan sexual ( lauxes nap lautca )

he of hoofs ‘n’ horns

pan, the green man goosing nymphs

rutting in the woods

( author notes )

dear attention seeking brats / rainbow gestapo

this is not shit-posting

just some harmless wordplay

so calm down

we made the moon


we made the moon ( noom eht edam ew )

we lit the sun
with matches & straw
on whitsun
eighteen eighty four

my, what a sight
flaming ball of light
a lantern
after shafts of night

we peed the seas
mixing pop with tea
& coffee
– a cacophony

’til oceans flowed
where land disappeared
sages swear
stroking floating beards

we made the moon
with cheeses & glue
in april
nineteen ninety two

probably the first
before midday
that was all us
– or so we like to say

couplets runneth over


couplets runneth over ( revo htennur stelpuoc )

scribble piffle pen
peck a rubber hen

pick a pepper pot
hare the ware’s of what

where the air is green
bouncing like a bean

sound in endless daze
chasing laser rays

buzzing in the night
bee the speed of light

badger up a hill
with a feathered quill

bother all the crows
fill the blanks of prose

prance a wanker dance
hornets in y’ pants

pantomime away
in the pissing grey

’til the circuit’s juiced
as the normalzzz boost

knickers in a spin?
– lick minerva’s chin

scribble piffle pen
peck a rubber hen

goodnight spool world


goodnight spool world ( dlrow loops thgindoog )

scribble drips ‘n’ drops

      dribble drops ‘n’ drips

pencil cases, rubbers, races

      chasing paperclips

piddle pens ‘n’ pads

      paddle pads ‘n’ pens

pleasant peasants picking peppers

      pheasants pecking hens

plodding queues ‘n’ peas

      podding peas ‘n’ queues

rabid badgers, bat ‘n’ quaggas

     shrews in dancing shoes

hobble hops ‘n’ skips

      wobble skips ‘n’ hops

thicket sticking, tangled brambles

      shitting in a copse

running ups ‘n’ downs

      coming downs ‘n’ ups

feathered weather, flutter fingers

      spreading butter cups

prudent suns ‘n’ moons

      mutant moons ‘n’ suns

yawning orblet’s, phantom plasma

      zapping laser guns

killing time ‘n’ tea

      spilling tea ‘n’ time

fading places, ticking faces

      froglets boxing rhyme

speeding streams ‘n’ brains

      steaming brains ‘n’ streams

betty swollocks chatters bollocks

      ’til the gland of dreams

december’s anti-checklist


december’s anti-checklist ( tsilkcehc-itna s’rebmeced )

an absence of bees

hornets & fleas

   unseen, catalogued

   & dutifully un-noted

not a swallow swoops

nor a swift swishes

      as we pause & sneeze

      under leafless trees

skin a shade of ghost

un-stung by nettles

      blanker than a cheque

      lifeless like a high street

with its faux-snow sprayed

over shop windows

      muzzled folk inside

      spot their smileless eyes

missing like a clue

mister pavlov’s dogs

      drooling for the bell

      not the juicy steak

where the air is listless

all’s the so of what

      see december un-pen

      ticking not a jot