in reply


in reply ( ylper ni )

probably yes
but otherwise, no

sticky toffee pudding
with vanilla custard ice cream

twice – both times
in a travelodge car park

almost certainly
but pencil in a maybe

underneath the beams
of a blue new moon

the mandible jaw
of a saber tooth tiger

the eighty eighth of may
’til the forty fourth of august

only if you blow both elbows

light a candle


light a candle ( eldnac a thgil )

when the world’s a swirling whirl

dive the deep & seek a pearl

( squirming worms beneath the skin )

yesterday’s today again

singing of a baked refrain

( leaping beans within a tin )

close y’ eyes & count t’ three

mrs. plasma’s shining – see

( then the vicar’s knickers spin )

as the phantom even’ dawns

& a farting farmer yawns

( stroke y’ toes & twiddle chin )

breezes whisper under breath

let the doctors dance with death

( light a candle – let’s begin )

it’s the riddle of the night

spark the dark & watch a sprite

( weaving on the out of in )

silent start


silent start ( trats tnelis )

dawn mimes a yawn

see with subtitles

      unplug headphones

      speakers unspeak

float as a stoat

in a magic dream coat

      walk with the paws

      of a feline ninja

note like a book

then with a pen

      phantom g in gnarl

      secret p in ptarmigan

double u in whore

all is before

      back from the past

      fruitful is a future

statues snooze

so gnostic gnomes

      twist knight knickers

      wrens wriggle then

clouds unshroud

owls count sheep

      in the mizzle’s creep

      when poltergeists sleep

as the saying glows


as the saying glows ( dwolg gniyas eht sa )

middle of the mourning

riddle of the night

light the good flight

clutching at strawberries

as the saying glows

with buttercup fingers

may contain nutmeg

speak when spoken tulips

you shut your goblin

little so & soy

do you feel the lovage?

too many cuckoos

soil the broth

sound & schism


sound & schism ( msihcs & dnuos )

dead is yester’s year
hecatombs of human meat
meet the fading here

with a mouthless grin
gormless calls & normalzzz falls
tumbles down & in

lo, the rabid bark
science & psychosis wed
lark beyond this dark

hark, the distant strings
underwater but above
note the folk of rings

as the goblins stir
serpents sleep neath compost heaps
with a lion’s purr

while the woodland weeps
like an onion farmer’s cock
still this even’ creeps

sing another’s day
multiversal mirror lands
dancing with the fae

us organics


us organics ( scinsgro su )

us organics
sing beyond the swan
bats in the belfry
is healthier than bots

fuck that magic
darker than the crack
of a shadow man’s arse
or the ashes of a crow

us organics
us true humanoids
not masked cattle
or reductionist androids

pan not panic
laughter in the wood
pole shifts twisting
unloosened shrews

us organics
see the rhyme of time
in one-way train rides
to old normal borstal

as per ghouls
& jobsworths in jackboots
gulags looming
like a furry in an nursery

rivers on the run


rivers on the run ( nur eht no srevir )

live ‘n’ letter diagrams
westerly wheezes
dazes in a floral chain
rabbit with a gun

diametric diaphragms
firefly friezes
gibbons on a lizard brain
underneath the sun

hypnotists ‘n’ holograms
hopes ‘n’ smoked cheeses
wobbles on a cobbled lane
icing on a bun

logarithmic monograms
pantomime pleases
porpoises in pouring rain
twiddle’s fiddle-dum

iridescent pentagrams
peppermint sneezes
operation paper plane
rivers on the run

telepathic telegrams
bumblebee breezes
bonce upon a once again
quill the deed is done

first love


first love ( evol tsrif )

licking her out
under oak tree boughs
of a sunny afternoon

walking in the park
with her in my hand
by the brass bandstand

supping as she drips
in the sweet heat here
on the promenade / pier

sauce & toppings too
butterscotch & ground nuts
oh, my dream, ice cream