four saplings


four saplings ( sgnilpas ruof )


a magnetic birch
an ever-burning ash
an invisible alder
& a monkey puzzle solver
( tree )

yesterday’s poem


yesterday’s poem ( meop s’yadretsey )


a florist sneezed
the fledglings flapped
it smelled of ants
in underpants
& pickled eggs
in cable cars
the night was dim
with sable stars
the dawn was yawns
of troubadours
with iridescent
but whenabouts
the paper came
the vicar kissed
a hobgoblin
the baker burnt
the macaroons
& garden gnomes
were far from home
the roads were carp
& cuttlefish
the bus broke down
a dowser drowned
as badgers slept
in woodland setts
a pigeon shat
upon my cap
so raining toads
by half past four
& everyone
ate flapjack

erom & rehtruf


erom & rehtruf  (  further & more  )


kiss this river mist
grow your own toenails
these are the tails
of a comet in the pocket
of a cabbage in the attic
& a pillock on a hillock
in a green & pheasant gland
underneath a blue cagoule
of a hierophantic sky
so the scatters in a graph
stick like jam in odds ‘n’ socks
yet the music’s mutant glue
is the lane upon the rain
& a phantom in the fro
so the layman lasers ray
lemon cheesy breezes crow
like a scribble on the chin
or an otter on the sun
while a stegosaurus snores
in a hall of rubber walls
yet the bend is roundabouts
& a leaden pencil shouts
– unsung bookworms
squirming in my library

the all of almonds


the all of almonds  (  sdnomla fo lla eht  )

lick a leaden pencil

pick a pickled pepperpot

pluck the strings of vernal

vests - & peck the feather rot

suck a lecking lemon

bird the blurs & grouse the house

sound around the garden

lark a sunken summerhouse

squall a falling autumn

colander a calendar

bumble in the jumble's

sea & bee the manager

scrawl the all of almonds

scribble in the april rain

scrambles in the attic

chasing paper planes agin





gnicuob  (  bouncing  )

like a magic bean

on a trampoline

as the pippet sings

& the onion springs

spirals in the mind

pillared posts behind

fading greys & blacks

hopping winter's tracks

frog with the gnu

shades of kangaroo

cronus sews the dales

chasing tiggered tails

green the leaves of brown

bobbing up & down

'til the curtain scrawls

all is rubber balls



buttercup affiliate


buttercup affiliate  (  etailiffa pucrettub  )

piffle pickle prosody

utter otter odyssey

scratch the gibbon mandible

pissing in a canticle

spinning-inner galaxy

sing a throbbing fallacy

nibble broken biscuit so

scribble cricket overflow


kill the thyme of poetry

bladder adder alibi

flaccid acid alkali

sunder neath the reverie

suck the speckled lemon tree

buttercup affiliate

blither spillage idiot



cobweb watchers


cobweb watchers  (  srehctaw bewboc  )

cobweb watchers

watching the cobwebs

wraiths of the gateposts

ghosts on the ceiling

clouds for the cloudless

bespoke & woven

hang in the attic

facing a maze

spying a spider

feast on a greenfly

fruits of arachne

dance in the drafting

cobweb watchers

watching the cobwebs

tangle & strangle

- who watches us

( ? )

fuck knows



pen then pen


pen then pen  (  nep neht nep  )

pen then pen

pepper crusted pencil necks

cut throat cuttlefish

slo-mo interlude

glue gun dog

sunken onion scatterings

bigwig little owl

mud brown trouser press

bright white light

lemon scented lententide

long, black cul-de-sac

catnap caravan

gleam green stream

seven sister planetoids

android adenoids

alabaster anorak