f e b


f e b  (  b e f  )

fading embers blacken

frozen elm blossom

fucking ether bonnets

floating earwig balladeers

feathered elfin bungalows

faraway's early birds

fried enzyme breadcrumbs

foxes eating breakfast

farting endamame beans

forgetful elephants blunder

fourteen ermine bursaries

fifteen eels bongo

frisking eastern breezes

filling egg baskets

flagellating easter's bollocks

for every badger


revolution 432


revolution 432  (  234 noitulover  )

seasons gleamings

feathered friends



cotton cloud


sputters utter

spiders spin


pickled cabbage



spins the middle

of the month's


crunching numbers

thunder drums


so, a poem

rivers twist


summer salad

ballads suck


seven sisters

cygnus sings


silver bullets

scatter graphs

long johns

startled starlings

starting go's


pocus hocus

broken toe




( author notes )

i stole the title of this poem from a book

revolution 432 is the name of a chapter

in the cygnus key by andrew collins

a fascinating read

which didn't really inspire this little scribble

beyond me nicking the title

but credit where credit's due

as all forms of plagiarism are utterly deplorable



porridge poem


porridge poem  (  meop egdirrop  )

grain of the quakers, the crofters & me

tossers ( of cabers ) - the caledonii

winter is whipping a storm on the sea

sweeten with sugar, a splodge of honey

milk of the almond, the thistle or goat

warming december - the meal of the oat

bowls for the golden, a grizzly or three

breakfast for supper & porridge for tea



the last buttercup


the last buttercup  (  pucrettub tsal eht  )

the last buttercup

slipped through the fingers

of autumn in spore

& into the winter

a swish in a swell

a ghost of the yellow

alone in the snow

the fruits of an echo

a shard of a star

so here - on the clearing

a gathering mass

of school trips & pilgrims

the last buttercup

slipped through the fingers

& lived for six hundred

trillion years

( ? )


penicillin pelicans


penicillin pelicans  (  snacilep nillicinep  )

penicillin pelicans

pickled pepper paper plane

paradiddle pantomime

skelterheltor skeletons

skelterheltor skeletons

hyroglyphic hierophant

diabetic diatribes

lemon scented medicines

lemon scented medicines

misted mizzle madrigals

dagger dancing dictionary

weasel popping hellions

weasel popping hellions

otters rig the lottery

lizards licking pencil lead

penicillin pelicans


bright white poltergeist


bright white poltergeist  ( tsiegreltop etihw thgirb )

bright white poltergeist

snare hare dinosaur

eye saw sauropods

syntax anorak

splashback scatterings

earwig wizardry

clubfoot balladeer

catflap cadillac

five high, viruses

dead leg telephone

nosebleed metronome

toad so, natterjack

hi-fi hierophant

headfuck pencil case

pan pipe library

plum jam lumberjack

glue gun gulliver

lime green ganymede

mildew milking maid

whiplash pavement crack

a4 paper planes

midlands middle eight

sweetcorn choruses

claptrap cul-de-sac



smoking salmon pink


smoking salmon pink  (  knip nomlas gnikoms  )

smoking salmon pink

weaving pins & needles

seek the chalk of cheese

chasing herrings red

kipper in this sleep

spinning paper plates

stickleback the front

warble forth & fifth

under witching witching moons

as the kettle's crooning

for the corvid dove

cod is love above

smoking salmon pink

weaving pins & needles

hazing lemonade

winter rose petals



bloody venus …


bloody venus … (  … sunev ydoolb  )

candle flames of cinnabar

capers in a cable car

bird a bursting reservoir

suck the lemon's seminar

comatose the commissar

clutch a phantom handlebar

piffle piddle, scribble blah

scrawling with the morning star



caterwauls & canticles


caterwauls & canticles  (  selcitnac & sluawretac  )

animals & minerals

swing the axe of intervals

swans upon an oracle

sybils of the syllables

water clocks & chronicles

box the hares of follicles

kippers in a mackerel sky

spy the eyes of monocles

swivel chairs & musicals

podded peas & cubicles

prosody in cotton socks

christenings in funerals

vesta, vests & vegetables

scatter graphs & tentacles

camping on a mutant moon

kiss the mist of spectacles

rubber ducks & bicycles

penning then of tricycles

springing with the winter wren

thawing with the icicles

caterwauls & canticles

faster flap the madrigals

cousins of the cul-de-sac

singing on sabbaticals