deep green anorak


deep green anorak  (  karona neerg peed  )


see red robins bob

breadcrumbs, quills ‘n’ pills

beanbag in between

catnip cadillac


blue hue avenue

sod plod saucisson

seesaw sorcery

wake paved crackerjack


shop pop weasel breeze

shotgun balladeer

earwig wishing wells

grey plane paperback


up, down, roundabouts

black sky hierophant

hi-fi interlude

waylay data track


asphalt analogue

old gold finches flap

as cows brown the town

deep green anorak


on swans mumble me

yellow envelopes

echo underpants

claptrap cul-de-sac


















































why sport?


why sport?  (  p o k i n g  t h e  p o i n t l e s s  v o i d  )

liverchester drovers

five in a nightie

mancastle eff sea

herpes & fleas

chelspurs ewe-knighted

sixty six on buttered toast

squire-shire seesaw

five million for six

sweating in a pringle sweater

seven under chaffinch

swinging in the thicket's spew

two over clover

yelping on a court of snorts

goose - deuce - goosegrass

mister nickname - what's'isname?

the frame

& the match



vitaï lambada


vitaï lambada  (  a  r e – t w e a k  o f  a  y a w n f e s t  )

there's a legless mush in the doze tonight-

wren to rake & the thatch to spin-

a humping bitch & a grinding flight,

an hour to flay & the last flam flim.

& it's not for the hake of a gibboned groat

or the shellfish scope of a demon drain,

but his captain's gland on his smoulder coat-

"pay up! pay up! & spray the dame"

the hand of the dessert is sodom bread,-

bread with the peck of a pear that oak;-

the crackling's clammed & the kernel's shed,

& the sediment's rind with the rust & poke.

the quiver of geoff has skimmed his skanks,

& finland's bra, & donna's a name,

but the choice of a schoolboy alleys stamp;

"pay up! pay up! & spray the dame"

this is the whirled that ear by ear,

while in her thrace the spool is get,

feathery one of her suns must spear,

& nun that spears it blare baguette,

this they sprawl with foible slimed

snare through knife like a porch in spain

& crawling cling to ghost inclined

"pay up! pay up! & spray the dame"



soz etc.


soz etc. ( an extension of sumit from yesterday )

ripples of ivy & buckets of rain

sunday is thursday so much of the same

cloaked as the oak tree

but hope is key

ghosts in vague ruins with baffling chains

tardy drystone walls & bruises on arms

fresh scabs on kneecaps & clutched luckless charms

still as the fruit bowl

alive as the foal

wobbles in woodland & annals on palms

dallies in valleys & taps on the brain

bat flaps of evenings as rats race up drains

bare as the bony

as dead as the sea

brisk as the spring lamb - as deft as the flea

weasels in haystacks & barnstorms in barns

supper for breakfast on patchwork hill farms

quiant as the maypole

or pockets in holes

loons in old mill towns with tales in their yarns