swear the hell are you … ?


swear the hell are you … ? ( ? … uoy era lleh eht raews )

laughing on the lawn

with the wanker gnomes


in the pissing kitchen

eating spotted dick


up the mossy ladder

in the fucking tree house


washing out your filthy mouth

with bloody soap

& water

rubber chickenpox


rubber chickenpox ( xopnekcihc rebbur )

scatter graph parallax
missing gaps, pavement cracks
scrabble babble axe

scrumpled sheet, shuffle feet
scrawl in all – incomplete
shudder sugar beet

onion sun, rumble drum
muted hues, fiddle dumb
pluck a pickled plum

pepper spray, chase the day
string a vest, west away
suck a lemon grey

shrouded cloud cotton socks
roses, hips, dripping clocks
rubber chickenpox

river mist, mistletoe
undertows overflow
scribble as y’ glow


lick the chin of sunday


lick the chin of sunday  (  a  p o e m  f o r  w h a t  i t ‘ s  w o r t h  e t  a l  )

clasp a rasp of catchphrase

raspberries & ashtrays

tundra in the jungle

stumble on & that way

crab a path of sideways

apple pips & byways

fleeting as the evenings

greetings to the highways

wail a wall of doorways

possibly & always

bird a word of shat flaps

tracks upon the railways

dodge the bounce of replays

rabid bats & clichés

flop between the dot-dots

spot the cows as sheep graze

swoop the droop of boquets

muddy boots & tuesdays

ease within the easels

weasels in the wank maze

kiss the tip of edgeways

any which & lengthways

wobbles in the black pit

badger shit the essays

irk the scourge of surveys

unicorns & thursays

answers in a milk churn

burn the straw to make hay

lick the chin of sundays

chickenpox & sun rays

bobbles in the odd socks

plods beyond the dog days