muddy corduroy trousers

Muddy corduroy trousers

on a trip into town

keeping me safe

from urban clatter & hate

protected by the Earth

put your faith in its brown

you are my amulet

my evil eye - bus home - survived


new strangery who

You aint from around these here be parts

have you come to steal our donkeys

our carts

& rustle our sheep

then murder us in our sleep

with a musket to the head

or rusty tent peg through the heart


As you aint from these vales & hillsides

have you roamed over dales

far & wide

under various aliases

assumed - lies - disguised

to come for our daughters

our tractors

plus wives


As you aint local-yokel

it's true

if you were we'd all recognise you

so we'll keep our close eyes

on new strangery who

whilst silently praying

that you're just passing through.

"Go on, fuck off"


prayer poem

Dearest Gods of the Air

then of course

Jesus & the other 1 Lord

please ban vintage steam fairs

nasty dreams & all wars.

Bad smells & smart cars

the cult of celebrity

glove puppets jumping on their own

from opened cupboards

& the piss-take annoying vagueness

of brevity.

Plus can we have more Butterflies in January?

Will I go to HELL

if I prefer dirty-sliced-white over granary?

Are grey squirrels really a species

or just that little bit older?

Alleyways nice 1 4 glistening-listening

& lifting these chips - in a bit

off my shoulder.