spring rolls


spring rolls  (  sllor gnirps  )

spring greens

winter's leas

bushes brown & budding trees

spring snakes

down the stairs

larks in march & sparks the hares

spring boards

trains & planes

clouds around & april rains

spring fourths

fifths a sixth

like a rhyme & picks up sticks

spring ups

flaps away

jumping jacks the month of may

spring rolls

over hills

buttercups the clover spills

spring sings

of a dawn

golden gleams the y'olden yawn

spring blooms

with the moon

flying high - but dies in june



war isn’t art


war isn’t art  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  )

war isn't art

war has no muse

or dull journal

called war review

where is the grace

in bloody death?

shush war, don't waste

your bloody breath

in art at school

nobody died

our paint was red

so our insides

stayed safe within

then we sniffed glue

war isn't art

fuck you sun tzu

( dick'ead )