a year in the life of a mirror


a year in the life of a mirror (  m e o p  a  )















heads fucked the band


heads fucked the band  (  a  m u s i c a l  t a i l  )

heads fucked the band

& heads got lice

mistresses & shops

but in the bellend


shoulders shat the band

then tailed-off into pads

that's that

knees peed the band

then teamed up with them bees

the breast is histamine

& knobbles in the breeze

so toes went solo

& got a job & bar

& thought of songs of yon

then twinkled

as a star




cloudspotting  (  o n e  f o r  t h o s e  n e p h e w i l l i m o l o g i s t s  )

cumulus ninjas

nonticulent nozzles

stegosaurus stratus

lenticular inkblots

arcus marmoset

stroke sirrus pareidolia

rain - rain again

& your mum's face

( ? )



formerly …


formerly  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

a rogue clump of mud

the mongolian death worm

mozart's second cousin

a mulberry tree

& a tudor commuter

catching a carriage - or two

a lark in the dark

of the dim middle-ages

singing in english plague pits

a plesiosaur

& a black catterpillar

crossing the path

of your ant

( ? )


in mirrorlands


in mirrorlands  (  m y  o t h e r  p o e m  i s  a  m o u n t a i n  h a r e  )

sing a song of cell division

custard cans & campervans

aerial's on television

caliban's in kazakhstan

feather flocks a flockin' vision

ticker tapes & ticket trams

paper trains on plains of fission

bedding spreads in badger-lands

roses row as rivers glisten

adder skies & ladder lands

miners of the coalition

whispers of the midden-hands

muffle in the scuffle-schism

marbles, mars & marching bands

mumble-stuff of contra's diction

sinking swans on singing sands

weavers on an intermission

tapestries & telegrams

ariadne tickles titian

pencils pen in pentagrams

blizzard of the lizards, listen

wizardry & squinterlands

shepherds sleep as lemons glisten

mizzle gleams in mirrorlands



pencils pentecost


pencils pentecost  (  w r i t t e n  j u s t  l a s t  w h i t s u n  w i t h  a  p e n c i l  )

cataracts & anoraks

sneezing in the pollen air

weasels on a rocking chair

crackle static loft

binary & spidery

mizzle of the mistletoe

pigging in the middletoe

butter-fingers crossed

flipping brains & shipping lanes

robins of the goblin's hood

knelling in the belling wood

dongs of dental floss

cigarettes & inner-sweats

maidens of the raven's caw

clawing on a phantom door

clatter pasture's croft

sandwiches & languages

summer on a salad tongue

badger-nap & ballad-spun

speckle elfin socks

pantaloons & afternoons

poetry is pickled eggs

roses, legs & scrambled heads

pencils pentecost



thunder stuff


thunder stuff  (  a  p o e m  )

marble arch, stomach march

snapdragons & saturdays

pillar post, interpose

wizards zapping manta rays

kettle song, echelon

whistle ripple windermere

unicorns, cuneiform

drumming in the inner-ear

everest, emirate

crackles in the attic's beams

chequered dog, shepherd frog

clatters of the magic beans

symphony, river scree

ruffles on a blunderbuss

buttercup, uppercut

mumbles of the thunder stuff


agnus daze


agnus daze  (  a  p o e t r y  )

buttercups fingers brisk the breeze

burbles of birds blur flew & flow

seasonal bleatings green the trees

speckles of blossom pose as snow

cotton sock phantoms flock the sky

daffodils droop as bluebells knell

ringing in tandem as the fly

watches a wasp within the dell

badgers & foxes box the hare

frogs referee as weasels cheer

sneezes of petals pox the air

scallion weep as shepherds sheer

winter is sleeping in the loft

dreaming of war as warbles ring

song in the coppice, from the croft

singing of portals, wings & rings



magnetic love


magnetic love  (  a  p o e m  )

cat clarinet of fan inlets

as leopards leck the lemonade

& rats cassette as lapwings sweat

of shepherd shims & melon maids

sip anisette on parapets

& lick the knave of mayonnaise

dog hovercraft - the hologram

slash parallax in sonic socks

or haversack as mono grams

of candle wax in comet clocks

& badgers axe the anagram

slash agar man in raven socks

kale cable car in nasal tar

& marble in the marlin's chin

as mitts sitar & tables bra

of alphabets & garden kings

piss papal stars - miss maple car

& bubble wraps of signet rings

pi platypus, the pincer's imp

& prefix in the pine nut pew

eye, tacitus - in kitchen blinks

& trifle in the rifle's glue

as abacus bee blister ink

& lettuce gins of crabs & yew