a year in the life of a mirror


a year in the life of a mirror (  m e o p  a  )















heads fucked the band


heads fucked the band  (  a  m u s i c a l  t a i l  )

heads fucked the band

& heads got lice

mistresses & shops

but in the bellend


shoulders shat the band

then tailed-off into pads

that's that

knees peed the band

then teamed up with them bees

the breast is histamine

& knobbles in the breeze

so toes went solo

& got a job & bar

& thought of songs of yon

then twinkled

as a star




cloudspotting  (  o n e  f o r  t h o s e  n e p h e w i l l i m o l o g i s t s  )

cumulus ninjas

nonticulent nozzles

stegosaurus stratus

lenticular inkblots

arcus marmoset

stroke sirrus pareidolia

rain - rain again

& your mum's face

( ? )



formerly …


formerly  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

a rogue clump of mud

the mongolian death worm

mozart's second cousin

a mulberry tree

& a tudor commuter

catching a carriage - or two

a lark in the dark

of the dim middle-ages

singing in english plague pits

a plesiosaur

& a black catterpillar

crossing the path

of your ant

( ? )


in mirrorlands


in mirrorlands  (  m y  o t h e r  p o e m  i s  a  m o u n t a i n  h a r e  )

sing a song of cell division

custard cans & campervans

aerial's on television

caliban's in kazakhstan

feather flocks a flockin' vision

ticker tapes & ticket trams

paper trains on plains of fission

bedding spreads in badger-lands

roses row as rivers glisten

adder skies & ladder lands

miners of the coalition

whispers of the midden-hands

muffle in the scuffle-schism

marbles, mars & marching bands

mumble-stuff of contra's diction

sinking swans on singing sands

weavers on an intermission

tapestries & telegrams

ariadne tickles titian

pencils pen in pentagrams

blizzard of the lizards, listen

wizardry & squinterlands

shepherds sleep as lemons glisten

mizzle gleams in mirrorlands



pencils pentecost


pencils pentecost  (  w r i t t e n  j u s t  l a s t  w h i t s u n  w i t h  a  p e n c i l  )

cataracts & anoraks

sneezing in the pollen air

weasels on a rocking chair

crackle static loft

binary & spidery

mizzle of the mistletoe

pigging in the middletoe

butter-fingers crossed

flipping brains & shipping lanes

robins of the goblin's hood

knelling in the belling wood

dongs of dental floss

cigarettes & inner-sweats

maidens of the raven's caw

clawing on a phantom door

clatter pasture's croft

sandwiches & languages

summer on a salad tongue

badger-nap & ballad-spun

speckle elfin socks

pantaloons & afternoons

poetry is pickled eggs

roses, legs & scrambled heads

pencils pentecost



thunder stuff


thunder stuff  (  a  p o e m  )

marble arch, stomach march

snapdragons & saturdays

pillar post, interpose

wizards zapping manta rays

kettle song, echelon

whistle ripple windermere

unicorns, cuneiform

drumming in the inner-ear

everest, emirate

crackles in the attic's beams

chequered dog, shepherd frog

clatters of the magic beans

symphony, river scree

ruffles on a blunderbuss

buttercup, uppercut

mumbles of the thunder stuff