pencils pentecost


pencils pentecost  (  w r i t t e n  j u s t  l a s t  w h i t s u n  w i t h  a  p e n c i l  )

cataracts & anoraks

sneezing in the pollen air

weasels on a rocking chair

crackle static loft

binary & spidery

mizzle of the mistletoe

pigging in the middletoe

butter-fingers crossed

flipping brains & shipping lanes

robins of the goblin's hood

knelling in the belling wood

dongs of dental floss

cigarettes & inner-sweats

maidens of the raven's caw

clawing on a phantom door

clatter pasture's croft

sandwiches & languages

summer on a salad tongue

badger-nap & ballad-spun

speckle elfin socks

pantaloons & afternoons

poetry is pickled eggs

roses, legs & scrambled heads

pencils pentecost



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