in mirrorlands


in mirrorlands  (  m y  o t h e r  p o e m  i s  a  m o u n t a i n  h a r e  )

sing a song of cell division

custard cans & campervans

aerial's on television

caliban's in kazakhstan

feather flocks a flockin' vision

ticker tapes & ticket trams

paper trains on plains of fission

bedding spreads in badger-lands

roses row as rivers glisten

adder skies & ladder lands

miners of the coalition

whispers of the midden-hands

muffle in the scuffle-schism

marbles, mars & marching bands

mumble-stuff of contra's diction

sinking swans on singing sands

weavers on an intermission

tapestries & telegrams

ariadne tickles titian

pencils pen in pentagrams

blizzard of the lizards, listen

wizardry & squinterlands

shepherds sleep as lemons glisten

mizzle gleams in mirrorlands



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