magnetic love


magnetic love  (  a  p o e m  )

cat clarinet of fan inlets

as leopards leck the lemonade

& rats cassette as lapwings sweat

of shepherd shims & melon maids

sip anisette on parapets

& lick the knave of mayonnaise

dog hovercraft - the hologram

slash parallax in sonic socks

or haversack as mono grams

of candle wax in comet clocks

& badgers axe the anagram

slash agar man in raven socks

kale cable car in nasal tar

& marble in the marlin's chin

as mitts sitar & tables bra

of alphabets & garden kings

piss papal stars - miss maple car

& bubble wraps of signet rings

pi platypus, the pincer's imp

& prefix in the pine nut pew

eye, tacitus - in kitchen blinks

& trifle in the rifle's glue

as abacus bee blister ink

& lettuce gins of crabs & yew



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