bad animals


bad animals  (  tnar  a  )

coppers are piglets

snakes run the nation

war is walrus

roaring for more

rats trap this village

sport is for goldfish

bankers are locusts

weevils & fleas

poets are toadspawn

the internet? weasels

churches are leeches

& pubs suck the same

gossips are beavers

& masons? amoebas


soldiers are muppets

the law is just bull

( fuck 'em )



pterodactyl television


pterodactyl television  ( meop rehtona tsuj )

pterodactyl television

lemur leaping rhetorician

pickled pepper

sprigs of heather

eel electric retrovision

turtle turnip germination

mutant moonlit river basin


harps & badgers

tartan painted gate equation

diabetic elocution

puddle diving institution

peas & pipers

bees & spiders

lizard livered lillipution

dot an i & pi a portion

mothertrucking tiger torsion

spins the scrawling

of the morning

swim the waters of distortion