inner-diplodocus  (  sucodolpid-renni  )

hooded badger dances

in a wooded glade

dangle hang the branches

swans upon a fade

pantomime is stirring

phantoms paint the sky

cottages are burning

as a wicker guy

grey's a television

beige is in the air

shades of repetition

pale's a mountain hare

sound & round in circles

lick the salted stones

speak of sleep in thermals

winter whips the bones

vee's a skein of goslings

sea the green of moss

like the skin of goblins

shining in the dross

robins bob but apples

rot amongst the muck

yon's the black of chapels

headless chickens cluck

pen the death of horus

sepulchure the air

autumn is a tortoise

snoring with the bear


lick the witches' toad

sing until the crocus

springs another ode



badger man or bust


badger man or bust  (  tsub ro nam regdab  )

badger man or bust

our man on planet pantomime

aladdin rubs his lamp

as jack plants majick beans

& peter pan is pan

dick whittington is still a dick

& all the crows are owls

within these leafy bowels

the stage is sett again

& so we leave the forest soon

remoaners groaning yet

the stoats have voted so

as janus slams a door

& claude is on the piss once more

as sure as fungus spores

& fire is our friend

but all this sport is war

a warble on a wonky breeze

& all the wars are sports

as flies to wanton tossers

the queen's a lizard bitch

the law's an ass - enforced by rats

the woodland's run by weasels

but badger man or bust



bad animals


bad animals  (  tnar  a  )

coppers are piglets

snakes run the nation

war is walrus

roaring for more

rats trap this village

sport is for goldfish

bankers are locusts

weevils & fleas

poets are toadspawn

the internet? weasels

churches are leeches

& pubs suck the same

gossips are beavers

& masons? amoebas


soldiers are muppets

the law is just bull

( fuck 'em )


pterodactyl television


pterodactyl television  ( meop rehtona tsuj )

pterodactyl television

lemur leaping rhetorician

pickled pepper

sprigs of heather

eel electric retrovision

turtle turnip germination

mutant moonlit river basin


harps & badgers

tartan painted gate equation

diabetic elocution

puddle diving institution

peas & pipers

bees & spiders

lizard livered lillipution

dot an i & pi a portion

mothertrucking tiger torsion

spins the scrawling

of the morning

swim the waters of distortion