badger man or bust


badger man or bust  (  tsub ro nam regdab  )

badger man or bust

our man on planet pantomime

aladdin rubs his lamp

as jack plants majick beans

& peter pan is pan

dick whittington is still a dick

& all the crows are owls

within these leafy bowels

the stage is sett again

& so we leave the forest soon

remoaners groaning yet

the stoats have voted so

as janus slams a door

& claude is on the piss once more

as sure as fungus spores

& fire is our friend

but all this sport is war

a warble on a wonky breeze

& all the wars are sports

as flies to wanton tossers

the queen's a lizard bitch

the law's an ass - enforced by rats

the woodland's run by weasels

but badger man or bust



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