inner-diplodocus  (  sucodolpid-renni  )

hooded badger dances

in a wooded glade

dangle hang the branches

swans upon a fade

pantomime is stirring

phantoms paint the sky

cottages are burning

as a wicker guy

grey's a television

beige is in the air

shades of repetition

pale's a mountain hare

sound & round in circles

lick the salted stones

speak of sleep in thermals

winter whips the bones

vee's a skein of goslings

sea the green of moss

like the skin of goblins

shining in the dross

robins bob but apples

rot amongst the muck

yon's the black of chapels

headless chickens cluck

pen the death of horus

sepulchure the air

autumn is a tortoise

snoring with the bear


lick the witches' toad

sing until the crocus

springs another ode



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