the harrying of the norm


the harrying of the norm  ( morn eht fo gniyrrah eht )


panic is a planet

piffle on the snooze

weasels feed the gannet

lizards twisting screws

      pantomime & trifle

      tripe is in the air

      flight is like a spiral

      inner spins the hare

salad in a sandwich

pickles cruise control

clatter traps the cabbage

muzzles mute the soul

      fodder for the fecal

      scrawl a waterfall

      flea the sheeple people

      nature shakes us all

irk the serpent’s slither

& the adder’s dance

knickers in the river

ants in underpants

      scratch beyond the sniffle

      fill another ditch

      whistle in the drizzle

      ink another itch


















































































cobnut cobblestones


cobnut cobblestones  (  senotselbboc tunboc  )



west wind wizardry

swingball balladeer

beeswax saddle soap

spud gun saxophones


earwig wriggle worm

cancan cantaloupes

blue door sesame

ten green telephones


sellsword semaphore

bright white binary

wetwipe library

black dog baritones


sod plod lozenges

sore eye spider scrawl

footpath parallax

corn doll cornerstones


so toads toblerone

blowfish fiddlesticks

cat moon afternoon

cobnut cobblestones


hedgehog happenstance

hatstand hovercraft

hopscotch thunder bones

hedgerow undertones


twisting tales


twisting tales ( selat gnitsiwt )

the dream was not a dream
until the dreamer dreamt
of bends within beginnings
& stings in twisting tales
a spanner in the quirks
a hornet in an apiary
the beige beyond the rage
& so the serpents sing
of scorpions at war
the milkman is a hobgoblin
the sea is up above
& ground is underground
the wolf is but a sheep
& shepherd boys are androids
the sun was once the moon
the stars are distant candles
the secret is the garden
the butler was a patsy
who couldn’t kill a fly
a monkey wrote the bible
your uncle is a goat
your godmother’s an antelope
the whirled is spun with mirrors
& this is not a poem
( gotcha )



nac eht ni


nac eht ni  (  in the can  )

scraping scapes of dawns

deep upon the speak of sleep

as aurora yawns

so a cockerel crows

draining brains in bursts of bird

as the blither flows

while a spider spins

silken webs within the head

stringing hymns in tins

wriggle scribbled squirms

prancing pants of pastoral

ants & earthen worms

as a phantom hare

in the twists of mizzled mist

spins this sylphid air

scattered scraps of dreams

passengers on paper planes

baked but magic beans



from hare to where?


from hare to where?  (  ?erehw ot erah morf  )

bugles blooming, crumpets blow

wickets stick - the grasses goose

nutters dust achoo 'n' fro

gassing ash, a splash of spruce

tinkers taper, tailors sew

cloaking oak - the woodlands squall

pickled poets piccolo

verdant verse, the curtains scrawl

breezes sneezing, roses glow

cabbage flying, catkins purr

pipers pan & sparrows crow

crickets chirp - the thickets blur

as the rivers mistletoe

cygnets ring from hare to where?

frog beyond the blossom snow

croaking odes of over there



asparagus season


asparagus season  (  nosaes sugarapsa  )

grass of the sparrow

cupid of arrows

wingless of spring

flight of the rhizomes

fibrous a friend

platefuls of april

bird of the leas

octavian's favourite

flap in the pan

woods in the stemming

star of a starter

vegetable gem

darts to the heart

cream of the souper

supper for lovers

& the green in me pee





catflap  (  palftac  )

cobwebs, webbed foot, star map, startled starlings

plugholes, old gold, seashore, silver darlings

seesaw, sore eyes, inkling, information

meltdown, brown cow, cloudburst, literation

catflap, deep blue, bee's knees, betty swollocks

screw job, lockjaw, back door, nutter bollocks

penfriend, payday, hi-fi, feather dusters

kumquat, mayfly, piss-pot, motherfuckers



clutching at strawberries


clutching at stgrawberries  (  seirrebwarts ta gnihctulc  )

sun-spun sputnik

shoehorn shuffles

sell sword walruses

celery penfriends

sea green lizards

linseed limericks

deep blue buglers

badger afternoons

sinking in kitchenettes

pebbles in a pocketwatch

rising like mercury

falling with water

clutching at strawberries

sticky jam fingers

seraphin & celery

catnaps on doggerland



gnissim llits


gnissim llits  (  still missing  )

badgers on benders

weasels in haystacks

rivers in the river mist

dracula's reflection

little bo-peep's keys

blizzards on the sun

the simian link

king arthur's marbles

pandora's boxcar

an ear wig made from earwigs

diamonds in dung heaps

poltergeist mime troupes

grandma's dentures

the foxhall jaw

lord lucan's poodle

number four's cat

& yew, my deer

( antlers on a postcard )



( author notes )

this is a reworking of two older posts

& i should have put kate & gerry mcann's arrest

warrant in this list - too


& of course, the truth about the sniffles-scare


lockdowns don't work & will kill far,far more

but that was part of the plan all along


don't let the weasels win

ignore the media

( which includes all the bullshit on wordpress )

& fuck the worldwide police state


peas on earth