for whom the bell ends …


for whom the bell ends …  (  … sdne lleb eht mohw rof  )

blooming blue lunatics

seeking silver light

lullabies, succubi

as the buggers bite

myrmidons murmuring

mercury & hark

magic beans, majesty

rabid badgers bark

speckle then, pecking hens

rubber chicken neck

flutter cups, frozen beams

floating - flippin' 'eck

sea shanties, cheese pantries

sweet selene & me

crater-faced clatterings

- campanology



authors note


authors note  ( eton srohtua )

authors note of holes in plots

poets pause & piss in pots

apples rot & doctors sneeze

phantoms fog the misted leas

croaking frogs are boxing hares

spinsters spin in swivel chairs

faster as the river brims

minstrels mince the meat of hymns

in the turning twists of dawn

teasels prick as weasels yawn

cockerels crow & starlings shine

starting with a parting line

bishops bash the rusted nails

painters brush the fox's tails

authors note of holes in plots

quill the gaps & jot the dots



s t o c k


s t o c k  (  k c o t s  )

pens within a pencil case

worms within a squirming tin

birds within a feathered head

onions under lemon skin

paper planes & pickled brains

peppermint & rusted chains

ring a rubber chicken neck

triple check & let's begin




catching  (  gnihctac  )

rain again upon the lane

in the garden - too

stars from yonder hologram

sneezing fits, the flu

drifts within a hammock's nap

cats 'n' dogs - the clap

silverfish in kitchen sinks

fifty winks - & you


the madness of clouds


the madness of clouds   (  sduolc fo ssendam eht  )

mackerel smoke rings

cotton wool ball sacks

balzac & anne boelyn

dance the lambada

snowing over clover

garden gnome gnosis

ishtar gargles

stratospheric ketchup

frogs from the welkin

bright white satellites

shepherd red eyes cry

ziggurat splashback

cumulus ninjas

gloam, ghost avenues

half a yard of parsnips

spaghetti feedback hoops