additional notes


additional notes  (  seton lanoitidda  )

after last night's deep

dive sleep duck pond

songbook worm squirms

monday's rubber gloves

slap clock face frowns

cloudbursts suckle rain

lemonade letterheads

smoke green oak ghost








apple crumble


apple crumble  (  elbmurc elppa  )

scribble on the breeze

a cappella

apple crumble

nature's paper plane


drum a tumble

twist a tungsten tongue

lemon scented

tundra jungle

scratching letterheads

pens 'n' pencils

staggers stumble

catch a cabbage fly


stomach rumble

spring an onion sky

hood the woodland

mumble jumble

antlers in the mist

starlings sparkle

bees & bumble

looping lunar seas

utter custard

mustn't grumble



this country lane


this country lane  (  enal yrtnuoc siht  )

quivers in a blue cagoule

hum a hymn & wander on

crows & poems peck the head

squawking with this ball & chain

flutters in the moth of june

puddles pool - a splosh of feet

fingers slip as noses drip

buttercups are on the brain

fields of wheat are shifting seas

waving as the thunder drums

mumbles in a shroud of cloud

jumble down this country lane

til the sun erupts & smiles

glow with ghosts & rove for miles

float if roses war with thorns

bee the breeze & sup the rain

( cheers )




a walk of sorts


a walk of sorts  ( stros fo klaw a )

walnut haversacks

clubfoot pathogen

flat pack luncheon box

cloud shroud christening

shotgun michaelmas

singsong cinnamon

dead red herring bone

strobe light pentecost

steam, green gravy train

plastic trouser press

caw, crow squawking boots

tree leaf scatter maps

high-ho, stylophones

windmill wizardry

ghouls in blue cagoules

sun-spun compasses





inspirational  (  lanoitaripsni  )

a bearded billy goat

smokes a pipe beside the fire

in an old crofter's cottage

as a weasel fights an earwig

to the death or thereabouts

in the bowels of the woodland

& an owl shats a pellet

so the bright moon blooms