the harrying of the norm


the harrying of the norm  ( morn eht fo gniyrrah eht )


panic is a planet

piffle on the snooze

weasels feed the gannet

lizards twisting screws

      pantomime & trifle

      tripe is in the air

      flight is like a spiral

      inner spins the hare

salad in a sandwich

pickles cruise control

clatter traps the cabbage

muzzles mute the soul

      fodder for the fecal

      scrawl a waterfall

      flea the sheeple people

      nature shakes us all

irk the serpent’s slither

& the adder’s dance

knickers in the river

ants in underpants

      scratch beyond the sniffle

      fill another ditch

      whistle in the drizzle

      ink another itch


















































































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