a u g u s t


a u g u s t ( t s u g u a )

pples tumble down

   another summer stumbles

   ants soar above us

nder shrouds of cloud

    ushering a hawthorn hue

    unicorns weeping

reen is greengages

   gourdish hordes of cucumbers

   grass is golden bales

mber is the sun

   until september nestles

   upon these thistles

he will sneeze again

   swooping on the prickled fools

   soothsayers say so

oads rain by teatime

   tomorrow pokes a wasp hive

   tossers scribble on

thundery spells


thundery spells ( sllep yrednuht )

hunor or thor

twats a magic hammer

urry indoors

home before the wars

mbra up above

ushers goosebumps

otice so the birds

not a’singing songs

ucks await the rain

dogs shat bricks

lephants stampede

elementals crackle

umbles in the attic

roars from the loft

ikes as indra strikes

yokels under yew trees

r e s t a r t s


r e s t a r t s ( s t r a t s e r )

ing the rectal bell

      in the dingle’s dell

dge a border’s line

      salt the seas of brine

s trike the iron plum

      ee the by of gum

oss another turn

     as the normalzzz burn 

mble on this track

      anoraks attack

ock the rolling hills

      ruffle feathered quills

wist a circle straight

      skating figure eights

wift in swooping loops

      sing til supper soups

c a b b a g e s


c a b b a g e s ( s e g a b b a c )

lumped in pissing patches

      cauliflower cousins

nagram of begs a scab

      apostles of the bat’s broth

etter fried than steamed

      brow beating laser brains

lending men with vegetables

      biblical blithers

phid magnets

      apophis’s fodder

reat year harvest cheer

      gargles in the garden

verything is spanners

      eat your bloody greens

tep aside & breathe

      sing ’em assunder

s p a r k


s p a r k ( k r a p s )

pring another hymn

shat from barren bowels

sewn seeds sprout


luck from the aether

piss from empty bladders

pellets from the blessed owl


nswer with arsenals

avacados, anoraks

apples & aardvarks


elight the darkness

reinvent the trouser press

row y’bloody boat


ettle on, seeking steam

kingfisher swishesque

– kick it up the fuckin’ arse

s c a t t e r s


s c a t t e r s ( s r e t t a c s )

s pring is in the wings
of a pigeon in a hole
c lutter flies the flag
like a weasel up a pole
a s the normalz dance
with the bollocks on the snooze
t hunder rumbles on
& an otter swims the blues
t ime is tickled green
in the even of the morn
e lephants forget
for the past is yet unborn
r unaway & bee
with the bumbles up the brae
s ing upon a hill
& buzz the scuzz away



mmmaaarrrccchhh ( hhhcccrrraaammm )

mistle-thrush morning
mud become stone
mars is marching

aquilegias soar
apples blossom moons
amphibians spawn

rabid rabbits fuck
red robins nesting
ruffles in hedgerows

cowslips moo
cloudbursts gathering
clematis awakenings

hill farm baa’s
hairy palms growing
hares on a mission

b l o s s o m i n g


b l o s s o m i n g   (  g n i m m o s s o l b  )

b adgers blither bollocks

l izard lepers licking lemons

o tters, ogres, oozing ovum

s even sisters seeking summer

s hepherdesses singing siskins

o ffa's operatic onyx

m utant mooses mooning maidens

i ntermitent inner-itches

n incompooping ninja nicknacks

g aping, gleaming - gibbon gubbins