r e s t a r t s


r e s t a r t s ( s t r a t s e r )

ing the rectal bell

      in the dingle’s dell

dge a border’s line

      salt the seas of brine

s trike the iron plum

      ee the by of gum

oss another turn

     as the normalzzz burn 

mble on this track

      anoraks attack

ock the rolling hills

      ruffle feathered quills

wist a circle straight

      skating figure eights

wift in swooping loops

      sing til supper soups

feeding the ducks


feeding the ducks  (  a  s i x t e e n  l i n e  r e a d  )

feeding the ducks

with stale bready crusts

ducks never cluck

yes ducks bring us luck

chickens - they cluck

as minstrels they pluck

feeding the ducks

no whirlpool here sucks

stale bready crusts

for ducks or their such

camels with humps

here waterfowl munch

felled trees are stumped

it's quarter past lunch

grateful those ducks

so quacks very much