magnetic rats


magnetic rats ( star citengam )

see the us in we
shards of glass, a dark crevasse
splitting like a pea

as the demon skag
pricks apart the spark of heart
maiden, mother, hag

fading as a ghost
once a signet, since a swan
you’re tomorrow’s toast

i’m a blooming fool
not a willing sacrifice
daft but not a tool

all is scattered dust
butter fingers, sinking sand
sputterings of rust

drifting planks of wood
sob a song & cue the rain
bad is the new good

blue is green & gold
in your twisted mirror land
soon it’s black & cold

a u g u s t


a u g u s t ( t s u g u a )

pples tumble down

   another summer stumbles

   ants soar above us

nder shrouds of cloud

    ushering a hawthorn hue

    unicorns weeping

reen is greengages

   gourdish hordes of cucumbers

   grass is golden bales

mber is the sun

   until september nestles

   upon these thistles

he will sneeze again

   swooping on the prickled fools

   soothsayers say so

oads rain by teatime

   tomorrow pokes a wasp hive

   tossers scribble on