pencil shavings


pencil shavings ( sgnivahs licnep )


pencil shavings
triple deckers
pigeon feathers


racing rivers
facing mirrors
tasting metals
lick the railings


dancing daggers
apple crumbles
cymbals, dingles
caves & paintings


pirate parrots
patches, grasses
giants – gasses
paper tracings


greening grocers
droving shepherds
odd forsaking


yawning mornings
weeping onions
peppered pickles
pencil shavings

























sneeze another wordbank job


sneeze another wordbank job ( boj knabdrow rehtona ezeens )

sternutation      supernova      pavlova      farrier
franco-prussian      handkerchief      android      snot
maenad      aberdeen      balthazar      carnation
austro-hungary      easter      monday      hippopotami
helicopter      elaphantine      sinuses      hydrofoil

wednesday the tenth


wednesday the tenth ( htnet eht yadsendew )

wednesday the tenth

rain came again

roosters were mute

grey ate the daze

green stayed in bed

sipping black tea

no birdsong

– as only crows flew

circles above

pigeons in holes

ducks waddled on

beige played a quiz

television sucked

lemons like a leech

blue afternoons

pissed into night



sky fives


sky fives  (  sevif yks  )


over horizons

split like a flatfish

scatters of mackerel

oceans above us

redder than herrings


warning the morning

tremble's a shepherd

horus's yawning

elder & younger

rumbles of thunder


thor in his attic

crackles of static

smashing & passing

cracks in the walrus

circles of buzzards


zeus on his broomstick

swoops with laputa

then in the welkin

belenus sinking

phosphorus winking


hecates sneezes

cheese & breezes

sniff it & spin it

this is the limit

up in the yonder



satsuma star


satsuma star  (  rats amustas  )

satsuma star

rise like the shining

still sunken sun

citric & sparkles

swoop in the mute

yawns of the morning

ghost of a sky

phantom of plasma

over the leas

carotene phoenix

i with my eyes

stand on the rec's edge

five twenty five

spins on a sixpence

swan in a squint

sweet ginger ninja



radishes & anoraks


radishes & anoraks  (  skarona & sehsidar  )

radishes & anoraks

salad swings a babbleaxe

ships upon a lunar sea

sinking on in thinking caps

cabbage trees & candle wax

kangaroo the parallax

otters in a glossary

prosody in tractor tracks

double ducks & rubber quacks

shoo the shrew of dancing taps

hymn the sing of aviaries

maidens of the pavement's cracks

galaxies & scattered maps

walruses as walls collapse

underling the oversee

poetry with cataracts



the chattering


the chattering  (  gnirettahc eht  )

quivers spin within the cosh

in the swish - the bubbles splosh

piss upon the whirl awash

bats & cars - a splattering

breezes cheese & thunder drums

bees-a-swan a twizzled tongue

beetles pushing squalls of dung

all is balls, a scattering

suns hiccup in burps of bright

jungles jig within the knight

mumbles hum & jumbles sprite

scraps of sprat - the chattering

ambles of an afternoon

salad spews beneath the moon

sand is sunk as cackles croon

puffing much - & that's the thing



within the fields


within the fields  ( sdleif eht nihtiw )

within the fields the weasels sing

of phantoms in the mists of spring

the grasses gleam as teasel glow

& little orbs are snorkelling

a sort of sea upon the vale

as snails awake & chase the tail

of winter's ghost & rivers flow

& puffs of seeds in clusters scale

the mutant blue & blooming sky

to flutter like a butterfly

beneath an oak as gardens grow

we sit & hark, the dog & i

the breathless hum of bumblebees

the mumbles on a jumbled breeze

then wander home but slowly so

within the fields, upon the leas


bright white sheet shite


blank white sheet shite  ( a seasonal scribble )

the first of the month

a crackle of popcorn

a blossom of cotton

& rabbits are wed

the chalk of the town

a clatter of chatter

as seagulls are shitting

on chefs in their nests

of dusted meringue

& cheese à la cottage

as swans sing of linen

& doves string along

with men in their coats

& albino phantoms

as mistletoe tingles

& sheep fly the flag

a knight in a van

a tower of flour

a shuffle of knuckles

the milk of the eye

& elephants lie

as sliced is the rice bread

i scribble this piffle

alone in the snow