milkman floating


milkman floating  ( gnitaolf namklim  )



milkman floating over clover

shrouded in a clouded nova


up above the droving shepherds

washing socks & spotting leopards


screes the trees within the forest

blooming through & sniffs a florist


wakes the sleeping undertaker

leaves the dreaming basket maker


weaving in a hall of mirrors

as the postman’s posting pillars


& the feathered phantoms scarper

morning is a pencil sharpener


dawning belenus is ringing

whales within the dales are singing


cattle prod the snoring pastures

all is yawning quarter masters


see the village flap ‘n’ fluster

chickens pluck a feather duster


milkman floating over clover

breathes the beans & greens the grocer








































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