the madness of snow

first, the flutter of a swan

dans the druff & catches on

as the crystal fungus spores

so a tosser wanders yon


shudders in an ermine realm

squawks beneath the birch & elm

songing sings of winter’s wars

when a penguin’s at the helm


then the so’s a polar bear

breath is speckles in the air

spring, the hinge in swinging doors

grease her up & frolic there


mars is marches in ‘is boots

parping with the brussel’s toots

buzzing while the buzzard soars

carpeting the greening shoots


while the white is still allowed

from a non-“progressive” cloud

dawdle ’til the blanket thaws

magic is this – shining shroud


plodding beats with yeti feet

’til the sheet is pouring sleet

& a thankful river roars

then – alas – the spell’s complete 


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