today’s spoilers

( author notes )

dear reader, the following bollocks contains spoiler alerts

from the next exiting episode of your life

so if you don’t want to know what happens next

then don’t read on

( final warning & on we go )

it all begins with birdsong

it won’t rain ’til teatime

you won’t spot an otter

or a headless horseman

or dance the macarena

with a member of the clergy

the morning toast will burn again

you’ll hear a milkman whistle

a t.v theme from yesteryear

& see a grey squirrel

chase a black cat

then smell a stagnant pond

you’ll drink a cappuccino

with extra chocolate sprinkles

you’ll catch the wrong bus

the sun’s is still a hot cross bun

the moon is still its lunacy

that rash disappears

you’ll sneeze three times

plus the poetry flows

so your constipation clears

( with aplomb )


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