spring checklist

crocus croaking in the dawn

rebbit as the rabbits spawn

      choral mornings stirring bees

      blossom on the yawning trees

petals on a greening gust

snowing so the feathers dust

      shelves & delves in lofts above

      turpentine, a turtle dove

missing marbles in the head

pan is in the garden shed

      lions roaring like a lamb

      venus from a giant clam

circles from the second sun

crosses on a y’ easter bun

      mars is marching on again

      dancing apes in april rain

ribbons swishing round a pole

yonder is a prancing foal

      tumbleweed & clarinets

      daffodils – the rest forgets

down amongst the dingle’s ring

when the stinging nettles sing

      as a badger shags a fox

      tick another fucking box


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