hikes ‘n’ yikes


hikes ‘n’ yikes ( sekiy ‘n’ sekih )

the rising cost of tea
& cheapo custard creams

the soaring price of squiddy ink
& sheets of recycled tree

or “paper” ( if you must )
is bumming poetry

up the hairy backroad
where the brown bears growl

see the normans harrying
norf f.c

yoking like the romans
when they’re claudine forked

effed or rogered
this is not a jolly flag

hags in flighty nighties
bull eyed bellends

poke us with cattle prods
& invisible twigs

all the normalzzz shudder
barking utter bollards

so the bend is near
chafe the evening breezy

& pay fifty quid or else
for this scribbled “freebie”

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